2 steps to better listening

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1 - Absorb

To listen, you need to absorb knowledge from the person you're conversing with. Practice emptying your mind by going into quiet and relaxing for 5 minutes before a conversation.

2 - Process

The easier part. Once knowledge is acquired it can be processed more efficiently. I feel most people are really good at processing but the absorbing part is a challenge at first, for our minds are full of judgments, opinions, rebuttals, all types of stuff, and we can't absorb with an already saturated mind.

Your thoughts?

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    Nice one. i agree, you have to process the whole thing, cause the objective of listening is that at the end of the listening part youre able to contribute with something of your own out of what youve just heard. Otherwise everyone would be a great listener.
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    Empty yourself is very important in order to learn much, if you have a lot in your mind indeed it can not able to absorb all the information you need to know from the speaker. Anyway thanks for the reminders Ryan I really appreciate it.
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    Great tips, RB. Here's my own 3-step listening process:

    Step 1: Practice Active Listening.

    We take our ears and their ability to hear for granted. We think that just because we can hear what someone is saying that we also understand the whole message.

    More often than not, the situation is the exact opposite. You'd be surprised at how quickly we get distracted by the most mundane of things. You could be thinking of how your pants fit at the moment when your partner tells you a crucial detail in the project.

    In order to avoid distractions, you have to practice active listening. Don't just hear the words, listen to them and try to understand how they relate to you. By consciously pushing yourself to listen, your mind won't wander off as often.

    Step 2: Reinforce The Message.

    Listening can be challenging for those who find it difficult to focus. One way to improve your listening skills is by mentally repeating the message in your head as the speaker talks.

    This is similar to the technique of writing down notes while the teacher discusses the lesson. Not everybody is aware of this neat trick. By reinforcing the message in your head, you are less likely to forget it afterwards.

    Step 3: Don't Interrupt.

    Even if you have something to say, listening compels you to keep your thoughts to yourself until the speaker has finished. This way, you will be able to hear everything in full.
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    Thanks for the post, listening to your customer is very important. You want to be able to answer all there questions when they are done talking, you don't want to forget what they say and have to ask them over and over again.
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    Great Suggestion Michael and thanks.
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    Good Feedback All.

    Michael I like your technique. Not interrupting is a biggie, strong temptation there.

    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Thanks for wonderful suggestions..
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    .... or, as Stephen Covey put it, "seek first to understand, then be understood."

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    • RB,
      Took many many years to get the "absorb" part. I was a poor listener cause I already knew most if not all the answers. What an error that was. And to think of all the truly valuable information I missed out on simply because I was too busy with my own issues to hear and understand the other person's view. Thanks for the post, RB.
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    Thanks for the tips. Proper listening is always important to prevent getting the wrong idea or any misunderstandings. It's very common to arguments that they become more serious since none is willing to listen to the other and will insist on being correct. Absorbing the message properly will also enable the person to deliver a better response.
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