How can I overcome a life of excuses?

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Excuses may appear very reasonable, but the truth is that, they are the reasons we give for failure.

"There are thousand excuses for failure, but never a good reason."
.....Mark Twain

Excuses are attempts to hide away:
--- Inaction
--- Weakness
--- Lack of accomplishment
--- Laziness
--- Moral failure
--- Poor conduct

One of the major road maps to success and change is when we imbibe the mindset of refusing to embrace, accommodate, and tolerate excuses.

Remove the word "excuse" from your personal vocabulary and treat it as though it does not exist and is a taboo. You will see how active, proficient, successful and accomplished you will be.

"Rich dad hated excuses. He used to say, Excuses are a dime a dozen. That's why unsuccessful people have so many excuses".
......Robert Kiyosaki

Excuses are so cheap that unsuccessful people can afford so much of it - it is just a dime for a dozen.

The opposite of an excuse is to achieve!

When achievement is upper most in our heart, there will be no room for excuses. When we are comfortable with making excuses, we will be carefree!

"One thing we all need to remember is that a little effort is the best replacement for excuses."
....Donald Trump

Don't explain excuses, expel them to excel!

Expel excuses and respect commitment! That is the way forward.
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    That's so true... we need to learn to take ownership for our own lives and realize that we create the outcomes for our lives. Great Post Mate

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    Well, you appear to have no excuse to make stop making an excuse. Place a timer with you when you start a task and don't stop the task until the timer goes off. After a week or so you'll have a mental connection to the energy of getting things done. It actually feels stimulating to get things done.

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    To overcome excuses is to disciplined one's self. It is also a person's decision if he or she will let herself become bandage of excuses.
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    Excuses are so cheap that unsuccessful people can afford so much of it.It is just a dime for a dozen.Under the fear of investment and show that you do not have to be an ace of the purse to accumulate savings for investment.Focus on positive things and be productive.Force yourself to get out and enjoy life.
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    I have no excuses. That's the problem. Play time is over.
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  • what a good section of this forum.

    eventually we will be able to join Buddhist monks climbing mountains of snow in flipflops

    i keep entertainment on so my lazy brain is satisfied....

    have a good day !

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    Good stuff ambassemma.

    I think making excuses and rationalizing behavior is the norm. Most people who are fat look around for people who are fatter and say to themselves "See, it's not that bad, I'm not as fat as Sally."

    What you really need to do is step on the scale and look at yourself in the mirror.

    Get honest with yourself. It might be the only way to overcome excuses.

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    I agree completely. We don't have to take these failures and say they weren't good. We learn from them, how else do we learn? We learn from these mistakes or shall I say excuses, because it's what we're supposed to do. We are more intelligent than we like to believe, but we can change in many ways.
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      Originally Posted by IMoptimizer View Post

      I agree completely. We don't have to take these failures and say they weren't good. We learn from them, how else do we learn? We learn from these mistakes or shall I say excuses, because it's what we're supposed to do. We are more intelligent than we like to believe, but we can change in many ways.
      Great reply man, I'm totally with you.

      I'll add that though this is so simple to some, others just don't get it.

      I hear so many people that speak more about what supposedly limits them than how they can create alternative solutions to typical life complex situations.

      Excuses are absolutely justification of failures, in most cases. I've tried to condition my mind to absolutely never have excuses for anything. It's kind of incredible how many excuses you see in other people when you become conscious of it.

      Great thread, I'm sure we all got some value from it. Awesome replies.

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    Excuses are your way of avoiding to do what you need to do to succeed.

    Often excuses are legitimate reasons for why you won’t do what is necessary.

    To succeed and progress, you need to eliminate as many excuses as possible. Until your excuses are eliminated they remain as insurmountable barriers between you and the life plan you desire...
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    I agree with the original post. I still live my life fighting excuses that my brain trys to make me accept. Or excuses that people tell me why I was unable to complete a task to make me feel better when I get down on myself.

    Excuses has been holding me back for a while and I feel I just now are seeing the benefits of not accepting excuses. I am more confident with what I say and what I do. My perspective has change over time with not allow excuses to hold me back.

    As a mentor told me " Sonny I dont want excuses, I want results" and ever since then I have been showing myself, that I can get the results I want.
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    Along with Lazyness... there is one more excuse and that works for alot of them (making them inactive) is Fear.. There are many types of fears..
    fear of rejection
    fear of failure
    fear of responsibility
    fear of success(yes because then you will loose yor freedom)
    Many types like these..
    Poor human being what he should do, he has to do so many things in life... overcome these fears get successful in life.. do something.. bla bla..
    Yes one more is there.. fear of life and then wife..
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    Excuses arise when we sabotage our own success. The best way I know to eliminate the sabotage is to eliminate the underlying beliefs that cause us to self-sabotage. None of us would need an excuse if there were no reason to have an excuse. I recommend people check out ReCreate Your Life to begin eliminating limiting beliefs. This is not an affiliate link, but it is something I recommend as a first step in my own personal development website.
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    u should read the 7 habits of success, it will change your life and help rid whats holding u back
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    When people asked me how to succeed despite being busy, my advice was, "Do something in your spare time that will move you one step closer to your goals."

    I often heard various excuses. Some said, "I'll try" or "I'll see." No way. As Yoda said, "It's either you do it or you don't. There is no try." To try is to exert a half-hearted effort. It is such a weak word. In any endeavor, you have to push yourself to the limit. Full steam ahead.

    Some said, "I'm just so tired after my job that I can't hardly move when I get home." Maybe they just don't have the passion. Passion will fuel anyone into moving ahead despite the difficulties. Instead of watching TV, do something with your life. If you often feel tired, exercise can be a great energy booster.

    Some said, "I just don't have time." Well, if you don't have time during weekdays, find something useful to do during the weekends, instead of just watching movies or TV, or spending endless hours chatting over the phone.

    Some said, "One of these days, I'll do it." I'm sure they never get to do it. There's no better day than today to start. No need to wait for the New Year. Every new day is a great day to start.

    And there's no need to make everything perfect. Perfectionists never get anywhere because they never start until the perfect conditions are met. And since nothing is perfect, expecting perfection is a waste of valuable time.

    The important thing is to adjust along the way. The more you don't start doing something, the harder it is to get started. If your will to do something is weak, it will get weaker and weaker until you finally decide to quit.

    Use the power of momentum. Take the all-important first step, and you're halfway done. Take the next step, and another, then another. You will become stronger and stronger as you take more and more steps until you find yourself on fire and on a roll.

    True, there are things beyond our control. But no matter what, stay focused on your goal. Excuses will only delay the process further.
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    laziness is the evil! it is haunting everyone at times and forces to make excuses.
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    In order to get rid of Excuses. People need to learn something call "Responsible". It is not a very famous words. If ****s happens, people start to blame others, but never take the blame and say, "I'll fix it". We are the only one responsible for our own success. And there are no excuse about that. At the end of the day, we are those who suffer from our inaction, and enjoy our rewards by taking action. There is no excuse. If there is, probably you don't understand the word Responsible.
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    I agree, accepting your mistake completely and taking responsibility for it can itself change one's attitude for life. Try to accomplish smaller things first. Someone said ;

    " Its hard by the Yard, But Inch by Inch everything is a cinch"

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    Live in the now. Doing so makes it harder to 'put things off til later', and no excuses will be needed.
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