How does contingency planning fit in with all this?

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I know you're supposed to expect success and live success, but don't you think it's also very important to plan for possible failure?

That's exactly what contingency plans are for. And you see this in top-performing campaigns in the offline world and also from military strategies throughout history. The campaigns/military that succeed at the end are in most cases the ones who'd planned for all possible scenarios, and considered where things could go wrong. There are normally back-up plans in the case where the first plan fails.

But it kind of goes against the idea of law of attraction, because you're considering the option to fail. What do you think?
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    Hi Li, I will try to answer this the best I can and I hope some others chime in too. This is just my opinion however I've heard of this situation so many times before and it can cause blind leaps of faith and set a person up for a huge let down- but it really is a geat question because I've heard it asked many times in many different ways.

    The law of attraction has to do with oneself and how a person attracts positive things into their life. To take it a step further, as you create abundant success and happiness in your life- everyone affected by you benefits from your happiness as you pass it on to someone else from your good nature. (This is my interpretation- others may vary)

    Now the hard part- Mastermind a strategy or plan and try to determine the best possible outcome- this is not negative thinking at all- rather it is calculating odds like a puzzle- and as we know life in many ways is like a game. It may seem like it is negative thinking to be prepared but it is infact totally different.

    I just did an hour long interview with an expert on negative thinking. He has been helping people for 40 yrs identify what negative thinking and beliefs are and how to remove them.

    This is where it gets interesting. Negative thoughts and negative beliefs are two totally different things. Example- if you planned your strategy based on what you don't want such as, "I don't want to fail, get embarrassed, lose my assets, etc" then you have a goal that is negatively stated. which according to Hank is not goal at all. A positive goal would be, "I want to succeed, I want to keep my assets, etc.

    A negative belief, on the other hand, requires no thought at all because it is negative energy stored within oneself and can trump any associative thought process when triggered(requires no thinking because it's already there). This is the one that hangs like a dark cloud for some people and keeps them from ever attaining any positive success(Got that from Hank too so I'll give him the credit). Positive beliefs are also stored energy and work in the same way. The difference is instead of negative beliefs trumping your thoughts you have positive ones- therefore an opposite effect or reality.
    PS-this is not new- it was discovered many years ago and is how the lie detector was born.

    To go even deeper- a person's negative beliefs are usually tied to a limiting or outdated thought about someone or something or even theirself in the past, present, or passed to them from someone else(family,spouse, etc). There are only 4 types of negative beliefs- Hurt,Guilt,Quandries and fear- however once the energies are tucked away- they can take over a persons logical thought process before a person has a chance to have an actual thought. Once they are discovered- they can been seen for what they are.(Thanks Hank)

    There's a lot more to it but that is the short version the best I can describe it and I think it applies well to LOA.

    If anyone wants to see the video I would be happy to send the link.

    Someone please add more- I know there are some great viewpoints on this.

    "We are the architects of our own lives"
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    Thinking you will fail means you are not too sure of yourself in the first place. Remember there is no such word as can't Look around and get inspired from others have achieved.

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  • Li--

    You should forget about Law Of Attraction as some mystical system that rains down gold upon the heads of its religious practitioners.

    My friend, I've been watching your posts recently, and I can tell that you're wondering about things, and I can TELL you that the pictures you're forming are causing the questions you're asking, I can be a friend and TELL you that you're wasting time that is precious to you.

    There is no 'LAW OF ATTRACTION' that comes to your rescue. When you hear or read of such phrases, it merely points to various descriptions of BELIEFS some people have about how wealth, health, and progress makes its way into our lives. Unfortunately, far too many people mistake these descriptive beliefs as being some near-tangible doctrine that rules over everyone - and that if one could simply memorize and manipulate it, things will magically begin to change.

    You are RIGHT to call for PROOF of any claim that somebody asks you to adopt as 'TRUE', and you are certainly WISE in pointing out CONTRADICTIONS you see. Better, you are BRILLIANT by looking squarely at some of the NUTJOBS who preach 'THE LAW' in order to get a few coins in the collection plate.

    I think that as a business person and a professional, YOU want something that WORKS that you don't have to constantly THINK about as though its some RELIGIOUS command that will strike you down if you don't 'OBEY' it.

    I've heard it a thousand times, and I offer the same suggestion, which is this:


    Such systems really only tell us what most of us already suspect about 'do unto others', 'golden rule', etc., with the difference being that so much of it is wrapped in a cloak of mysticism, and unnecessarily so.

    Obviously, you are a very intelligent human being, and your intelligence isn't simply buying into the hocus pocus, which is GOOD. It shows that you are more interested in the MEAT of the matter - WHAT WORKS.

    I suggest that you drop your concerns and questions - because they are a waste of YOUR time and are best DISPLACED by ACTION - and pick up a copy (or download a copy) of THINK AND GROW RICH by Napoleon Hill.

    Think And Grow Rich is THE VERY BEST 'Law Of Attraction' work and it's oriented NOT in 'mystic smoke and mirrors' but in PRACTICAL, EVERYDAY, MONEY-ORIENTED PROCESS.

    You can take it and use it the very day you open the pages simply by looking in the table of contents and determining if you've actually done the 13 steps in your daily business. Apply them, and any 'LAW' will work to your favor and YOU DON'T HAVE TO THINK ABOUT IT.

    Instead, all you've got to do is....
      1. Figure our, CLEARLY, what you want
      2. Think in detail of it, richly, and vividly as best you can - AND NOT SO THAT IT CAN MAGICALLY FIND ITS WAY TO YOU, but so that your mental resources (i.e. your Reticular Activating System, your Creativity, your Motivation) will turn toward getting answers, plans, spotting opportunities, etc.
      3. Take on a MINDSET of RESOLUTE DETERMINATION AND FAITH IN YOURSELF (and the key here is that if you're not certain, that's fine - JUST KEEP DOING STEP TWO - you'll see more clearly and your certainty will increase - its simply psychology)
      4. Acquire Specialized Knowledge (or RECRUIT IT) - you do that HERE, already, so buddy, the game is ON!
      5. Use your CREATIVE IMAGINATION to INNOVATE on what you know and are learning as you go along (gotta be able to seperate yourself from the sheep and show people why you add more value and why you are different and better for them)
      6. You've got to have ORGANIZED PLANNING! You can follow a system that you pick up from somebody, but if you follow STEP 5, you're going to be coming up with your own variations, and those things you want to have clear in your head and on paper - especially if you may need to communicate your ideas to people who can help you along!
      7. DECIDE - Take Massive Action! And as for 'contingency plans' - reading from the very first chapter will show you just how DANGEROUS these 'contingency plans for failure' are to your desire to become wealthy (IF that's what you want - if it turns out you don't want to become wealthy, then by all means, make plans to fail)
      8. MASTER THE POWER OF PERSISTENCE! The TRUE practice of PERSISTENCE CHANGES YOU AS A HUMAN BEING. Learn it. Master it. It will put you on the same track as the BIG ACHIEVERS.
      9. Master the MASTER MIND concept. Multiply the number of minds that are with you on the journey so that you can pool ALL that power for the benefit of all of you.
    So, great job on asking the questions because it demonstrates you're not a fool. For you, though, the time is here to FOCUS YOUR MIND - you've got huge money to make. If you'd like a checklist, read Think And Grow Rich at least once a month. You'll see it all fall together nicely in your mind and your life, but not because some great mystic boogey law is turning the tides, YOU ARE.

    T. Lavon Lawrence
    Author, NEURO-SCULPTING!© and Mental Trainer

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    LOA came to my rescue at the lowest point in my life when I had completely lost hope. So for some of us it is a very real thing and power of positive thinking should never be understated in my opinion. Everyone finds a calling in a different way but it was an eye opener for me- and for whatever reason it was the pivot point to my personal success as a human being in my personal relationships with family, friends, and loved ones. I did not find it on my own however- it was recommended to me by close friends where I personally witnessed positive results in their life first hand- all the proof I needed. I will continue to find people who have used it with great success. I would never crush what someone else believes in because it may work for them and also be the foundation of their faith or strength but as Dynamic mentions above- use caution falling victim to someone else's belief systems and people who promise the world "if you only believe" -so please demand proof- always. I couldn't agree more because I was hurt badly at first thinking that everything was going come to me if i just believe but after a while I realized there was a whole lot more to it. Beginning with changes in my thinking first and foremost and that was just the beginning.-This is just my opinion and this is a sensitive subject for a lot of people so I will project my research and findings in the most delicate and respectful way I can. I appreciate that different people like different things and different things work for different people so I recommend that someone does what works for them and not worry about what anyone else thinks. I am a long way from where I was a few years ago and I owe it to the investment I put into myself and others who believed in me.

    PS- I've too have also read "Think and Grow Rich by N. H." and it was an excellent book and I highly recommend. In fact I loaned it to a friend and never got it back. haha Other good books I like, "How to Sell Anything to Anyone", Millionaire Next Door, Millionaire Mind, 4-hr Workweek(I just like his thinking), too many to list.

    I wish ya'll success.

    "We are the architects of our own lives"
    Power to attract wealth, success, love, and romance ...

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