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If you're properly aligned with your chosen calling, it's all play no work.

If you're in harmony with your environment, all play no work.

Stuff will arise, but you can handle it. Disharmony arises when you don't accept whatever is. Resistance creates the problems in your life, all of the *work*, straining and striving, so-called drama. Just non-acceptance, that's all. Just not acknowledging your feelings, that's all.

We create resistance, and we can un-create it too. Lose work, accept joy. Accept every single emotion - negative or positive - no matter how strong the impulse. Face, embrace, release.

Don't take your thinking or feelings too seriously. Remember *You* are unlimited awareness, and your thoughts are just thoughts. Feelings just feelings. Don't get too bothered by waves of energy in your mind.

As a meditation master once noted: thoughts are VIPs. Just face, embrace and release your feelings in the moment, and life can be joy-filled. All play no work.

How much do you play? Do you consider what you're doing "work"? If so, what's your problem?

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    Originally Posted by ryanbiddulph View Post

    Just face, embrace and release your feelings in the moment, and life can be joy-filled.
    A very different take on the subject. In order to be happy we have to face emotions as they appear. If we don't do so, they will stack up inside and blur your life and stall your goals. Emotions that are not faced will fill you up with worries and urges. So, face emotions when they come up in order to enjoy the moment just as it is, without any other **** (pardon my French) keeping you from experiencing the moment as pure as it comes.

    After all, happiness lies in the moments, and if we don't enjoy the moments then there's no way we'll be happy at all.
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    Good point Ryan, one of my favorite subjects.
    • "I never did a day's work in my life. It was all fun." ~Thomas A. Edison

    Every Day Is Fun! :)

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      Nice Insight Ryan! I agree your business should be fun and invigorating!

      Please do not use affiliate links in signatures

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    Good feedback guys!

    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    If you really enjoy what you do on the daily basis then you should consider it as fun. Work can be consider as play (i.e. stockmarket) if you're good at it and you're enjoying every aspect of your work.
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    without choices we have to work for a livelihood, but enjoyed
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    This fully resonates with what I recently learned and was a big revelation to me.

    Most of us in this forum dont fit the "standards" of society, just the way our lifestyle is, but we have to learn to accept that thank God we are not like the rest. And that we can actually do what we love getting paid what we deserve.

    It took me many years to figure out that being different is alright and that being different is your mission in life to help others who have the same dream of escaping the world's rat race.

    And with your unique talents and abilities is how you can actually start playing in this world and thank God I finally learned that lesson.

    But it took me, not speaking to anybody except my girlfriend, and turning off my cel phone for a month so I could actually get clear about this.

    Now I am reincorporated in society once again with my beliefs solidly in place.

    Great post bro
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    Thanks Ryan for this beautiful thread.

    Love life and life will give you more things to love.
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      I agree.

      I believe we only live once. Why not spend it with doing what you love?
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    Work is really only resistance and play is the most creative work there is - every child knows that! lol

    It's all about aligning your beliefs with that, because many people say: Oh, I can't make a living just playing around! - Well, there are people who do...
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