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There is a middle-aged man has an animal feed store that is not so sold. The more days, the few people who buy livestock feed.

One day, he gets an idea and make a big decision. He invested enough money to buy 1,000 chicks. Wow, so his neighbors know, they mock and consider this man insane. Sell chicken food alone is not sold, how might be able to sell chicks!

They were even more surprised to learn that this man does not sell these chicks. On the contrary, he even shared the chicks are FREE to buyers cattle feed.

"It's really crazy!" cried the neighbors. "The store would go bankrupt, he even bought a lot of chicks and distribute them freely. Where no sane businessman who did things like that .."

In fact, after about a program "chicks for free", it started a lot of people come to buy fodder at his shop. And the longer, more and more stores selling only.

After the investigation, turned out to buyers who receive free chicks were back again! Why so? Of course, to buy food for the chick free!

Never be afraid to "give", because it is the first step for us, to "accept". Unfortunately, many people who think otherwise. They argue: "accept first, then think to give." This is what can make us do not experience breakthrough anything in this life. Where there are farmers who expect to reap, whereas before he did not sow anything?

Let friends, while there is still "a chance", remain a generous person. Give kindness, give attention. Give and berries. Do not just "give" if there is a benefit for us (aka not sincere). Remember, life is like "echo". What we spend, will undoubtedly come back to us. If we sow good things, will certainly reap the benefits as well.
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    This idea of giving is so true. Everyone should give for the sake of giving and not think about how to benefit from it. I like this post.
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    There is that one principle in this world that will never changed. " You reap what you sow" and "Give and it will come back to you".
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    I believe in giving, giving to those in need, but also teaching those in need how to break free from being needy. Those in need and kept in need become slaves.

    Those in need and helped to become self-sufficient become, and remain. free.
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