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I feel this way a lot of times about some IM task I have to do.

For me, I find that i feel this way a lot about creating products.

Even if its just a 5-6 page report, I think to myself "I dont want to write that! That'll take FOREVER and its too much writing!"

Well I just cranked out a 6 page report in one hour. And that was by typing- I didnt feel like using my Dragon Naturally Speaking, but if I did Im sure it wouldve only taken 30-45 minutes.

I can use this report for ALL KINDS of things. 1 hour for who knows how much profit? I'm game.

So what am I getting to?


We've all heard this a million times, but I want to re-emphasize it.

Usually, the bad things we hear are just in our heads. In reality, it's much easier than we think.

So if you want to write a 10 page report but keep putting it off, just block off 2-3 hours and crank it out.


The reason winners are winners is because they can do this DAILY. That's why Im not a superaffiliate yet, but I'm on my way.

Suck it up. Put away the complaints or fears or excuses you're saying to yourself and just do it.
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    Bit like a bungee jump for someone suffering vertigo.

    You just need to jump and go for it. What's the worst that can happen? A fail? A fail is only one step closer to success.

    Often, as you quite rightly state... it's the fear which often holds people back. When you take that leap of faith, everything changes. And more often than not... for the better too.

    Keep taking action, you'll find it gets easier and easier the more you do it. If you think too much about it and procrastinate, put things off, well... therein, in this course of action, lies more pain.

    Taking action, being truthful to yourself inspires your confidence and gives you the life skills you need to really make a success out of your life.

    Making a few mistakes enroute is just a way of life.

    Nobody is perfect.

    Everyone makes mistakes...

    It's how you deal with them - that's the main thing.

    You'll get there.

    If at first you don't succeed, try, try and try again.

    Sooner or later... you'll land on your feet.

    Good luck with everything you do!
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      Originally Posted by 247Copywriter View Post

      Bit like a bungee jump for someone suffering vertigo.

      You just need to jump and go for it. What's the worst that can happen?
      Actually, not the best analogy thinking about it.

      "What's the worst that can happen?"


      Oooh hec.
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    Great point, took me a bit to realize this and sense I have been doing GR8!

    Going on my 4 year being self employed.
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    Simple, yet impactful reminder! Use this in all areas of life too, not just IM and business. A common one, dreading going to the gym or for that run or workout, JUST DO IT. Momentum is the key, stay consistent till it's habit. Rarely if ever regret putting the work in to better yourself, progress your business and get the hard work out of the way.

    Thanks for the Thursday reminder!

    If you want to get 2 free article rewrites, podcasts and video ABSOLUTELY FREE. Check my site

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    Nike got it right! When people ask me how I do it, I tell them once you begin your project, it's like skydiving out of a plane - there's no going back, so you might as well make the most of it.

    Perseus Shearer
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    Where were you when I was in college (93-98)? I could have used that advice repeatedly when it came to asking out girls!

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    Wise words. Get it done!
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    Get Her Done! but really it is best to go ahead a get it done..
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    I read this and cranked out another chapter for my book, thank you.

    Very simple, but so true. Just do it, if you stay persistant and stick to it, it will become habit and so much easier. It's just a few hours of your life, just do it!
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