#1 Tip for succeeding? ***I need your help Please**

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If you could share only one recommendation for success, what would it be? What's the greatest lesson you've learned?
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    Define what success will mean to you. What will success look like. If success means replacing your employee income with your IM income then make that really specific and break the steps you will need to take to get there and give yourself hard deadlines, then stay focused and don't do anything else until you make your goal.

    When I say define it, I mean be really specific....
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      The most successful thing is setting an objective and then watching as it unfolds. Pinpoint what you want and the steps it will take to get there, then focus on it with belief and positive expectation while you take the steps that will move you forward
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    Learn to love criticism and judgment. SERIOUSLY. If you are taking enough bold action to fulfill a big dream, I guarantee there will be people that criticize and judge you. The sooner you develop a thick skin the better.

    Then... you can start looking forward to criticism and judgment. These are indicators that you are making sh*t happen. And I guarantee there will be plenty of people cheering you on despite those against you.

    And if no one is saying ANYTHING about you (positive or negative), then you are not taking enough action towards your goals.
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    Success in what aspect of life? Success in love? Success in business or in profession? Or success in school? If you mean just be successful in general, that is hard to answer. The necesary steps to be successful in love may be a hindrance to be successful in money. To be successful n school, your love life may have to suffer.

    Anyway, let me share with you some life lessons I have learned:
    1. Stepping back and breathing helps you to think rationally, so you do not decide nor act based on emotions.
    2. Always choose your battles. Don't sweat the small stuff.
    3. Don't let circumstances affect you by reacting to it. There are a lot of bad people / bad things around us but it's how we react to them that spells the difference in our lives.
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      As to me success is the self satisfaction we get from our work.We can satisfy with our work only if we can have money,respect from others and appreciation through our work....So if we can satisfy we are successful.You have to work honestly and devote your best to get it.
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    Keep going at one method
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    There is no such thing as a number one tip for success. Each one of us has their undertakings and way of coping with hardships. What works for me, might not work for you and vice versa.
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    By far my greatest lesson was learning to pick only one profitable way to make money online...one plan and stick with this plan until completion.

    If you want to launch a WSO, launch a WSO, if you want to launch a site, learn how to launch a successful site..but from one person and always implement what you learn ASAP.

    Eben Pagan makes $20,000,000/year online swears on implementing as fast as possible. If you have an idea, take action and finish that idea before you start something new.

    Piecing things together one part at a time is a huge part of success.

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    Your current belief system. If you think you can, you can.

    Take care of your belief system and align it with whatever you want to succeed at. Everything will take care of itself.
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    Well some body posted this video in one of the threads, just go through it and I am sure you would not need any thing else:
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