Self Discipline Like A Martial Arts Master?

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We all know our THOUGHTS and EMOTIONS effect our states. Sometimes its hard to get out of a state we've been in for some time. If its a habit, it can be hard to break.

Sometimes we aren't productive and we need to discipline ourselves to really get the most productive results. It doesn't matter what your self image, confidence, thoughts, desires are, if you don't have self discipline in some way. It all effects each other, but with out the discipline you won't see results.

I don't believe in "Time Management". I believe in self discipline. Its at the core of it all. So, I was thinking of ways to create self discipline.

I thought to myself, "what can I stop doing, to really evoke the discipline, within me"? I could stop wasting time online. Watching TV. Spending less time with friends. I've done it all before. Its not really healthy to have no play time, but I need to create more self discipline.

I've tried "time management" techniques which never create the discipline I really need.

TV, online, friends, going out, are just some forms of stimulation and they are not a basic survival need.

Then it came to me.

What if I stopped doing something that was a basic human survival need, maybe that could create self discipline within myself? What if I put enough pressure on myself, "gun to head" so to speak.

And I've always been against this idea, but as we evolve our beliefs change.

Its a method not everyone will agree to and some people will be turned off by it.

I'm sure its normal for others here and would like to get your input.

And there was 2 basic needs I was thinking about. I could live with no roof over my head ( i didnt like that one) or I can fast.

Why fast?

Well, because if I can survive by eating just enough to stay alive and still be "some what" healthy , it will be worth it.

If I fast until I get to my goal, it will create the perception of "gun to head" pressure, for me at least. I heard many people fast for spiritual reasons and that it can be a "death" and "rebirth"- so to speak.

I'm not going to starve myself, but do a responsible fasting to really create discipline. Does anyone have recommendations on fasting or a website that recommends a good way to do it?

If I create the illusions im "almost" starving and can't eat like I want to, until my goal is reached, I know it will be the pressure on and make things "exciting".

I figure it takes much discipline to fast, so when I'm done with it (weather I make it or not) i'm sure it will be a good experience?

Who here fasts regularly? What type of fasting do you do?
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    I'm Italian.....we love food. I can't go more than a few hours without eating, let alone fasting.

    Good luck though!
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      FASTING? you mean FASTING? Mate this is not a religious forum.....Get it?

      Just joking mate....Actually you just brought an important subject as far as self help topics are concerned. FASTING is an essential element to your success.(It has nothing to do with religion).

      Fasting helps you to focus and concetrate. Without a lot of food, your mind begins to pay attention to what you really want. If you want to learn how effective it is, check out stories about guys like Gandhi who used fasting as a method of focusing on their goals and for the purpose of self discipline.

      Thanks for bringing this topic up. It is very important that people set aside a day during the week eg Wednesday between morning and say evening, it depends with each individual, to fast. During your fast, try to confess your positive affirmations.

      Believe me, it works. During fasting, listen to motivational messages, read motivational books, etc

      Happy Fasting Everyone


      It's not over until it is Over!

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        I have the discipline of a martial arts master, and can crack concrete blocks over my head at will.

        Well, maybe that's not all true, but I have spent a lot of time in the mind-body medicine field (it's a big part of my life/business) and I've done fasts for various reasons over the years.

        I can get you stared on a simple fast that yields the type of introspection you may be seeking. There's no magic to it, other than you become mindful of your choice to not eat, and observe what happens.

        For starters, try just one daylight day (not overnight) of just drinking clear liquids, herbal teas and the like. One cup of organic coffee is allowed on this, if you choose.

        Prepare for your fast the night before by eating a light, whole foods meal (like a simple veggie stir fry with brown rice) and then start your fast in the morning.

        For that entire day of fasting, just drink pure water or herbal tea. That's it.

        I can guide you through prolonged fasting, but it's more complicated. For what you are looking to find here, I think this is a good way to start. If you like what it does for you, you can do this routine one day per week, or once per month.

        The only caution is if you are prone to low blood sugar you may need to modify this program and eat one to two organic apples per day.

        Anyway, this will get you started, and if you want more info...just send me a message.

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    Fasting? Yeah I don't know about that. Coming from a Fitness Expert, take it from me. Starving your self will push you body into a survival mode which will have big implications on your health.

    Moving on... if you TRULY want to create self-discipline then here are some lessons I learned in MY black belt classes.

    The one that had the most profound effect was the SHIFT IN FOCUS.
    You see in a fight, a white belt either lacks proper focus or focuses on the wrong things, such as... "what will happen if i get hit"
    or "what do i do now"

    A Black Belt on the other hand does not worry about things that COULD or WOULD happen, he focuses on things that he can MAKE happen.

    Controlling you focus means to dissociate with things that are not productive.

    Forget about fasting to get self discipline, shift your focus on things that TRULY matter. This will also help you ignore and block out things that do NOT matter.

    Some people may read this and assume that I am basically recommending "tunnel vision". But, in essence, that is what true focus is. It's tunnel vision... but only during times of need. You do not want to stay this way every hour of every day.

    Think of it as a super-power you bring forth when required and then you are normal.

    Hope that helps and makes sense. I know what I mean in my head, but when I try and put my racing thoughts into words, they sometimes come out a little whack.

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    Thanks to let us know all these. this forum is really good place to more.. keep continue..
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    I've never tried fasting, I think if I do I will be too hungry to do anything.

    When I don't have enough food I get very weak. I know Chinese Taoist have some techniques which will allow them to not eat for an extended period of time (maybe a couple of months) and just survive on water.

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      I have done a few fasts.

      I would recommend the "Master Cleanse".

      Google it...plenty of material there.

      You drink nothing but water and a homemade lemonade
      consisting of:

      Juice and pulp of one lemon
      Hot Water
      10th teaspoon of cayenne
      2 Tablespoons grade B Maple Syrup

      Oh, and each Morning you drink a quart of warm sea salt water.

      Sea salt water is the same density as blood so it goes right thru

      Remember, fasting is not just foregoing all food.

      It is eating and drinking only those nutrients that speed your bodies
      ability to purge toxins and allow healing.

      I usually go 7 days and work in other healthy things like:

      1. Massage
      2. Sometimes a colonic
      3. Pedicure
      4. Netti Pot
      5. Facial
      6. Dry brushing

      All of the above is helping your body (skin) purge toxins.

      Contrary to popular belief, skin is the largest organ of the body--take care of it!

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    This doesn't make too much sense to me, but to each their own.

    By "starving" your body even through proper nutrient intake to assist you how do you think the mechanism of fasting will help you to attain your personal goal(s)?

    How is fasting going to help you create self discipline?

    Your justification does not have any logic to it:
    "Well, because if I can survive by eating just enough to stay alive and still be "some what" healthy , it will be worth it."

    Your brain and your body needs proper nutrition to function at a high level so unless this was some sort of "spiritual" accomplishment having nothing to do with money generation then I can see this idea working for someone.

    Creating an artificial gun to your head does not seem to be the right way to go about this IMHO.

    Why not just look as deep inside yourself as possible and seek out that which the Real you really wants?

    Once you do that and you work intensely to a accomplish your goal there should be no stopping you.
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