Thing You Should Do Before You Die!

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  1. Try to visit most countries and also the greatest places the world.
  2. Learning a new language like French, Spanish and Chinese. By the way Chinese is the most spoken language in the world by virtue of their high population.
  3. Achieving your ideal weight by either gaining or losing weight.
  4. Resigning a job you don't like i.e quitting the rat race and not waiting to get fired.
  5. Pursue your passion - Mine is owning a sports car, a nice house, get self employed and to be financially independent
  6. Be a mentor to someone - When you mentor you get to learn also more
  7. Do an extreme sport - Bungee jump, Skydiving, Parachuting, Paragliding, Ice climbing.
  8. Give a heartfelt surprise to someone - Appreciate and love unconditionally - Make a difference in someone's life
  9. Write a book on something that you are passionate about or something means a lot to you.
  10. Make friends to people you meet in the streets, shopping malls, cinema halls and any other places you might think of - Be proactive in doing this - Initiate contact first
  11. Do public speaking in front of a huge crowd
  12. Write a letter to at least 3 of your closest friends to let them know how much they mean to you
  13. Throw a mega party
  14. Get a complete makeover (change everything, from your hair style, hair color, image, clothes) and get a different look: one which you would never have thought of trying!
  15. Be a matchmaker: Introduce your single friends to each other (the rest is up to them!)
  16. Go for future education in a different specialization - Going back to school whatever your age, profession, surrounding or present condition.
  17. Conquer your biggest fear -This is important as many people never reach their full potential because of FEAR .
  18. Bury the hatchet with all the enemies / people you had conflict with in the past or now.
  19. Try out front-line customer service jobs such being a waiter/waitress for a month just for the experience.
  20. Learn, Unlearn and Relearn - Learning is the most powerful method of mind enrichment.
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