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Hey Warriors! Does anybody do Tai Chi? If you don't, your missing out on a wealth of benefits!

I tell you this from complete certainty.

I've always been very active and athletic and I've trained and played enough sports in my short life, and I gained benefits from them all - I achieved something else since I started actively studying and mastering different styles of Tai Chi.

There is something phenomeonal about what it does to you, seriously - you feel "vital" and full of energy, fresh and ready for anything.

I strongly recommend you start to exercise Tai Chi today - there are some simple exercises which anybody can do which perform miracles alone - do a quick search and try some.

Personally I practice "Stand-on-stake" now for 1 hour a day, and perform 30minutes of Yang and Chen style -it is calming but energising, and I swear it enhances performances in all other areas of my life too.

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    I have been practicing martial arts for almost ten years now, and agree there is something universal and amazing about them.

    I definitely feel the benefits are endless, and could benefit anyone of any age.

    I have never done Tai Chi, but my uncle swears by it.

    I don't forsee myself ever stopping my study of martial arts, it has been the best thing to ever happen to me by far.

    If you have any interest I highly recommend it, its not as otherworld as the movies make it out to be. Really anyone could get involved, so don't be intimidated just go out and do it !

    Most schools and teachers let you try free classes and even weeks, try a bunch and go with the one that fits your needs and desires the most.

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    Tai Chi for self defense and exercise, well that was good.
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    Tai Chi is awesome !!
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    Tai Chi is one of best defense and health benefits
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    I was a Wing Tsun student/practitioner when I was in High School. Back then, everyone wants to fight like Bruce lee or Jacky Chan but no one wants to join an old mans Kung Fu. Now, I wish I did.

    "Regular feet can't be affected by irregular shoes."
    -Chinese Proverbs-
    Jing Quimpo
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