"The only constant in life is change."

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Hey warriors,
This is my 100th post, so I wanted to make something valuable out if it.

This life is plagued by people who want to be famous, recognized. People who's only dream is to become an actor or singer just because of the fame. I've realized, that fame is something that's wanted when we don't have it. Just as everything in this life. Once you get what you want, you get too comfortable with it and then you just get bored. Look at all those singers/actors (lindsay lohan, charlie sheen, to name a few) falling into drugs, stealing, basically throwing their lives down the toilet. Why? because fame is something they already have, or something that they've had for as long as they can remember, so they get too comfortable with it and waste it all away.

Where do I want to go here? Never become to comfortable with what you have. Quoting Steve Job "Stay hungry, Stay Foolish." Always be hungry for more, always aim higher.

You don't want to get to a point in life were you look back and think to yourself 'what for?' Always try to make the most out of this life so something like that doesn't happen to you.

How do you live a life with no regrets? You must never stop changing. If you embrace change as part of life and include it on a daily basis, you'll live a life worth living. Your life will be filled in every single aspect, and you'll don't have the need or lack of anything. Embrace change and venture in the search.

Always keep searching. There's always something more out there. The day you quit looking, you die inside. Complacency is no good at all. It kills creativity.

If you are totally comfortable with where you are, you'll have nowhere to go, nothing to aspire too. You'd be stuck. You're too smart and creative for that. I'm not telling you never to be comfortable. I'm telling you never settle with where you are. You can always develop and more forward as a person. "The only constant in life is change." And change is all we've got.
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    I agree that '' the only constant thing in this world is change". And I would like to add on it " If you change, everything changes".
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    finally you are in to Buddhism, Buddha said this before 2560 years, but some people still can't understand that.
    Everything is changing and nothing is permanent !!
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    You're right, everything is changing. Nothing is forever, so make the most out of what you've got in this moment.
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    let's bring some heat to this post!
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      Great post buddy.

      What you just said is absolutely right. how i see it is that change is a good thing and most of the time to change is to most likely better yourself and improve certain things.
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    In the words of Bob Dylan. Times they are a-changin'
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      Originally Posted by Max Stryker View Post

      In the words of Bob Dylan. Times they are a-changin'

      Bob Dylan is great musician! Thanks for quoting him! I've read some of your posts and just want to say thank you for sharing those significant thoughts to this forum! So, I guess change is also healthy.. Redundancy can be boring sometimes.
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    I would say this thread is quite inspiring and my personal experience is: if not all,
    most of us get comfortable on reaching a certain stage in life... and that's where we start falling back!

    When we start thinking like 'what for?' then we really don't have anything left to accomplish in life and that's what one of our biggest mistake is because, no body can achieve anything in life even if one keep striving till the very last breadth
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      yes, that comfort zone can really cripple a person's ambitions or goal-making.

      Thanks for sharing this.

      “Regardless of your lot in life, you can build something beautiful
      on it.” -Zig Ziglar
      I have a free ebook on sustaining motivation. It could help you regardless of your offering. Let me know.

      Debra Taylor (facebook name)
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    The great thing about this at least for the people that stay hungry like us is that, we can always change to be become greater so this what I love about this concept, either you become better or worse, you decide cause you will be always changing.
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      Great 100th post.Superb!
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      I couldn't have said it better my self. Yes if it is to be its up to me!!!
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    Back in the day when I worked for other people one of my CEOs' favorite phrases was, "Change or Die".

    I can pretty much guarantee you that if you don't make any changes in your work methods as the years go by, you will go bankrupt. Current methods won't work forever. If you don't change your opinion about things society will condemn you. Social morality and what is accepted by society changes.

    I can remember a time where any guy who wore any jewelry or used hair gel was obviously gay. I can remember a time when the majority of white people wouldn't think of entering a swimming pool where Afro-Americans swam. I can remember a time when you were scum if you had a tattoo or rode a motorcycle. I can remember smoking in college classrooms and on airplanes and in hospitals. I can remember when the secret to high search engine rankings was metatags and using bogus keywords the same color as the background on your webpages.

    If you can't forget about old ways and accept new ways you will someday be a very poor and grumpy senior citizen.
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    Well change is inevitable, whether we want to or not. It's not like the world revolves around us. But there will always be people who are content with life as it is. And there are times wherein we resist change, but then others will not, so we have no other choice but to adapt to it. Change is just something we can't change.
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      Mother earth is also constantly renewing itself even with the bad things man does to it. Its called the circle of life and we should never underestimate the power of mother nature, some things we cannot control, but we can always guide our own destiny's if we put our mind to it and believe.
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    I couldn't agree more. Our lives should be constantly evolving, and we should always strive for more - we should learn more, challenge ourselves more, improve more, think more, do more. The moment we quit striving and stagnate, is the day we might as well step into the grave. We thrive and flourish when we seek greater abundance in every area of our lives, so let's practice this consistently in our daily lives.
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    Thanks everyone for the comments. =)
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    I think one of the hardest skill is to adapt to change.
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    But once you embrace change, everything comes easier
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    Thus far in my life, I've seen incredible changes. I and everyone my age have seen (and many have participated in) changes that have enriched our lives, fueled primarily by a huge change in communication.

    When I was a young lad, our telephone service consisted of a single phone on something called a "party line" that was also shared by several other families. We may have had different rings (number of rings or length of ring) but anyone else on the line could listen in to your calls. Television was limited to 3 stations, with some people on the NEW cable tv connections as many as perhaps a dozen channels. No personal computers, no internet, and the news we got was several days old or more. People often worked for the same employer all of their working life, or at least in the same industry. A multi-transistor radio was a great thing to own. Direct mail advertising was just startiing to make itself known.

    Fast forward to today, and not only has just about everything changed, but the rate of change is increasing.

    We've seen the advent of personal computers, development of the internet, and the collapse of border-centric information. In the early 70's we saw the world's first televised war (Viet Nam) as satellite communication became more commonplace. When something bad happens in the world, we hear about it right away. To some, it seems like the world is getting worse. I feel we are just hearing about more of the minutae, which only makes it seem that way.

    Today, we are individually connected as never before. Most of us have cellular phones that are essentially hand held computers (smart phones), and even many school kids have their own cell phones, private numbers, and some even have their own web sites. We routinely interact with one another several times a day, and some people seem to need contact several times a hour. Voice recognition technology is finally good enough that we can compose and send messages on our smart phones without typing a single character. With further improvements, we may see the keyboards and mice leave our computers.

    Web sites are accessible and available to nearly anyone that wants one, communication is global, beyond anything imagined 30 or 40 years ago.

    Where does it all end? Well, if the past is any indication, it doesn't. Things are still changing, and as I mentioned earlier, at an increasing pace. Those of us that are willing to learn and change will remain in comfortable position and be able to take advantage of new opportunities as they unfold. People that aren't willing to change will essentially be left out of many activities. Within a few years, I wouldn't be surprised to see cable tv networks starting to lose popularity compared to online "netflix" style on demand programming. The US Post Office is already having difficulties with profitability, and will probably become more of a package carrier and even less for regular mail, if it survives at all. Many of us are already recieving bills and making payments online without any mailed statements or checks.

    From the standpoint of business, failing to take advantage of new opportunities will be the death knell for many businesses. There will likely be an increasing emphasis on online sales, though there may be some bumps along the road as various state governments sort out the sales tax issue. Once things settle down and/or a unified tax collection code is implemented, we will have increased opportunities as more people turn to online delivery for the majority of their entertainment, educational and business products.

    Yep, it will be a sort of "change or die" in the business world, and anyone that wants to remain in touch with their peer group will need to change as well. Those choosing to ignore the changes will likely be left behind and out of touch.
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    Hey Max
    Nice post! Reminds me of one of my all-time favorite movie lines-- "get busy living or get busy dying" from Shawshank Redemption--and those are your only 2 options as there is no standing still in this life.
    To your success,
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    so true! When you are in a position where you don't have a dream or goal you want to achieve, it is time to change your position!
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    Change is the ultimate thing in life. But we need to be fair with what we do. Changing our goal does not count unless we achieve it.
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      Originally Posted by GlobalMedia View Post

      Change is the ultimate thing in life. But we need to be fair with what we do. Changing our goal does not count unless we achieve it.
      You should never give up on your goals, you must change your ways in order to achieve it.
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    The statement is so true. Nothing stays for ever. Everything has to change.
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    Quotes have always inspired me to keep striving towards whatever goal I'm pursuing and yes it is true that change is the only constant in life. My life has been changing constantly ever since I started to learn about internet marketing.

    One quote that has really helped me keep going lately is this:

    "A thought which does not result in an action is nothing much, and an action which does not proceed from a thought is nothing at all."

    A lot of people think about becoming rich online, but they never take the essential steps it takes to succeed, and a lot of people take a lot of actions to make money online but never think of what they're doing that keeps causing them to fail.

    I must say I really love inspirational quotes, they do so much for your mind and spirit.

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    It's your 100th post and when I see it, you are standing on 190... That means, either I am visiting this page too late or you are posting too fast.

    In either case... I must congratulate you for the value added posts.
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