How To train your Brain to make you all the money you want!!!!

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Day after day I realized that affiliate marketing is all about mindset... I spent 22 years of my life broke as a joke... The moment I start training my mind to create me money.. my income just go through to the roof..

I started with an overdrawn bank account, I couldnt even afford a domain name I used blogger blog to make my first $30/day Then I found one of the top gurus in IM on skype, he told me that he was making $100k a week (that made me feel worthless) so I created 6 others blog that bring me $100/day .... and I found John Reese quote " Mailing my list is like going to the ATM" and Boom... The rest is History..

I read a lot of survival stories, and I realize that in time of danger there are mechanisms that can be activated in your brain to save your life.. Your brain can even slow time to allow you to make the right decision, You brain can change your taste and make you only desire the foods that can keep you alive and the list goes on and on..

So How can you activate the money mechanism in your Brain?

Im going to tell you how it happened for me and so many others and I hope you can make it happen for you too

If you ask the majority of affiliate marketer their story might differ from one another but they will all tell you they remember a time where they reached a)rock bottom, b)had no plan B.... BUT to succeed.

In my case, after waisting my school loans in buying info products and MLM trash... I started getting payday loans to buy some more.. lol ... then I lost my $9/hr job at that time and the payday loans company started hitting my bank account.... My bank just bend over and let them withdraw all the money they want and hit me up with overdraft fees... Sometimes I was even scared to login inside my bank account because of the fear of knowing how much more I owe in overdraft fees.

Then the shift happen...
One day I logged in I saw a $-545 in my bank account, that's with an addition of over $40,000 in credit card debt and school loans..and that day I made a decision....Im going to make that " make money online" Thing work or I dont deserve to exist. Then I found one of the ebook that I purchased that showed me how to create a blogger blog... I did just that then started making money then the guru (cant mention his name) made me feel worthless push me to work harder and create the other blogs.. and then I start building lists in several niches and Now I can say that I have more than enough....

Just like when you are facing danger you brain activate mechanism to save your life.. you can activate these same mechanisms When you are going to a financial wreck..

Here's how

1. Know clearly You financial situation.( are you struggling with your 9-5 job?, Do you hate your credit card debts? do you feel uncomfortable when your daughter,son,wife,husband, girlfriend boyfriend, want something that you can't afford? Write down your frustrations write down your financial situation.

2. Have a clear goal on how you re going to get rid of your situation. are You going to get a second, third job or you re going to make that " make money online" thing work. Write exactly how much money you need to get rid of your bad financial situation.

3. The art of taking action: Taking action is an art and only 5% of people worldwide really know how to take action.. It's sad to say but these people control 95% of the world income...

To really take action: You need three specific things

Autonomy: The desire to direct your own life> Do you want to be your own boss, having the freedom that come with affiliate marketing?

Mastery: The desire to get better and better everyday> Do you quit when you see you can't upload a page to your server? Or you stick to it and get it done...

Purpose: Why are you doing this? The money can motivate you but you gotta do this for something that is greater than yourself... Do it for your family Do it to end the pain>.. Do it to end the struggles..

You have the power to create your own life... You can only go as far you mind can see... affiliate marketing is 80% Mindset and 20% action...Corner your brain to make you more money

Good luck... Happy holidays
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    Great post Jay, I agree with just about everything you say.
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      Originally Posted by scortillion View Post

      Great post Jay, I agree with just about everything you say.
      thanks man..
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        That's a really powerful post Jay, I've been in similar situation, I discovered IM and haven't looked back since. It took me a long time to get my head warped completely around what's really going on but I never gave up and thats what I owe my success to. Determination!
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    Great post. This is something we all need.

    Thank you and happy holidays
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      Good post. Persistence is also important. There are people that will take action, but quit way too soon.

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        Originally Posted by Dan C. Rinnert View Post

        Good post. Persistence is also important. There are people that will take action, but quit way too soon.
        You;re right man. but if you get to that point nothing can stop you.... You will automatically become persistent...
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    Good insight Jay.

    Find the Why (Emotions) in the What (Money, Tangible Items, etc).

    Identify these emotions and let them be your driving force to reprogram your subconscious mind.

    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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  • Thanks for that Jay... it was like reading my own story!

    I am on the start of my adventure so stuff like that is really good to hear.

    Happy Holidays


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    There is a great book out there by Robert Greene called "The 50th Law" that talk about exactly what you are saying. It's a great read with a lot of great advice
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    We are powerful than we think we are.....thanks for the post.
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    Thanks for the post
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      Wow! To say that you posted something really good is an understatement. I agree, you have to know your current situation first before you can plan what to do. You have to know the problem fist befor you can find solution. Listing down your frustrations, where your discomfort begin, what makes life unbearable is the first step. if One has to begin somewhere , it sould be on this first step -- knowing the culprit.
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