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Hi, I'm new to the forum and still fairly new to internet marketing as well. I'm noticing a lot of the other newer guys seem to be having a lot harder time than I am pushing through the tough work at the beginning. I may not be an internet marketing guru, but I do know the ABSOLUTE SECRET TO SUCCESS and I thought I could share it with anyone who may want to know. Are you ready for it?

Never quit!

There was another thread where someone just starting out in IM was talking about how they weren't having any luck and wanted to quit. I thought what I said to him will benefit other people as well, so I want to repeat myself here, while I edit and expand a little bit:

There is no such thing as failure, only results. You haven't failed, you just learned more ways to not succeed. The only way to fail at something is to quit. It's alright if you REALLY want to quit, maybe it's not for you, but if this is something you REALLY want to do, why quit after you've already gained so much knowledge and practical education?

Don't jump from one "secret system" to another. You have a much better chance of success if you pick ONE proven method (that you think would be a good fit for you) and committing a certain amount of time and effort to making it work. If you give it your all for 3 months to one system, and you still don't see yourself any closer to success, then move on to another. But while you are trying that first system, make sure to change up what you're doing within it before you move on. Test to see what you might be doing wrong, and when you find yourself doing something right, explore that more. Just keep in mind, the first one is almost ALWAYS purely an educational experience, not a money making powerhouse. Treat it like education, take your time. Moving on too quickly to the next "great system" can only hurt that education.

Don't expect others here to motivate you (although many here are very good at that without even being asked to). The truth is you need to be the one who motivates yourself if you want to succeed. If you really want this, develop a burning desire within yourself. If you can't do that, you probably aren't going to get very far along in this business.

When starting out, I would suggest not spending much money (other than for the basics: domain names, premium themes, hosting). If you go spend $1,000 before you start making any money, you're just going to be that much harder on yourself when you're going through that initial learning phase and you will be that much closer to wanting to quit. There is so much FREE information on this forum, it's really all you need to get started. You can easily start making money online without paying for advertising, fancy membership sites, or buying every single WSO ever written. Once you have a small degree of success, if you need to spend money to scale up that success, then by all means, go for it. But for now, MASTER the basics, everything else is pointless until you can do that.

I'm new to this, just like most of the newer guys reading this. The reason I know I'm going to be successful is because I really believe I can succeed at anything if I work hard enough, long enough, and never quit. It's more than a belief, it's a deep rooted CONVICTION that I've built into the core of who I am over the years.

I haven't made any money yet either, but this is exactly what I've done and why I know I'm on the road to success:

1) Upon joining this forum, I was well aware how easy it would be to get a bad case of information overload and analysis paralysis. So I decided from the beginning that I would read as much as I can, and learn as much as I can for only two weeks. I told myself at the end of that two weeks, I would choose one PROVEN method and stick to it. Out of all proven methods I could find, I chose one that I thought had a good combination of being somewhat easy to learn, had a decent chance of success, and would be the most fun so I would be less likely to get bored and quit.

2) I took action! I hit the gate running. Within 1 week I built 5 sites around 5 different niches. I generated organic traffic through a few different ways, SEO, a couple social networking sites, and good old fashion word of mouth. I never once paid for traffic. I haven't sold anything yet but that's because I have yet to TRY to sell anything. I've been focused on building a highly targeted email list for each one of my niches. After 1 week of starting all this I already have around 100 people on each list, and it's growing more and more every day. Not a whole lot compared to most people's lists, but I know that they are highly targeted to my niches, so I can expect a higher sales conversion than if I tried to get just anyone to sign up. While I'm letting my list grow, I'm sending some articles here and their to my different lists (created out of PLR material I obtained), to also build a relationship with my potential customers before I even try to sell them anything. I've done all this for less than $100. My greatest cost has been my time and effort, but that is the cost that will pay off the most.

3) Right now I'm working on product creation: informational ebooks for all 5 niches I chose. I should be done with the first ebook by this weekend.

4) Once I launch that first product one of two things will happen. Either I won't do that well, or I will. If I don't do that well, I simply examine everything I've done, and figure out where I may have gone wrong. I then make any necessary changes and try again. If it DOES do well, fantastic! Then I figure out what I did RIGHT and try to duplicate it across all my 5 niches.

5) Once I make it this far and am generating decent money, I'll probably end up writing my first WSO including EVERYTHING I did in greater detail. I want to do this while being a newbie is still fresh in my head so I can remember and address everything that I had a problem with when I first started.

I hope if you've read all this that you got something out of it! There is so much on this forum I'm still learning about adsense and SEO and affiliates and product creation and sales copy and etc, etc. I just wanted to share the one thing I DO know for sure:

Develop a burning desire to succeed and never quit. This alone guarantees success.
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    I agree most of it!
    Thanks for sharing it
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    I totally agree because people who quit so early can't do anything properly.
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    Thanks! After some more discussion in another thread, I do have to point out that sometimes quiting is a good idea. If you have given this stuff a try for a little while and you just really hate it, then please don't torture yourself just because some people have made a lot of money at it. If you hate it that much, find something you love and try to be successful at that. But if you do have that burning desire inside of you the way I do, then I feel all my advice still stands!
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    There is no such thing as failure, only results.
    That's so true - my husband constantly run into the truth of that again and again, and try to instill the "don't give up" attitude to our kids, too. We were just talking about it at lunch yesterday, because I had read a quote that said something along the lines of -
    "The river doesn't wear down the stone with strength, it does it with persistence."

    It's like the Thomas Edison quote, (albeit paraphrased) after trying 100's of times to come up with the proper filament for the light bulb - "I haven't failed 1000 times, I've found 1000 things that don't work."

    Sorry to be all "quotey" this early in the morning, but it's a subject that's near and dear to my heart. And why I know I will succeed.
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      Originally Posted by Perumom View Post

      That's so true - my husband constantly run into the truth of that again and again, and try to instill the "don't give up" attitude to our kids, too. We were just talking about it at lunch yesterday, because I had read a quote that said something along the lines of -
      "The river doesn't wear down the stone with strength, it does it with persistence."

      It's like the Thomas Edison quote, (albeit paraphrased) after trying 100's of times to come up with the proper filament for the light bulb - "I haven't failed 1000 times, I've found 1000 things that don't work."

      Sorry to be all "quotey" this early in the morning, but it's a subject that's near and dear to my heart. And why I know I will succeed.
      Haha it's alright that you're "quotey", and it's not too early for me, it's actually super LATE! It's 5:30am for me but I've been up all night working on my sites and then felt the need to start this thread. I need to get to bed soon and get my much needed "warrior rest"!
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    Hi Steve, thanks for the POST. Very encouraging.I am new to this Forum and what I read from the "Giving Up" thread certainly reinforce what I learned from other Gurus and IM community. Can relate to what you said. Focus on one method, take massive actions = results, persevere. And Attitude is everything.
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      I thought about the same question before...

      And make this article at my blog:

      Watch the video at the end...

      Many people jump on the internet business to start their entrepreneurial journey. They start with hope, dream, momentum, and commitment. But why only a few people can really succeed online FAST while others are struggling for a long time.

      Are there any secrets behind those highly successful internet marketers?

      It seems those highly successful people have a certain mindset that separates them from the others. If you really study them, you will find they have some characteristic in common.

      I believe these 5 characteristics are their secrets to succeed.

      #1: Take actions continuously

      They are the doers. They study quickly and then apply what they learn. They are so EAGER to take action and get result. And no matter what happen during the day, they take action with even a small step to make sure they are one step closer to their goals. We can’t create a successful internet business just by surfing around at the social sites and check email all day.

      We need to take actions to generate leads, build relationship with the prospects, understand their desires and fears, making irresistible offers to them, and continuously educating them how you can help them to solve their problems.

      #2: Move forward with courage

      They are not afraid to make mistakes, to deal with rejections, and to overcome challenges. They all have courage to move forward in building their business. They know it is inevitable to deal with problems.

      In fact, as an entrepreneur we all know our value is to solve problem for people. Along that journey, we first learn how to solve our own problem in business. Solving problem is like building muscle in the gym. We become stronger every time we do it. Overtime, our ability to solve problem becomes our natural skill.

      #3: Learn from their result

      They use daily life as a classroom. ALL of them have faced tremendous challenges and adversities before they make a great hit. They came out from the ash. From every result they create, they know there is a tremendous value to learn. And usually they learn more from their mistakes than their success. As Napoleon Hill said in Think And Grow Rich, “Every adversity you meet carries with it a seed of equivalent or greater benefit.”

      It is so true in my experience that all adversity at first seems so devastating. But after making the breakthrough, I can see it is the best teacher in life. Once I was trying to ‘figure out’ how to succeed in internet marketing by studying all ebooks, courses, and seminars. But I could not really put the pieces together right. After a long desperation, I realize trail and error is not the best approach. I wasted a lot of time. I have to make a breakthrough in my comfort zone. And I started to search and to hire a mentor. After I hire a mentor, the results come much faster and better than I was doing in my old way. But it is the desperation turning to the inspiration.

      #4: Transcend their limit

      They are constantly growing themselves and their business. There is a term in Japan called Kaizen that means making constant improvement in all areas of life. They are restless with their current results. They always challenge themselves by asking questions like “How can I do it faster?”, “How can I make the result better?”, “How can do it with more enjoyment?”, and so on.

      Make it a daily ritual to prepare a list of questions to ask yourself and to review your internet business result. You may start with “How can I get more traffic?”, “How can I create better content in my blog?”, “How can I attract more visitors?”, “How can I increase more passive income streams?”. Don’t let your habitual thinking hinder your growth. Transcend your old thinking.

      #5: Give their best

      They are the big givers both in terms of quantity and quality. They believe in giving first and then receive their reward later. They give tons of good tips, reports, advises, tactics, and, tools for FREE when they could sell it for money. And they have a quest on being excellent. They would not stop until they give all they can. And by giving their best CONSISTENTLY (not occasionally), they EVENTUALLY become the top performer in the internet industry.

      Are you giving your best? I want you to think about it.

      Take a few minutes to watch this video. It is just 7 minutes and 16 second long. It shows you what it is like when we give the best in our life.
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    Thanks Steve for such an encouraging post.
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    I remember hearing once that promotions never fail, they're just given up on before they succeed.

    That's something that's always stuck with me.
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    Originally Posted by TheSteve View Post

    There is no such thing as failure, only results.

    I took action!

    Develop a burning desire to succeed and never quit.
    I'm working on speed of implementation to see results now. It is so true that without action to see results, one cannot really succeed at anything. Having that burning desire to make way for results to happen opens the door to many more opportunities and rewards.

    Good post and thank you!


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    Great post!
    thanks for the inspiration.
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    Thanks for the share!
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      I remember watching a video on youtube, Tony Robbins telling the Story of Sylvester Stallone, how he went through hell trying to get Rocky made, after he wrote the script himself. He even sold his dog for $50 to buy food, never giving up on his dream. Go see at youtube, it is worth it.

      When ever the tough gets going, I think about that story, it is very inspiring.

      Never give up.



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    Great post Steve, you deserve to succeed

    Best of Luck
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    Wow thanks for all the replies! I hadn't checked this post in awhile. I didn't know so many people read it and got something out of it! I meant every word and I try to live by it, which is the reason I'm now making enough to quit my day job so I can pursue IM full time!
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    Success requires passion and dedication. Try it and you will see the result.
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    To dream and have focus on it is not enough for success indeed it requires action and determinant towards success.
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      Yes, absolutely true you must rely on yourself. "If it is to be, it's up to me" never rang so true as in having your own gig!
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    Great post! Failure must Never be an option! We learn and learn some more, test, make mistakes, resolve problems, run over barriers and we start over in quest of excellence

    Take care,

    Bernard St-Pierre
    Marketing Consultant
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    "Never quit" - I love it. One of my office admins is also an actor on the side, and she pointed out this great blog post to me by Jenna Fischer of "The Office" (US version) fame. Yes, it's mainly for actors, but it says a lot about perseverance - a great read for all.

    The Acting Advice Blog - by: Jenna Fischer from The Office by Pam Beesley (Pam/Jenna) on Myspace

    Perseus Shearer
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    there's a real gold-nugget in your #1: you set yourself a limit of 2 weeks for learning everything there is to learn. Then it was time to take action, no matter what.

    That's the key!

    otherwise you keep learning, and learning and discover that there's still so much to learn. Resulting on overwhelm. and learning some more. And never getting to #2...

    so, exactly: pick one proven method (go with the simplest one you can find, like a super-simple amazon blog with 4 pages, that's it...) and implement.

    Give it at least 10 attempts before giving up. But don't stick with it if it doesn't work after getting more than 10 "negative feedbacks" from the market. That's just stubborn;-)



    Connect with me on FB:

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    I think this is something we need to learn young. I honestly didn't until later in life. I had "a lot of quit in me". But once you see you can change and persevere through most things you get good at it.
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    thanks steve for this reminder
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