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This is it folks - we're already into the second week of the new year. How much have you done so far?

I didn't make any resolutions for the new year, but I realized that it's never too late. Between school and client projects I decided that something had to be done. I was spinning my wheels and not getting very far.

Maybe you're already doing these things, if not they might help.

Take personal responsibility - I realized this when I started working yet another system I learned about. It wasn't quite working as planned, so what could I do - I could either make excuses and quit, or get creative and make it happen.

When you take responsibility you don't allow rationalizations to slow you down. Instead of thinking "This isn't working because of x,y and z" you start thinking "What can I do to make this work?", "What's another way I can look at this?".

We are creative beings. No single system holds the key to success or failure. It lies instead in the way we choose to perceive things. Will you decide to create a system that works for you and take action or will you rationalize your failures?

Work through everything on your computer - You already have tons of information sitting on your hard drive. Dig through it. Open an old ebook and learn something that will help you move forward. Pick something and take action on it. If it doesn't work, trash it, learn from it and move on.

Focus your efforts - This is what ties it all together. Regardless of what you're doing, you absolutely have to stay focused.

There are several different levels that focus comes into play. In fact, it's such an important topic that I cannot do it any justice here.

When you get focused you'll find that creativity naturally comes to you. You'll overcome problems that are holding you back and start seeing things differently. Don't allow your energy to get dispersed in every direction. Bring all of your energy back to your center so you can use it where you're at, with what you're doing.

Your attention is crucial to your success - why else do you think everyone wants it?
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    I ll surely try to follow this...... Good post......
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