What keeps you going?

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It's monday and I'm feeling a little on the lazy side. I work third shift and I had off last night. I need to get up and start my day. Write some content. Create some videos. When I feel a non-productive day coming, I always take a step back and do three things. Ready! Aim! Refocus!

What gets me fired up once again is realizing that success is not going to happen without effort. I know that I have to put in the hard work on a consistent basis to reach my end goal. What is my end goal? Being the captain of my own ship. Calling the shots and having freedom.

What keeps you going Warriors?

See you at the top!
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    The thought of being totally free is what keeps me going. To me being able to do what I want, when I want, how I want, and go where I want, is true freedom. I just think of that and it is usually enough to get me in gear again.
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      What keep me going is the satisfaction I get by completing something successfully.I don't keep much value on money since I don't have much expectations, but I usually get them.My ambition is to live happily as I can with what I get while working my best with IM.
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        What keeps me going is the fact I love what I do and when it comes to the IM there really is no limit to what you can achieve!!

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    Great question!

    We all have different fuels of motivation, for me its 2 part: Outwardly, it’s the hope and reach of wanting a better life for my wife and child; its knowing that I have won for the sake of my family and I'm able to provide for them at any level.

    Second, its that inner drive to live life to my highest potential, and if their’s room for the getting why not get it? Why not climb the latter, why not see how far, how long, how hard I can go? Why not test myself? Why live on this earth with doubt and regret?...For me it’s the hope of a better life and the desire to be passionate about life. For me is “The passion for progression”

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    Freedom. Plain and simple, freedom.

    My drive is to be free. I love what I do but I'll also love it when I'm retired too, enjoying the fruits of my labor

    Thanks for sharing and have a powerful day!

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    I think reading a lot and getting inspired. Watching how others get successful and reminding myself that if they can why not me...and of course I like what I do...

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    Putting in a bit of work as consistency and focus on your product is necessary to start seeing money from your efforts, and then with the passive money coming in, feeling the thrill of earning money for yourself, and doing what you like with it!

    I have enough money to spend, to save and to share!
    Those things drive me too.
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