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It has often been said that small changes make a big difference and this applies to your personality, relationship, health, success, etc.

Doing regular exercise for about 20-30 minutes a day for at least 3 times a week will go a long way in maintaining a healthy body and you don't worry about becoming a client of weight loss program or consuming costly health pills or vitamins. I started doing this two months ago and have been enjoying the good feelings that come with it.

Share your views on the self help quick fixes for the benefit of the warriors.
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    Congrats, keep up the good work.

    I've been cycling now for 3 months and the benefits are amazing.

    I feel so much sharper on my feet and I rarely feel lathargic.

    A change of diet also helps keep alert
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      I definitely need to get back into the exercise routine. It certainly does make a huge difference in how you feel.


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    I recently read a good blog post on this subject entitled "Too Tired to Succeed?"
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    You may encounter mini crisis during the day. One way to get out of the stressful situation is to take a deep breath.
    Deep breathing has a calming effectand releases endorphins which is good for health. Concentrating on your breathing diverts thoughts from your mind and give you the break from your worries.
    And you can do it anywhere and anytime. Cheers!
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      Turn off the music and/or TV. Leave the ipod and phone on the table - and go for a brisk walk. Best is along a beach, in the woods or anywhere you will see (and hear) nature rather than only concrete, houses and traffic.

      Focus on what you see as you walk rather than thinking of what you will do when you are finished or what you need to do or what you "should" do.
      Just wait a second – so what you're telling me is that my chance of surviving all this is directly linked to the common sense of others? You’re kidding, right?
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    I used to sleep for 8 hrs a day. drink water a lot and walk for 30 mints everyday. It helps to keep body and mind fit..
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    • I am trying to get involved in meditation, but can't seem to "quiet" my mind. I bought some tapes and believe it works, but when I put them on and sit and try to relax, it's like my mind races and tons of images keep flying by. Then I try and concentrate and feel like I'm going to fall asleep. Any pointers, becase my stress level is through the roof?!?!?!

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    So very true, usually during the summer I'll be out on the bike training about 5 times a week, although over the last month due to a mad workload I've neglected my bike and boy do i notice it, really feel like I've got no spark at the moment.
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    Hard press for time? Time management takes off the pressure. You may still not get everything done but you get the important things done.

    Use a List and not just make a list of things to do.

    Spend 2 minutes for each step
    Look - at what you need to do , ought to do and must do
    Itemise - using the 4 Ds' of do, ditch, defer and delegate
    Sort -always get the big things out of the way first
    Tick -get the best endorphin release and stay motivated.

    Try this quick fix and stay happy.
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