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In a relationship everyone wants a sense of appreciation, interest and respect. Every party wants to speak and be listened and needs to feel that he/she is a part of a group whether it is small or big.

Even if you are described an introvert person, one day you will find yourself engaged in a kind of communication or relationship with others. You may have the desire to be social but don't know how to become so.

Read my following main recommendations, then tell me what you think or you can add other suggestions:

1- Plan some activities to do with others twice a week at least.

2- Make it a point to talk to three new people at least each time you find yourself among people or make a valid effort to meet someone new everyday.

3- Learn to meet and greet others.

4- Learn to ask others open-ended questions which allow expansion of the conversation into other areas enabling you to build rapport and trust.

5- Be a good listener ( Have a genuine interest in what others say. )

6- Learn to have good conversations with others that can allow you to understand them and their needs.

7- Get other people to talk about their passions, dreams, family or what they're interested in and listen, listen and listen effectively.

8- Share your interests, ideas, and dreams with others. Talk, listen, learn, and support.

9- When you disagree, start with points that are agreed, then express your points of view nicely without any tone of aggression.

Do you agree with all above? Let me know what you think. What else can you add to be a social person? Waiting for your replies.
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    This is a fantastic list. I knew a man who was severely anti-social. So he decided to just start talkint to random people on the streets, in bars, place of business and so on. He's actually overcome it by doing some of the step listed above. He also used the internet to vent his frustrations and so on and he said that worked as well.
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    Socialize to other people. You can socialize in the internet if you want.
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    Especially since internet socializing is the easiest form of socialization. I think we can all use a little internet socializing once in a while.
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      Originally Posted by IMoptimizer View Post

      Especially since internet socializing is the easiest form of socialization. I think we can all use a little internet socializing once in a while.
      As long as we are somewhat more than a handful of braincells, kept in a tube, internet socialization can not replace "real life" human relations. Bodylanguage (gestures, posture, even odours) is vital for any interaction. Nevertheless, getting to know people in internet is a step in the right direction. Step two: relax, be yourself and thread bravely in this wonderful world, where people talk, smile and cry together. Kind Regards
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    when you meet people, have them talk to them about themselves and they will love the conversation. and look interested even if it's about makeup
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    Here is what I found.

    You need an opening when talking to people. First you can ask they, are you always in "such and such" city? and they'll say. Yes or NO. Then ask why they are here, then you will find out a lot of information to chat about and get the converstaion going.

    usually it's about the job, family, etc. then you can see what's the value of that personl, and asking more proactive questions along the conversation.

    Here is another tips for talking to people. Remember FORMHD.
    it stand for
    F - Family
    O - Occupation
    R - Recreation
    M - Money
    H - Health
    D - Dream

    and try to find the common points with people. U move here because of your job, ME TOO. oh, your whole family moving here with you . ME TOO. then you'll find the converation become more interest and enjoyable.

    People like people who like themselves.
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    One good rule: Being interested in others makes you more interesting than trying to be interesting yourself.

    It also help if you are an nervous in social environments to fully examine what negative thoughts you associate with yourself and communicating with others that hold you back.
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      Great info, i could use it. I am not the best when it comes to talking to people. Thanks.
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    My tip... Remember peoples names!... Here a tutorial I wrote for a trick I use!...
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    This is very helpful for me. I could always work more and more on my social skills. You just have to get out there and socialize!

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    Thanks for the great lists, I like the number, indeed sharuing thoughts and ideas is the best way to interact and connect others.
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    I think all the tools available for social interaction on the internet are terrific, and offer a great way for people to connect and communicate with.

    However, there's nothing better than a conversation, face to face, with another human being.

    It's easy to say things in an email or tweet (or whatever) that you'd never say to a persons face. The presence of that person in front of you is a deeper and more meaningful connect.
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    Here's 5 tips to become more sociable.

    1) Extend An Invite.

    Don't wait around for people to invite you out. When you feel like going out, call up your friends and invite them to go on an adventure or at least try that new restaurant in town. There's nothing wrong with making the first move.

    2) Join A Community.

    Mingle with new people. Join a cooking club in your neighborhood or perhaps the student council if you're in school.

    By being active in your community, you pave the way for new friends and therefore a better social life.

    3) Give Pleasant And Sincere Compliments.

    Can you please others by sincerely saying good things about them? People who can make honest praises often find themselves making new friends and getting invited to all sorts of different social gatherings.

    They're often regarded as good company, likeable and someone who will make a good addition to the dinner party. If you're not very good with words, then take this opportunity to improve your conversation skills.

    4) Don't Alienate Yourself.

    Even if you don't really know anybody in the room, don't keep it to yourself. Find people who are also alone and strike up a conversation.

    If you can't find it in yourself to make the first move, then at least hang out someplace where people can easily approach you. At a party, try the buffet table. People always find reasons to talk to you there.

    5) Be Outgoing Yourself.

    There's no simpler way to get a social life than to attract it yourself. Stop thinking about how sad it is that you're home alone on a Saturday night. Instead, be excited about what the evening might bring.

    Be interested in other people and try to be as outgoing as you can. The energy you emit will attract the same energy associated with having a wonderful social life.
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    I think you should definitely add something about making sure these new people you talk to are not via the internet. It is important to exercise social activities offline especially, as there is no hiding. Being social is all about fearlessly expressing who you are. Offline is the only way to become more comfortable with this. ESPECIALLY since most of us are paving a path of making a living online.
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    Great list, thanks. In a party or gathering, I look for someone who may feel left out, or awkward. By helping others feel better I feel better myself.
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      Biggest thing is to get out and just talk to people. Dont care if everyone like you or not. like IM - biggest thing is to take action and practice...

      CRUSH IT

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    I love this topic. Great share thanks.

    I did a video blog about this last summer and I thought it would be an appropriate share here:

    P.S... Around the 0:43 mark of this video my voice cracks and I sound like an opera singer... so feel free to make fun
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    Challenging list for an introvert. Just reading some of the suggestions make me recoil in trepidation.
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    That was a huge list, thanks for it. Now I increase learning, and I'm sure I'm able to add up my connections not only in the virtual world but for the physical as well.
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    Awesome list! Great tips here to be socialize and network with people.
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    For the introvert among us...

    Schedule some rejuvenation time.

    Social interaction exhausts us. Don't give up being social, just don't forfeit the recuperation.
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