#1 Way To Bounce Back from Financial Ruin

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Hitting the bottom of the financial ladder does more than make creditors and bank accounts unhappy. The loss of self-respect, integrity and a feeling of security is the biggest reason people (especially men) feel so helpless after a serious financial loss in their life. Financial ruin does not have to mean the end of anything and it certainly is not a dead end of credit or having a good life. The # 1 thing you must do to change your situation, is change the way you think about it.
1. You can ignore your problems and they will without a doubt become more severe. By ignoring creditors, concerned friends/family etc. you will essentially be putting a band aid on a gaping wound.
2. Your second choice, no matter how difficult it may seem you MUST be proactive and develop a plan, find your resources, find your inner strength and start building back. The most important thing Remember this is not forever ! . Yes its going to suck for a while, during the process of talking to creditors, working extra, finding a better or new career….however the season will change and you MUST keep you thoughts(VISION) toward the outcome of being financialy stable again.

In short…If You have hit the bottom…1st stand up against life and shout that YOU WILL NOT BE DEFEATED! 2cd , start the process no matter how much it hurts, the freedom, self-respect and happiness you gain in the end will all be worth it.

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    I would also add separate yourself from your Financial Setback. In other words, you are far greater Human being than your financial setback.

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    bankruptcy? lolol.
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    To quote Zig Ziglar, "Yesterday ended last night. Today is your brand new day and its going to be magnificent!"

    Financial ruin is not the end of the world. Failure is a verb, not a noun.

    You can choose to stay where you are, or choose to do something about it.

    Either way, the choice is yours.

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    I strongly recommend the book:

    The art of the comeback: By Donald Trump

    If anyone knows how to comeback from financial ruins, is this man. Hes lost it all and gained it all back or more than before.

    Best of luck.

    P.S: The most valuable thing we have is not our business but our mind and knowledge. With that you can bounce back from any challenger life gives you. If you did it once, you can do it again and do it better. You got to trust in what you've learned over the years, or educate yourself more to make sure the same mistakes don't happen again.

    Best of luck
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    Great advice. And yes, I've been there.

    I did #1 for a while, resulting in law suits from creditors and all types of resistance. Then I switched to #2, filed for bankruptcy, got clear and began prospering immediately.

    Letting go old states of mind creates new channels through which abundance can flow to you.

    Ryan Biddulph
    Ryan Biddulph, Blogger, Author, World Traveling Digital Nomad
    Retire to a Life of Island Hopping through Smart Blogging at Blogging From Paradise
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