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Hi Warriors,

Just wondering how many of you are meditating on a daily basis? Do you do it daily? How many minutes (or hours) in a day?

I find that I can't resist staying still for a long time, and my mind sometimes wanders. So I've been using meditation CDs and they help, but sometimes I fall asleep.

So how do you meditate? Do you do it yourself, or use any special CD or software? If you're using a CD or software, what's the best one you've found so far?

Thanks a lot,
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    I prefer to meditate in complete silentness.

    I just cross my legs, and clasp my fingers and sit up right then concentrate on my breathing. the trick is to try and breath through your nose naturally and not on purpose, thats when you will be in the "meditation stage".

    You can do it for as long as you wish. I like to do it for about 10-15minutes but even if you do it for 2 minutes you should feel a little better still.
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    Search Amazon for Simple Zen

    I sit or lay down and I watch my breath. That is it. Welcome to Zen lol
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    I have to sit in a room very silently, put on a relaxing cd and try and try and blank my mind. Yes its quite hard not to start drifting to sleep or thinking about other things.

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    Oh and don't forget to breathe! deep breaths in, and exhale out slowly

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    I read this from somewhere, A balinese meditation. All you need to do is sit down, relax and smile. Smile from your heart. Do that for 30 minutes. It works for me all the time.
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      I read this from somewhere, A balinese meditation. All you need to do is sit down, relax and smile. Smile from your heart. Do that for 30 minutes. It works for me all the time.

      Oh? So how do you really smile from the heart? Does it have to do with thinking happy thoughts or something?
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    15 minutes a day, usually very early in the morning when my mind is clear relax.
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    i do 20-40 minutes usually.

    sometimes i'll use brain entrainment (binaural beats part of this).

    the guideline i've been working with for meditation is basically just observe all your thoughts. don't judge, just observe. the idea is to gradually dis-identify with the mind. the moment you judge your thought, "oh that's a bad thought" or even "that's a pleasant thought" is when mind-identification has slipped through the back door.
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    Great Topic -

    I wake up and either jog a couple of miles, or get a ruck sack on and walk a couple. I come back and immediately meditate.

    Whether you call it self hypnosis, meditation or altering your state, it's all the same thing, some more structured than others.

    I take about ten minutes and clear everything out of my mind. No music, no cd's, just a candle and me.

    Whenever my mind tries to wander off, I, in a nice way, bring it back to focusing on my breathing. (the typical strategy)

    I've been practicing these kinds of things for over a year now so at this point, I can literally go into an altered state and just "stop thinking." This has massively powerful neurological (and life) benefits.

    30-40 minutes tops. Some days, just a quick 10 or 15 minute session.


    First, meditation directly links the parts of your brain that have control over everything else.. to the everything else. (prefrontal cortex, the CEO) Actual neurological studies prove the brain changing effects (neuroplasticity) that result from meditation. So no more is it some "mystical" thing that weirdos do, lol.

    Improved cognitive processes. In other words, my ability to think clearly magnifies massively. A hell of lot less "brain fog."

    Easier to manage emotions. (you are activating and training parts of your brain that have to do with emotion regulation each time you meditate)

    Easier to translate thoughts into words. Ever been at that point where your brain knows what's going on but YOU don't know how to say it? That happens a lot less when you meditate.

    Overall, it's optimized brain activity, training circuits and honing your mind.

    Great thread! I tend to get all technical with things! It's the best way to understand them!
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    The best Hypnosis and relaxation CDs I’ve found can be downloaded at: HPP: Download Hypnosis, Self Help & Meditation CDs – Dr. Lloyd Glauberman The Meditation HPP CD is pretty awesome! It’s best to listen first thing in the morning after exercising so you are fully alert. Also sit while listening, Instead of stretching out on your back. The HPP CDs will put you into a trance state very quickly because you hear one story in your left ear and a different story in your right ear which gently zonks out your conscious mind out while the two recordings will strategically merge into sensible hypnotic suggestions zinging them straight pass your zonked out conscious mind and embedding them into your subconscious. Another CD I highly recommend is “The Dream Manifesto” by a fellow warrior named Shafin de Zane. He has a WSO for “The Dream Manifesto” You may want to check it out!

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    I usually go to a place where I am the only one. There I will meditate the word of God for me.
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    I meditate late at night alone and on my own. I simply close my eyes and stop thinking of "Anything". I've gotten better at it over the years.

    Thank you for asking!

    Take care,

    Bernard St-Pierre
    Marketing Consultant
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        What you do is this.

        Sit quietly with eyes closed and observe your thoughts. When a thought comes to you just observe it and let it pass by. It is very important that you do not hold on to the thoughts. Just let them pass. Eventually less and less thoughts will come to you until you mind is clear and you are silent.
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    Meditation is great for all internet marketers I think because you can clear your mind, think straight, and be able to focus on the activity that brings business.

    I usually do heavy breathing exercises inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. Gradually increase the pace, I do this for about 8 min, your head starts feeling light and oxygenated. Then I simply start to generate a feeling of gratitude. Total time I spend doing this is about 30min every morning after I brush my teeth.

    Gets my day going fresh.
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    I sit in the dark, in the star stance by Baron Ferson, kinda weird but to each his own.
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    I personally use The Morry Method to meditate, use it every night and it keeps me focused and centered.

    However, I recently stumbled across this meditation from Vishen who is always giving out cutting edge stuff. Very useful. Very hollystic. I like it very much.

    Give it a try.

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    I use a technique that makes me better in every area I want to improve.

    1.) Relax and close your eyes (breath deep or whatever)
    2.) Imagine a stair with 21 steps. Walk down the 21 steps.
    3.) When you are downstaires, find different twist buttons on the wall or on a machine. Every button represent a unique area of your life. It can be feelings: "grade of happiness", "energy", "gratitude", "confidence"... achievements: "Success", "money", "social life"...Abilities: "Marketing", "productivity", "public speaking", "baking", "peing" and so forth.
    4.) Start twisting these volume buttons and feel the energy or electricity and your body. Take your time and really be in the process of twisting these buttons. Instead of sound volume, your abalities or emotions change for the better. You can also turn down "stress" and other bad aspects in your life using the same strategy.

    You are programming your subconscious mind and improvement is guaranteed!

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    I used to meditate a fair bit at different stages when I was younger, but now really just incorperate the principles into everyday action when I can.

    Simply accepting and being aware of you emotions, body sensations, breath, thought, ... as they present themselves while minimizing the influence of the conceptual mind (when it is not nessecary).

    Back when I used to meditate, I mainly meditated on the breath and followed the ideas of vipassana mediation.
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    I usually mediate early in the morning right before I do anything else. I will just sit, close my eyes and relax in complete silence. I like to do this before I have a chance to do anything else, so that my mind will be clear.
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    Breathing is extremely underrated and should be taken cared of. Oxidation is the cause of aging, believe it or not! So it's the biggest cause of death in a strange point of view. Breathing exercises are very effective too. When you breath correctly, you breath less and the breathing "drive" is your belly. To teach your nervous system to breath through your belly, you can do this exercise.

    Breath in through your nose, using a 1:4 ratio (count to 7)
    Hold it there in a 4:4 time ratio (count to 28)
    Exhale through your mouth in a 2:4 ration (count to 14)

    Repeat this set 10 times three times daily for 10 days and you will be amazed by the results and full of energy! Tony Robbins teached me this (not personally, but through his Personal Power II tape)

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    I use CDs and MP3s and sometimes DVDs. I've found the works of Steve G. Jones, Snatam Kaur, Ana Brett and Ravi Singh, and Rodney Yee especially helpful. I need to get back to meditating daily; my life feels much better no matter what's going on when I practice daily.

    Peace and blessings,
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      I meditate at 3 different times during the day - every day.
      When I miss a day, I feel out of sorts, so I've made a habit
      of doing it.

      I listen to a guided meditation for all three. I listen to Roy
      Masters meditation - "Be Still and Know." For a person
      who struggles with patience this meditation is golden.

      I downloaded it for free on iTunes and it has been extremely
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    well i usually mediate with closing my eyes for 2-3 minutes fell all positive thinks and smile that every think is gonna be okay
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    Beautiful meditation music called the Crimson collection...
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    Hi Michael,

    Brain entrainment with isochronic tones makes it much easier for me to reach an altered state of consciousness and this coupled with positive visualisation for 30 minutes per day in a quiet and peaceful place, makes all the difference.

    Kind regards,

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      i find it easier to do something over not doing anything. So to retrieve and hold a specific feeling, like loving kindness, is a great training. With time, you slip in the gap every time you are not actively doing anything, which is nice.

      Also use solfaggio frequencies when I need an extra boost, or when I´m working on specific chakras. It helps recover the balance. Steven Halpern has nice balancing music.

      there are more advanced techniques we use, but those are for healers and other wohoo people.
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    I use Zen meditation but only for a weekly basis about 2 times a week for 30 minutes.
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