Get Out of the House a Little

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I'd like to take a moment to stress the importance of two things in life when it comes to improving your internet marketing career offline:

1. Get Active
2. Get Social

The #1 thing you should be doing away from your computer terminal is excersising. You'll feel better about yourself, you'll not need to replace broken chairs and you will look better in youtube videos.

The #2 thing I suggest you focus on is being social offline. This will lead to real world experiences which you can *gasp* relate to in articles online. This will allow you to also share experiences with people (real ones without 1's and 0's) when you get back online.

It's no surprise that the weeks were I neglect excercise and social activity are my worst performances online: I sound bad on youtube, my writing is sloppy and my product updates are not of the high quality my buyers are used to.

But when I go outside, get some fresh air, meet with friends and family, basically living a LIFE, I end up with some of the best relatable criteria for posts on my sites.

So get out of the house a little and improve your sites a lot.
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    What if there is too much snow on the ground?
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      I really enjoyed your post--specifically how getting out in the real world improved the quality of what you do online.

      We would enjoy your contribution at this similar thread if you have a second. Some of the posters here have offered some good stories that fit your line of thought.
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      Originally Posted by FreshDomains View Post

      go out and shovel it mike
      haha thats been the only thing getting me out of the house the last month!

      But really i do like this post, as we spend so much time obsessively working on projects we forget the rest of the world. Luckily I have a roommate who drags me to the gym every day and out to the bars on the weekend. If not i might just keep working and live off coffee!

      "The force is strong with this one"
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        Hi Chris:

        I don't know why this link didn't work the first time. I copied and pasted the URL the same way. I tested it first and it seems to work now so HERE IT IS AGAIN.

        Everyone here is invited to come over to this thread and react to the posts there. The folks there are working on the same issues as here.
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    it is important to be social, that is why I only devote internet marketing at night ALl night, and in the mornings you can be social etc
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    I have found the exercise aspect particularly true - if I sit on the computer all day I feel really sluggish and that doesn't help with writing, or my creativity. The funny point I have to make with socializing is that because I am the only person in my family (and among my friends) who works on the computer from home I am considered a bit of an oddity; but I do have a lot of fun learning about their life experiences in the "real" world of work.

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      yeah we should definately go and grab some air.but keep in mind that their are people who go to work for 8 hours straight. which is around the full time job hours. so the amount of time you put in will be the amount of money in return perhaps, i am not to sure
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    Yes, LifeHacker has many articles about "how to freelance and not loose connection with reality", i can get lost there for hours reading them

    But one more thing you must understand about "get a life" and exercises and fresh air: the human body is not used to sit by computer 8 or more hours! This brings a lot of trouble later, if you don't do anything besides blogging and working by PC.

    Body needs to move in order to "clean its pipes". And your body don't get it if you sleep and eat and sit

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      Guigo---Thanks for the ref to LifeHacker. That sounds VERY interesting and apropos to our discussion here ! I will definitely check this out.
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    Excellent point. Exercise is key... Having a life is second, even though it's also very important. However, if you don't have your health, you won't be able to have a life and you won't be able to enjoy all the money you make online!

    Thanks for the inspiration... I actually do kung fu in order to stay fit and healthy. Without it I would probably be too lazy to do any other type of exercise...

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      I definitely agree with you.

      Breaking away from the computer is vitally important for your mental and physical health which will drastically effect your performance online.

      As they say "less is more" and spending less time on the computer can be more effective than draining out and getting distracted while spending long periods of time. It's very important the time that is spent is doing quality and focused work.

      I've found that having a disciplined workout routine at my local gym really helps keep me balanced.
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    The longest time I hadn't stepped out was three days. Day and night, whenever there wasn't black cover on my eyes, I would sit before the system and churn out niche specific websites.

    Later on I realised that they were the crappiest sites ever built by me.

    Now I spend nearly 10 hrs before the system and I take 2 days off per week, no matter what.
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