Go Hard or Go Home vs. Lazy Man's Way To Riches

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Is there still such a thing as "Lazy Man's (or Woman's) Way to Riches?"

I know that sounds like a loaded question to ask many Internet marketers who market products based on that concept.

But is it more accurate to now admit Internet marketing is more "Go hard or Go Home" ... than Lazy Man's (or Woman's) Way to Riches, like 90% of IM ads, sales letters and websites imply?

And does leading with a "Lazy Man's (or Woman's) Way To Riches, still create more prospects or chase them away? Just asking.

What say you?
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    It seems every one of those "lazy way to wealth" gurus or product promoters are actually not lazy at all. They get people to buy into their system with the idea of easy $$ or working just a few hours per week, when they themselves are putting in big hours to achieve their success.

    There is a marketer who has a very informative blog. He claims to make millions of dollars per year, and he calls himself lazy. But, he puts out multiple products per year, speaks at events and works with some very well known marketers. That doesn't sound lazy to me.
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    Everyone who got rich had to work at a certain time. Google founders had to create an algorithm, Zuckerberg had to design the Facebook. Just as everyone must work for money.
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    IM success does take hard work... but it is also the kind of work that can be done sipping a Mai Thai on the beach.

    And after a while it can be automated, which means you can take frequent vacations and be pretty lazy.

    There's truth to both perspectives.

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      I heard something REALLY interesting yesterday from a woman named Suzanne Evans, a marketing coach for coaches and the like. She talked about the difference between "struggle" and effort.

      No one had EVER explained that to me before, and it was honestly one of the most eye-opening things I've ever heard. I've been running various businesses for 16 years. I've been online since 1995. I'm not saying any of that to say I'm smarter than most people; I'm saying it to say, I've heard a LOT of things.

      But no one has ever said to me, you can struggle or you can put in effort, but you don't have to struggle to do well. You do have to put in effort.

      Well, I don't mind the effort. I love to work hard. I love having the ideas and putting in the work and seeing my efforts come to fruition. I love that. What I hate is the struggle.

      I don't want to be lazy; I have had long swaths of time when I was ill and couldn't work and not been able to do the things I enjoy. That's lazy, to me, and I don't want it.

      Mai tais on the beach are not attractive to me. Not all the time. Working on new ideas and putting out new stuff, but not being pushed, having time to take time off when I want, being able to do exciting new projects....that's exciting.

      And I'm willing to put out the effort.

      Some people really don't want to work at all, and they may not find the struggle/effort distinction useful. For them, a business is not the right choice, because starting a business is always going to involve a LOT of effort. At some point it may become less effort, but it will not start that way.

      However, what Suzanne said was really helpful to me, and I hope it will be to others. Her style is kind of abrasive, but I think any Warrior would not mind it. She'd fit in great here.

      Angie Dixon--Designer, Writer
      Creative Director
      Evil Guinea Pig Productions

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