When you first heard about Law of Attraction?

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I'm curious, when you heard about law of attraction, were you skeptical at first, or did you think "wow this is a true revelation!"

When I first heard about it, I thought it kinda made sense, but didn't really believe it fully. To this day, I'm still a little bit skeptical. But I do believe in the benefits in fostering a positive mindset.

So when you first heard about it, what were your thoughts on law of attraction?
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    I was inspired. I liked it.

    What they fail to illustrate is, outcomes only come to fruition with required action. "Painting" your outcome (or pre programming your mind, hypnosis, nlp) aids in your direction and emotion, but with zero steps, you won't be any further forward.
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      As soon as I heard about it I recognized its value. This is because I was familiar with the work of Jane Roberts and had been studying that material for many years.

      After she died, I didn't keep track of who was active in the field as her work is so comprehensive. I'd been recommending "The Nature Of Personal Reality" in seminars I conducted, and had based a lot of the material I taught on what I had learned from studying her work.

      When the Secret came out, I became aware that there was a resurgence of interest in this information and soon found that the real source these days is Esther and Jerry Hicks, who had also been keen students of Jane Roberts.

      The Abraham-Hicks material presented a lot of the information in a format and with a perspective that was much more easily accessible, especially to those who had little previous exposure to the ideas. As well, modern technology, such as DVDs are a tremendous aid to mass communication.

      Although the term "Law of Attraction" had been used by earlier authors, Jerry and Esther really made it popular with their books and seminars. It's obvious from reading many other authors who are writing and teaching in this field - including lots of well known names - that they have been strongly influenced by the Abraham-Hicks material.

      For instance, the author of "The Secret" - Rhonda Byrne - taped a seminar presented by Esther on board a ship, over a period of several days. Wayne Dyer actually wrote the foreword to the Hicks' book, "Ask And It Is Given".


      Afterthought: When I first came across the Jane Roberts book "The Seth Material", which is an introductory work, I was both fascinated and wary. I could only read a few pages every few days because it stimulated my thinking so much. I'd spent years working and studying in rational environments and was struggling to reconcile the approach - which was not inferential but simply a bold statement of "here's how it works..." - with how I was used to learning "the truth" about life, love, and the universe.

      I gradually was able to integrate what I was learning with my personal experience.

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    When I first heard of law of attraction, I was pretty skeptical and somewhat bemused. It took me a while to really understand it and consciously observe the evidence of it working firsthand. After playing around with it, there were synchronicities that I just couldn't ignore. It's been an intriguing journey.
    Local Internet Marketing Expert
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    For me this was a no brainer. 10 years ago, I first learned about it through Brian Tracy's Pschology of Achievement and because of the way that he showed you how to use it (to get parking spaces at first) and I had unbelievable results with it, I was very open to it immediately when it came to the bigger things.

    I think that a lot of people influence each other, and help each other out etc. Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Jerry and Esther, Hale Dwoskin, Brian Tracy and others have been around for a good while now and recognise and recommend each others work - Brian Tracy and Hale Dwoskin for example have been learning/teaching for 30-40 years. I think that it hard to say who made LOA popular (other than Rhonda Byrne in the secret) as it depends on who you were studying at the time.

    There were so many people that Rhonda (great name by the way!) spoke to prior to doing the secret so it is hard to say who the source was. The reason I say this is because although I like the work of Abraham-Hicks, many people who are religious that I know would not even listen to their work as it conflicts with their beliefs - yet these people still practice and accept LOA, which they had heard from various sources.
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    Outstanding forum by the way!

    I'm new to marketing -I've being helping others to sell great products over the years, but I wasn't really interested in selling them myself-.

    Now, bearing in mind that all those great marketers made fabulous profits using my products in perfect combination with their skills and a couple of other factors, I feel inspired to act.
    Nevertheless, the idea of co-creation is appealing. Since I can focus more on the product, and therefore, create something good.-

    Back on topic, The Secret is OK for me. It is incomplete though. I see The Secret by Rhonda Byrne as an "introduction" from my personal point of view, but a good one.
    It is so well produced, that work is obviously done with love and care.

    As you know, The Secret is heavily based on "Abraham-Hicks" books and teachings. (You can find them, Jerry and Esther Hicks, in the extended version). So yes, I found Abraham texts more appealing to me.

    Regarding the metaphysical aspect, The Secret doesn't necessarily implies an anti-religious feeling (although I can understand why some people prefer to think that way).
    One can use many of the simple, yet powerful, tips as a psychological 'a la PNL' product.

    I remember that Think and Grow Rich last editions tends to eradicate the word "vibration",maybe to avoid uncomfortable feelings in the reader.

    Over the years, I've created an sustained a huge list of happy customers, and I must say that all those good experiences were are a perfect match to whatever I was thinking and feeling (behaving, believing, expecting).

    The best work experiences in my life always "appeared" (I was able to see) when I was OK with myself: positive, trying to feel good, expecting the best while living the moment, and a very long positive list... The key word is Appreciation.

    There are many things that decades ago were considered "magical"... so, who really knows if this is universe is not a attraction based after all!

    One of my favorite quotes from Abraham Hicks is: "All your power is in your NOW".
    No matter if you believe in The Law of Attraction or not, that is a great, powerful thought. Don't you think?

    Because You can't sabotage yourself while you try to feel good now.

    All the best,
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    A friend of mine had told me about The Secret quite a while back. At first I was very skeptical. In my mind, it was a bunch of people from Mr. Roger's Neighborhood on steroids.

    I started to read a bit more about it and finally watched the movie, The Secret. I've seen both of them (the original and the extended version). I've also read the book format, which is pretty much the original movie word-for-word with extra tidbits of info in it.

    I do believe that the LOA does work, however, I have noticed many people with misconceptions about it. People seem to think that if you "wish" for something it will magically happen. Unfortunately, laziness has caused people to block parts of the LOA and The Secret out. Multiple times in the original movie it says that if you feel the urge to do something, then that is a nudge from the universe. People block that part out and just walk around with a happy notion that they can go around wishing without exerting any effort.

    One part of The Secret I am highly skeptical about, though, is the gaining weight. In the book, Rhonda says that people are overweight because of their thoughts. That is, if you keep the mindset of "I can eat what I want and not gain weight." then that will happen. I'm sorry, but my belief in the LOA and positive affirmations stops short of that belief.

    I'm still working on it as I am a skeptic by nature. However, my effort to think more positively has helped me a great deal. Btw, I have noticed the Hicks are not in the extended version of The Secret. They have much most of Lisa Nichols in the extended version.
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      Originally Posted by gatorjack View Post

      I do believe that the LOA does work, however, I have noticed many people with misconceptions about it. People seem to think that if you "wish" for something it will magically happen. Unfortunately, laziness has caused people to block parts of the LOA and The Secret out.
      I believe one common misconception from that film is:

      While thoughts are very powerful, action is even more powerful.

      The trick is: First prepare your mind and then, and only then, take inspired action. The inspired actions will certainly lead to success.

      And that's not properly explained in the film. Maybe in the sequel...

      That's my impression regarding thoughts and actions,
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    There's a few things not properly explained in the first version. For example, Joe Vitale says that you should try to monitor your thoughts. He then says that at first it can seem like a chore, but the more you do it the more fun it gets. Immediately after he says that they pan to another person who says, "We do not expect you to monitor your thoughts. That would drive you crazy."

    Did I miss something? They completely contradicted each other. I guess I'm not the only one that noticed that because in the extended version (what I call a partial sequel), they fixed it. They still had Joe on there, but they added the extra info to portray the message better. The message was that you should not monitor your thoughts to the point that you drive yourself nutty, but you should be mindful of what you think.
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      Constantly monitoring our thoughts when we have thousands of thoughts a day could be burdensome, even though it is important to be alert to what we are attending to.

      A key method that Esther Hicks describes is something that we are born with - our emotional responses - and it's easier to be alert to our feelings and to use them as an Emotional Guidance System. I don't recall seeing that in the movie, however it is explored in greater depth in Esther Hicks' books and DVDs.

      Briefly, our feelings are triggered by our perceptions (thoughts) and when these don't feel good (anger, anxiety, depression, etc) we are out of alignment with our true self, which is in a constant state of well-being and personal power (a sense of creative potential). This misalignment is experienced as disharmony and can alert us to check those thoughts we are paying attention to.

      Our thoughts constantly interact with this "true self" (one term used is "who we really are") and those thoughts which cause us to feel better are in closer alignment with these inner senses. Thoughts which evoke feelings such as love, appreciation, peace, enthusiasm, optimism, and the like, are in closer accord with our real self.

      [A notion of 'true self' is that awareness we are born with before acquiring information - beliefs, attitudes - about ourselves and the world around us. It is that sense of peace, harmony, well-being and creative potential.]

      Beliefs and other information are basically acquired data which may or may not truly reflect this inner self. Ideas of inadequacy, inferiority, etc, are out of alignment and we experience anxiety. Thoughts of accomplishment, improvement in our lives, handling situations well, progressing towards our goals, etc, are in better alignment and we experience feelings of harmony, enthusiasm and the like.

      "The Secret" is just an introductory work and serves that purpose well, but skims lightly over the surface of LOA.

      Where weight loss is concerned, the conscious choice needs to be the desired end result (the trim, slender new figure) not the process of eating as much as you want. In essence we receive our true priorities. This would require a fuller explanation, but our true priorities are those things we habitually pay attention to.

      In the book "Think and Grow Rich" Napoleon Hill explored aspects of this as it relates to prosperity and developing habits of thought consistent with improving wealth. Naturally, this can also be applied to other areas if our life, such as improving relationships and health, although Hill was focusing on financial well-being as he lived during harsh economic times.

      An aspect he does not explore to the extent it deserves is the alternative to consciously choosing our true priorities. In this case we ACCEPT the default, which is be aware of whatever thoughts that grab our attention - meaning we are fixated by present and past conditions and they continue into the future. Many would be surprised to discover that happiness is not a "true priority" in this sense as they have chosen/accepted to pay attention to thoughts which make them unhappy - thoughts which reflect unsatisfactory present and past conditions, expected failure, etc.

      Most people regard present and past reality as deserving of much of their current attention - even when it is what they don't want - effectively making it their true priority or focus.

      As a guide:

      1. We receive those things which are our true priorities.

      2. Our true priorities are what we habitually pay attention to.

      3. We receive those things we habitually pay attention to.

      Suggested action:

      Consciously choose those things we really WANT and make it a true priority - something we habitually pay attention to. (Most people accept what they are GETTING as most worthy of their attention.) By consciously choosing our true priorities, we create a future with deliberate intent.

      Many of the popular improvement techniques - visualization, affirmations, self-hypnosis, and the like - provide focus on what we have identified as our priorities. As these gain in strength, other options fade. Our strongest true priorities - what we are actually paying attention to - begin to emerge.

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    I was a believer instantly.

    I had been following a very similar methodology that I had learned when studying hypnosis years prior and when I was introduced the the Law of Attraction it really clicked for me.

    I've since dedicated a large heap of my time to mastering the Law and creating a life that I truly deserve. I've even got a book coming out on that exact topic early next year.

    The story of the book in itself is a great example of the Law of Attraction at work. I won't go into great detail here, but after I was inspired to write my book, I put out the intention to attract a publisher to me 'easily and effortlessly'. Three days later, I had a publisher contact me directly (the CEO of the company) and ask if I was interested in publishing a book on the topic with them. Was this a coincidence? I highly doubt it.

    It's real, and it's my passion to share it with others.
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      Well I'm still skeptical to be honest.
      I first heard about it from Bob Proctor he also appears in (the secret)
      And like some of you said i feel it's unfinished you get the feeling that
      There are something missing at the end.

      There are many in this field all over the world teaching and coaching those techniques. But how many really could Apply those techniques and benefit from it? is it for everyone?

      I'm currently trying to put it in a test and see what happens. But i believe
      In mind development and positive thinking and how it affects your life,
      I think we all agree on that, we just use 5% of our mind and the geniuses use about 7 to 9% like Albert Einstein. So what are the rest doing? can we use it? then comes the faculties of your mind and how to develop them to use more and become more creative, this can be done by anyone IMHO.

      The funny thing is this is my first post here and i was just checking info related to that subject when i saw this post . Maybe it works who knows .

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    I first heard about it from my high school Chem/Bio/Physics teacher. He was great at challenging me to keep me in class and always had crazy little tidbits of info that kept me coming to class. I fell in love with the things he taught and the way he pushed me to think outside the normal realm of thought. I believed it right away, though I was just a kid it made all the sense in the world to me. If I could practice it more than I do (which I really should) I know it would make a lot more work in my life.
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    Law of attraction.
    Some people believe, some say it is hype.
    One answer is that is works so who cares. That said, I have a story for you.

    When things are "flowing" I often find I have someone to call or that I start to call someone and get distracted and they then call me. Strange.

    Some time ago I was thinking of a mate, a German engineer. We normally speak every 90 days or so and it had been 6 months so I picked up the phone and dialed him but, before I finished dialing, someone knocked on the door and I became distracted.

    15 minutes later he called me. It was the 3rd time that week something like this had happened so I asked him "Helmut, what were you doing 15 min ago and why did you call?" He told me that he was in his workshop planing down some steel. He had been meaning to call me for a while and so he put down the job, turned off the machine and came in and called me.

    Helmut is very German. When he starts something he finishes it. I cannot tell you what the force is that caused him to walk out on a job when I started to call him but I know that traditional science does not explain it and there is something more going on here that logic can explain.

    Law of attraction. I don't understand it but I know how to work with it. One day the scientists will no doubt explain it all but in the mean time I'd recommend just using it.
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    When I first heard about the Law of Attraction , it was indirectly. I read a book written by a lady back in the 1900's around the time of the New Thought Movement. I believe the book was called "Key To Yourself" by I think her first name was Virginia , last name I know was Bloodworth.

    Anyhow, I loved that little book but never really totally understood it. That was about 20 years ago.

    I held on to the book but did not think about it much until this past year when I finally caught on to the Law of Attraction. "The Secret" is not really a secret , it is a teaching that has been around for thousands of years.

    Once, I began to understand more about the Law of Attraction , I began to learn how to use it and then I became very excited.

    I have proven to myself several times that it truly works.
    Here are a few books you may be interested in , if you want to learn how to apply it practically to your life:

    "Law of Attraction" by Michael J. Losier

    "Living the Secret Everyday My Secret Workbook"
    by Joanne Scaglione and Suzanne Suiz

    "The One Minute Millionaire" by Robert Allen

    That should get you started.
    Have fun!

    Angela Chavez
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    I'm a fan of the Law of Attraction, and a fan of parody and comedy. If you would like to get a good laugh at the expense of LOA/The Secret, check out the latest episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia at Hulu.com
    Video Marketing Minute for weekly video marketing tips and tools.
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      I did a quick search for that book "Key To Yourself" and found that it is now in print and was released again in 2006 with a CD. it is available at Amazon. Here are the details (information supplied by the publishers):

      It includes a FREE CD of Guided Meditations by Debbie Ford, the Author of The Best Year of Your Life

      The beauty of Key to Yourself is seen through Venice Bloodworth's insightful approach to combining modern psychology and the very same principles taught thousands of years ago by master teachers such as Jesus.

      In searching for her own spiritual enlightenment, Venice Bloodworth found the root of true happiness based on concepts of spiritual psychology that disclosed the power of the mind to think itself to wellness, prosperity, and peace.

      Although the world has changed drastically over time, people are still confronted with the same fears and inner conflicts. Key to Yourself meets these challenges with ageless wisdom and boundless compassion.

      About the Author
      Debbie Ford is the #1 New York Times best-selling author of five books. Her latest book, The Best Year of Your Life, is inspiring a worldwide movement of people who are dedicated to turning their dreams into reality and making the year they're living the best yet. Debbie has been featured on Oprah six times, two times on GMA.

      Venice J. Bloodworth received her doctorate in psychology from Northwestern University and went on to share her formula for health, beauty, joy, harmony, and richer living through several avenues: writing, private consultations, public lectures, and class work. Venice is deceased.
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        I first heard about the law of attraction here on WarriorForum. Here's my thought about it, and something that really causes me some frustration. The law of attraction is a term that has been used to explain a phenomenon that has been witnessed in our world, a phenomenon that those who think, act, do things in with positive mindset find success through it, and that those who have negative outlook on things will bring about negativity in their lives. What really just irks me is those who believe that they can manipulate this by trying to flood their head with positive mindsets. These actions, thoughts, etc need to be second nature, otherwise it's totally a sham, and you're only fooling yourself. Sure, if you're looking at things in a bad way, you need to realing your thinking, but trying to flood yourself with positive thoughts to counteract the bad ones that you're actually thinking is false hope. You want the law to work for you? Work on the aspects in your life that are causing you strife.
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          Believe it or not......the Bible.

          "Reap what you Sow"

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      Originally Posted by conrad1cal View Post

      It's a perfect way to place blame on a non-existent entity that possesses the ideal you seek. A great way of not objectively looking at your performance or tracking your progress. Instead, you rely on a mystical nothingness that is supposedly known to throw success at you because you exalted your laziness in an unwavering belief of greatness via a hollow principle.
      The only one that can be blamed is yourself. As they stated in The Secret, multiple times, if you feel the urge to do something, then go ahead and do it. At times, action on your part is required. Unfortunately, based on many reviews I have read online of The Secret, people get this false notion that you can sit on your butt and everything in your dreams will come true without you so much as lifting a finger.
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        Originally Posted by scheda View Post

        Three days later, I had a publisher contact me directly (the CEO of the company) and ask if I was interested in publishing a book on the topic with them. Was this a coincidence? I highly doubt it.

        It's real, and it's my passion to share it with others.
        Congratulations on your book!

        Is the publishing company you are working with is a start up company? I never heard of CEO contacting a client unless the company is still small, growing,

        Regardless- I look forward to seeing your book out, please let us know when your out there so we can give you some support

        Originally Posted by flnz400 View Post

        I was inspired. I liked it.

        What they fail to illustrate is, outcomes only come to fruition with required action. "Painting" your outcome (or pre programming your mind, hypnosis, nlp) aids in your direction and emotion, but with zero steps, you won't be any further forward.
        I agree. Good info, but incomplete- which is why some people think its a sham.

        Originally Posted by Li Weng View Post

        I'm curious, when you heard about law of attraction, were you skeptical at first, or did you think "wow this is a true revelation!"

        When I first heard about it, I thought it kinda made sense, but didn't really believe it fully. To this day, I'm still a little bit skeptical. But I do believe in the benefits in fostering a positive mindset.
        Normally if someone is skeptical, that means they have unanswered questions.

        What is it that you are unsure about with the LOA?

        Could be similar to Karma, in a way? Or "what goes around, comes around"

        Originally Posted by Gaby10 View Post

        Back on topic, The Secret is OK for me. It is incomplete though. I see The Secret by Rhonda Byrne as an "introduction" from my personal point of view, but a good one.
        It is so well produced, that work is obviously done with love and care.

        All the best,
        Gaby- this is 100% true.

        The secret was def. a great introduction for me- and is what started me on a nice new journey. The Secret was only the beginning of the process and does leave out a lot of important stuff.

        Your positive mind set, emotions, and beliefs ONLY WORK, if it is aligned with your life purpose and talents.

        I don't believe they mention that part, and if thats not right- the rest won't help you achieve the success that you want.

        What I mean is- The Secret will not work if you're not on the right path.

        1. First you have to figure out your life purpose

        2. You can use NLP and Hypnosis to help you reach goals quicker. NLP and hypnosis makes the LOA- make sense, as they are much more complete. The Secret puts a "magical" "mystical" spin on "like attract like"

        Its great marketing, and a great introduction, but also is incomplete.

        "One Man's Ceiling is Another Man's Floor

        "I Pay Less Attention to What Men Say. I Just Watch What They Do."
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    I totally agree that the Secret is an introduction to LOA and if taken in that context is a good start for those who have not heard about it before.

    I was amazed afterwards though when I read people saying it was fake by just thinking about something - because I recall them saying that you had to take action, but many sceptics seems to have blocked that bit out. Maybe Rhonda should have paid more focus to the "action" part of LOA, but maybe like most of us, they thought that the word action does not need as much explaining as visualisation and goal setting, as taking action is something that most do every day.

    I also think that Rhonda Byrne missed a great opportunity of making a sequel whereby people talk more in depth about LOA especially when these questions started to arise, in order to address these concerns and give people more details of how to implement LOA. As it is, some of those with questions were left hanging and then came to the conclusion that what they saw in the secret was the whole thing and ended up thinking it is a farce.

    What I would say to anyone skeptical is to try it for a while. It is easy to say something does not work when you don't really know or havent tried it, or even if you cannot work out why it works. Rather than dismiss what could potentially be of benefit (and this applies to other things in life not just LOA) best try it yourself. You may get negative feedback from others for many reasons, including they dont understand it, they only dabbled with it for a day or two or whatever. At the same time, you have those who will endorse things they have never tried - so give it a try. I find it works for me and makes me feel good at the same time.

    As for Conrad1cal's remarks - it would be interesting to know if you have actually tried it. It seems that you have misunderstood the whole concept of LOA - as it is often explained that you take responsibility (therefore you do not blame anyone) and it is also my belief that as you are working mentally as well as physically, it is misconception that those who practice this are lazy when compared to those who rely purely on physical action. How can someone using two methods be more lazy than someone using only one - and in some cases none?
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      Hello Omari Taylor,

      I totally believe in the law of attraction because we are all energy. An if some has the same vibration as you it will be attracted to you. It's happened to me and have attracted wonderful people and thing into my life and it's amazing.


      Omari Taylor

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