What Are Your New Year's Resolutions For Your Online Business?

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The new year is coming upon us. It's time to reflect on the dying year and write your own new year's resolutions. Although sometimes new year's resolutions tend to be forgotten after a few days, I'm making a commitment to write my new year's resolutions and post them in a highly-visible place so that I'm always reminded of them.

My New Year's resolutions are:

1. Start being serious with my online business. Many times I've been lazy with my Internet marketing and thus I see little progress. I need to have that urgency to succeed!

2. Stop procrastinating. Get things done, no ifs and no buts!

3. Sleep early and wake up early. Early to bed, early to rise, makes me healthy, wealthy, and wise.

4. Stop looking for "magic" systems and shiny things. Focus on just one method and stick to it until I get it to work.

5. Manage my time wisely. Write my plans for the day/week/month on a planner. Execute my plans faithfully.

6. Manage my finances. No more wasteful spending on unnecessary stuff.

7. Take care of my health better. Minimize my time in front of the computer to avoid health problems. Follow proper nutrition habits and exercise regularly.

8. Don't give up easily. Never lose hope even when I fail.

How about you? What are your New Year's resolutions?
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    Mine are nearly identical to yours except I would add the following

    9. double my currently monthly incoming revenue from my service based business.

    10. Begin learning how to generate passive income.

    11. outsource some of my services to other editors/artists.

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    Resign from my job and looking for a life in Internet,, ehmm but look like this is a crazier , since I can't make $10 a day from my online stuff,, but I Promise to myself, I will do..
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    All I have to do this coming 2011 is to work hard for my online business and work.
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    My New Year's resolution is to start building my list from scratch and focus 100% on one business and one business model and refuse to be distracted by reading emails and browsing the web.

    I will commit myself to building a relationship with my subscribed based on helping them and giving without expecting anything in return.



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      Not to make new years resolutions and just keep doing what i am doing

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    My promise for 2011, earn $1 Million Dollars online. Others have done it and so can I and I will...
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      2. Stop procrastinating. Get things done, no ifs and no buts!

      --- that i think is the best new year's resolution for your online shop. i personally think that if you strictly implement this, good things will follow through. everything will turn out fine and on time. your resolution number 2 is just another way of saying that you will prioritize now your online shop. good luck.
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          Really great topic.

          Every year billions of people make New Year's resolutions that aim to better their lives, but most people don't stop to think about creating a resolution to improve their business.

          You guys should all enter the New Years Business Resolution Contest!

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    I have just started IM,so I have a long way to go this year

    I am planning to improve my site a bit more and use some tactics I have learnt from the warriors.Also thinking to invest some money on forex....

    However I will be a millionaire through IM soon...
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    In new year, I will never spend time in unnecessary stuff. I will try to be positive and take care of personal development. Focusing on one things instead of all things at same time. I will sleep early and wake up early.
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    Those are great resolutions.

    But I have a question for you, SmartLazy - what will do you to ensure that they happen? Having ideas is great - having a plan to make certain they come to fruition is Taking Action!

    Wanna learn how to make money with little effort? Be sure to visit my blogs!

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