How Do You Influence Others As an Entrepreneur?

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As I speak to more entrepreneurs I sense a positive or negative influence immediately.

My intuition picks it up quite quickly. My antennae goes up and I am either attracted or repelled by the person. Usually there's no middle ground.

People either make me feel more comfortable or use tactics intended to pressure me. Usually I'm not affected by negative influences but some people are skillful, or they are so far on the other end of the spectrum that I find it difficult to even hold a conversation with them.

As you go about your day think about how you're influencing others. Do you make connections with people or are you out to make a quick buck? Do you respect others' time and let them know quickly when you aren't a match, or are you intentionally misleading, stringing people along to try to part them from their money?

What's your take on influencing?
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    Originally Posted by ryanbiddulph View Post

    intentionally misleading, stringing people along to try to part them from their money?

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    Stringing people along to make a quick buck reeks of desperation, so I don't do that.

    My strategy is to help as many people as possible, and that'll come back to benefit me. So while I'm helping others, sometimes for free, it's not exactly a selfless strategy.

    When I have done a lot for someone for free, I typically start to point them to my paid services or ask them to contribute at my blog. Because there's gotta be a balance of give and take, you can't just give.

    But I also just like people. And like helping people. So it's all good.

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    @Barry Good one Still in the Philippines? I'm coming your way - ok way South of you - but still your way relative to NJ. Moving to Bali in a few months.

    @Stephen Thanks for sharing with us.

    The stringing people along tactic is outwardly dishonest. When you're *really* good at what you do, no need for stringing. As your presence expands people show up on your doorstep.

    Thanks for sharing guys!

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    If every entrepreneur can take up the philosophy of giving to others before expecting return, then things would go so much smoother. By attempting to help someone rather than swindle from them you influence them in two ways: first you help them get started in a positive direction, then you show them that by helping them get started positively that they can do the same. If paying it forward were taught more often, the circle would complete itself benefiting everyone who was involved.

    An entrepreneur who has no regard for individualism or positively helping other people is not a true entrepreneur, but a lowlife partially responsible for creating anguish. Entrepreneurs MUST be positive, and project that optimism to everyone they cross in order to spur further entrepreneurial growth in those they come in contact with.
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    Great post! String them along or make them aware they are not a match?? Yes, connect with people, qualify them and only make your offer to those who fit your predetermined match (target market).

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    The best way that you can influence people is through a posative mindset and professional behavior. If you're prefessional in your way of doing things, then you will leave a posative mark on people and that's a good thing.

    some entrepreneurs leave you dumbfounded and frustrated while others leave you feeling great about yourself and what you can accomplish.

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    I get the same feeling everytime I talk to people.
    And I realized how I influence people.
    I usually try to make comfortable the other person, I try to make them feel comfortable.
    It is horrible when someone makes you feel afraid or anything like that.
    Creating a good connections with people is what you want in your internet marketing life and in your life in general.

    Nat Niszakov

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    Making connections with people is paramount. The people who don't don't last long.
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