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I wasn't sure where to put this really. So I decided on putting it here. I will try to keep this updated with all my latest ventures and hopes on being successful. First I wanted to give you little bit of my background.

My name is Sam, I am an eighteen year old from Britain. I recently finished my first(and last) year at college. The reason I didn't carry on with it was because I already knew most things that I was learning. I know I wont have the qualification, but I hate learning things twice. So I decided to stop, since then I have been unsuccessful in finding any jobs. It's been about a year. So, I decided to look into making money online. I found Johns book about micro niche websites. After reading his ebook I was hooked. It seemed like a way I would enjoy making money! After a bit more research about it though, I found out it was next to useless now.

That's when I found this website.

Now a little about this thread. I'm hopefully going to keep this updated as much as possible not just for my own benefits, so I can see where I am failing or succeeding but hopefully it'll be entertaining for some people.

Start date: 31st March (The reason for this is because I want to maximise my research before trying at my aims)
Budget: £100 ($160)
Aim £3000 monthly/£36,000 yearly ($4,880 monthly, $60,000 yearly)

So, do you think my aims are viable for a newbie to the IM world?
If I reach my aims this year then next years aims will be £10k a month.

All conversion made using xe.

Edit: I just remembered I have 5 hours minimum to research, most days I will get in a lot more though. Also after 31st march, I think it will be 10 hours a day working on it.
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    This is a great idea but it's not allowed to do on the forum. "Follow me" type threads end up taking over so most of the time, they get deleted now. You can post your diary on your blog or a blog here (might have to be a War Room member, not sure) and then just link to it in your signature.
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