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I speak about pushing yourself to create on a consistent basis.

Motivational materials, inspirational books and strengthening your will power helps in this department.

My question today is how much is too much? How/when do you know it's time to pull back?

Do you take off a day per week? Do you have a daily work allotment?
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    Well I believe if you are doing more reading and watching instead of actually doing then you’ll not achieve that which you need to do.

    It’s like watching a sport all the time and not taking part. You just won’t be able to do it…

    I like to work during the day and at night read or watch something to inspire me.
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    I do think you need to take "breaks". If you look at the research done on peak performance and when major breakthroughs occur for scientist, it is usually when they have stepped away from the problem.
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      I agree with porter....when our mind is relaxed it has a great power to generate brilliant thoughts.So take intervals...., and keep your mind relaxed when you are on work also.To do that I am using meditation and it has helped me with brilliant results.
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  • I find that what works best for me is to "pull back" once in a while, but never really take a break.


    Maybe once per week, I will take some time off from my normal work and complete some menial tasks related to my work, or read some self improvement material related to my work. Though painful past experiences, I have learned that if I take time "off", I have an incredibly hard time gaining momentum again.

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    Thanks for the feedback guys.

    I just unplugged for a few days, for the first time in quite a while. Feeling recharged here.

    When nothing is working, Everything is working

    Have a powerful day!

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    On many occasions I had people I mentored that would come to me with the same song but different variation- "I cant seem to figure this out jason, i've done everything you've said, studied the material, listened and learned a tremendous amount..but its still not clicking"

    And my reply is always the same- "well how much have you applied what I've shown you, how much have you tested the waters in practical application?...from all the books you've read, how much of it do you practice on a daily basis?"

    I hope i'm not too off based but my point is this: learning, self growth, personal development....all of this is in vein if you do not apply what you learn. Experience and doing is always the best teacher..Action is always the best teacher...People often get paralysis of analysis and only act when conditions are perfect.

    The person that reads/listens to only 2 minutes of good 'soulful-material' and goes out and applies it.....is far more effective than the individual that engages in deep time intensive self growth and makes no move in application.

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      From my experience... I have had things that just would not come together or a computer glitch that I could not work out and if I stepped away for a while I could come back quite often and things would come right together.

      So there is something to a break.

      I heard one writer say he did 30 minutes on and 5 off... can remember who it was.
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