2011 - The Year of ...?

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Alright Boys & Girls,


What are you going to be doing???

For me, I'll just be focusing on 3 things mainly...

1) Building my business portfolio

2) Getting the Rip on at least 5 times a week

3) Developing and Following a rigorous diet

... Blissful Productivity...!
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    2011: for me...

    realistically: year of building up stuff and severing some past stuff...

    ideally: chillin on a beach...

    oh well. second really preferable, but first, mostly alright.
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    I personally think this is going to be a bad year financially for most people due to even more cuts than where first mentioned and there is going to be an increase in crime due to more and more people desperate for some extra income.

    Anyway looking on the bright side

    Who knows what 2011 will hold but let's hope us warriors succeed
    Learn Young, Learn Fair, Learn Old, Learn More.
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    For me it's
    1:Make £300 a week in IM
    2:Acquire a driving license and cheap car
    3:Get healthy
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    To me... it's about REAL CHANGE... I will be turning 18. I choose to explore. I commit to being rich.

    My goal is to make my annual income cross a million dollars..(be making at least $100,000 a month by the end of next year or before I turn 19 - march 4th 2012).

    Go to the states and give an attempt on something I desire...

    Work on my other business plans.
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    It'll be the year of discoveries for me. Now I'm searching for stuff and writing a copy. The next year will bring me results!

    Write articles on any topic in Russian/Ukrainian, make translations from English into Russian/Ukrainian.
    High quality of my work is guaranted.
    PM if you are interested.

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    i hope i can quit my job my the end of this year but if not...ILL DEF HIT IT IN 2011

    make at least 1k a week

    go traveling around the world!
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      For 2011: I will Be focusing on Developing My Success Mindset. 2) Eating Healthy and Exercising 6 Times per Week. 3)Building Multiple Streams of Income. 4)Spending Quality time with Family and friends.

      Please do not use affiliate links in signatures

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    2011 is the year of the rabbit so i think i'll be digging around all year and burrowing money (sorry about that)

    Anyway it's probaby just be the same as last year with a few more targets to hit.
    Learn Young, Learn Fair, Learn Old, Learn More.
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    Hey Martin2010, when the economy is at it's worse is when you can make even more money, get your read on and stay educated 20 years from now we will see most billionaires that came from this time.

    2011 for us is keeping the flow, and to keep growing.
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    For me, 2011 will be an exciting year of exploration and much more! I'm happy looking forward to the new year.

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