How to Transform Your Personal Image and Enjoy Power

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An image speaks louder than a thousand words...A Chinese proverb

How do people perceive us?

What impression do they have about us?

What is their belief system about us like?

What is their mental and emotional response like when they see your face or hear your voice?

You must never underestimate the power of perception!

People will most likely treat us the way they see us, not the way we see ourselves.

Our presentation and communication will determine the response we get from the crowd.

If you learn the art of creating a powerful image, symbol, spectacle, gesture and attitude, you will win the heart and mind of people, and you will have a slight edge over your friends and competitors and also increases your opportunity chances!

Take this from me...

To win people, you must first appeal to their sense of SIGHT.

Here are some powerful and can't-do-without principles you must practice.

  • Be bold and confident: This is a winning attitude you cannot do without in the world of power, influence and leadership. Nobody lies to be around a coward!

  • Master your emotions through self-discipline and control: you must understand that power is nothing without control. It's destructive to your image to always respond to emotions like hate, jealousy, envy and bitterness. Your emotions create your impression.

  • Avoid negative communication like quarrelling, complaining and arguments: yes, it's true that we cannot or may not absolutely live without these things, but never let these negative communications to become part of you if you desire a positive image of power.

  • Live a healthy lifestyle: You cannot be a smoker, drunker, womanizer or a party crooner and expect to build a positive self image that will influence or lead others. In these, people will see you as unfit to be a role model. First remove the stick in your eyes, before you think of others. True talk!

  • Be funny and creative: You must have a striking presence when you are among people. You must learn to heart of filling people's heart with humor, joy and laughter. People can't resist this!

  • Be generous with gifts: Givers never lack...never lack friends and people.

  • Become financially independent: You word or presence may sometimes not be felt among people because there is an hole in your pocket! Stop begging and relying on others. Aim at financial dependency and you will earn power for yourself.

Please I beseech you to practice and develop these secrets and you life will never remain the same.

Live the life without walls!

Rufus Yamoah
Life Coach
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    Nice tips, thanks!

    P.S. Why don't you get a domain for your blog?
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