you will only succeed and succeed BIG if...

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...FAILURE is NOT an option for you!

I am from a Chinese background and I remember a historical story that was told to me when I was a kid.

In the 3rd century B.C., there was great Chinese general named Xiang Yu. There was once when he and his troops were greatly outnumbered by enemy troops within enemy territory.

Behind Xiang Yu there was the Yangtze River, and he knew that if his troops were to retreat, the enemies would be right on their backs, and in that situation, only less than 1% of his soldiers would have had a chance of surviving.

So Xiang Yu made a very bold decision. He burnt all ships and destroyed all the cooking material they had. His troops were left with only 2 options: defeat the enemy OR get slaughtered by the enemy. Knowing their situation, Xiang Yu's soldiers were extraordinary courageous on the battlefield. At the end, they miraculously defeated an army which was 3 times their size.

The moral of the story? Well you can work it out.
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    Li, yes when the only option is to succeed and you cut off all other comfortable alternatives it's amazing how quickly your brain figures out a way to make it work. Stay hungry.
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    That scenario worked with me with my sports coach on the training field, I went from "you cant compete" to becoming the national medalist.

    but I am not sure if it would work with my kids
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      For some reason, this quote came to mind: The buddha became enlightened only after he had done all that he could do and had given up.

      I CHOOSE to re-create MYSELF anew every single moment and experience the GRANDEST VERSION of the GREATEST VISION I have about WHO I AM!
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        Hello Omari Taylor here, 8-)

        Yes, I love this thread! The economy is so bad right now and people are getting laid of everyday and are then put into a position of "sink or swim." Most people pushed to that point quickly find a way to get income.

        If people that trying to make money online have the mindset of "this is my only way I can get income or I starve," then that 97% statistic of people failing online would be almost nonexistent. Even if you do have a full-time job, if you're pursuing a career online then dedicate yourself to that like that was your only source of income and your don't have a job.

        I hope everyone gets this story and that veterans and beginners online work on their businesses like they a have reached to point of no return. "There is in other option it's this or starve."

        Omari Taylor

        Omari Taylor

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    Nice post...

    This is a story that is plays out in the lives of thousands of people everyday.

    It's amazing what you can accomplish when your understanding of a situation becomes "get this done or perish".
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