The Success Vibe: How Did Millionaires Get There?

by Ash R
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A few months backs I made a major mental breakthrough and I want to share it here:

Someone who is making $20,000 a year might think "I want to make 2million this year" but despite all their intentions probably won't be able to make it. They might do affirmations like crazy, work themselves to death but still feel like they're going around in circles... wealth is just out of reach.

Why is this? Most likely, it's because their vibe is all wrong. Well, you can use the word "attitude" instead of vibe if you like. Someone who already makes millions each year very likely has a very different attitude to someone who makes a few thousand.

So, you should ask yourself, what kind of attitude does someone whom I want to be like, have? And then find out. Many millionaires have a different "public persona" from who they really are. Get in touch with people you admire. Try hanging out (physically, like in cafes or bars) where they do. Talk to them.

If you are trying to be successful in IM - ask yourself, what kind of attitude do people who are successful in this field have? From my perspective, they are focused on building a business, increasing their skills, providing value, etc; but you have to find out for yourself.

I hope this has helped. And that you can make a mental shift if necessary and go grab that goal you're reaching for.
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    Yeah, I too have some vibes that I have to change to achieve the goals that I'm aiming for. This is a good information and inspiration. Thanks!
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      When I just got my first job from college, I remember having a Supervisor who used to tell us if you want to become a Manager, you must behave like one, he we was not so senior at the time, but he took on almost all responsibilities and behaved like the manager of the section, within no time he had been promoted to head the division. So I believe that with the right attitude, anyone can become a millionaire. Thanks for this tip

      Planning an event

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    There is a vibe out there that says, "Fake it until you make it." It seems to work for lots of people. Never worked for me.
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    Originally Posted by ash107 View Post

    They might do affirmations like crazy...
    I think I can. = Not good enough.
    I KNOW I Can.

    Every Day Is Fun! :)

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    The Success Vibe: How Did Millionaires Get There?
    The simple answer; by being in the right place at the right time.

    The real answer is a simple of complexity, so you'd better be sitting down and get out of your own way of distraction or inattentiveness...

    Yes, some people are born with a silver spoon in there mouth, but to explain that I would have to go into astronomy; not astrology; and that's a whole other discussion.

    Before I begin, you might want to ask yourself some questions. Do you know what money is? Do you know the Financial System of the country you live in? Do you know what 'fiat' money is? Do you know how the banking System Works in your country? Do you know what fractional reserves is? Do you know how money smells? Do you know the difference between value, currency, and money?

    Then ask the question; what do you need money for, or, do you really even need money to be wealthy? What is wealth to you and not to the moral culture that you live within? Are you a leader or a follower? What talent or skill do you possess regarding persuasion or creating unique items of interest?

    You see, questions concerning money are very easy and very casual. You've done this exercise before with questions like, which is your favorite ice cream? Or, what size shoe do you wear? What are you going to wear today? What time is it? What shall I eat for lunch?

    I think you get the picture. These are casual questions as in reality, all questions are, once you know something about the landscape that they pertain to.

    But now, the real answers. I hope you are really ready for this. The first big secret to be aware of is that: You Should Never Chase Money, Money Should Be Chasing 'You'. From what I understand, it's not about money at all. The accumulation of money happens whether you want it to or not, if the right conditions are in place to allow its flow to occur. It's all about the conditioning of an environment, which you as an individual can establish at most any given time, or, benefit from due to someone else's effort. The state of conditioning favors incentives, exposure of solutions, and, intrinsic demand.

    Trends of intrinsic thoughts that are magnetically aligned with an individual's feelings, acquire all conditions of environment that the human species exist within. Even cumulative environments of wealth. My experience says, that there are certain common denominator traits that are exhibited in people that accumulate things. Traits like thinking in terms of what you are 'Going To Do', rather than what you 'Have To Do'. This seems to be a general common denominator characteristic, of the wealthy mind. There is also a 'distinct physical feeling', that adds to this trend of thought. This mental feature pertains to all things animate or inanimate in stature, and this reflection, concerns social contrivances of mental condition of masses of people as well. Now get this:

    1. There is a phenomenon where this Mother Nature, dictates a specific consequence. 'Social Favor' is acquired wherein having three individual human temperaments aligning themselves with your personal desires, causes a type of viral mental affinity within others in proximity of your influence. The desire doesn't matter. The Instillation Of The Condition Of Intent Into Three Other Minds Does. The viral character engages itself at that point. So as to further your cause, you merely engage in activity to reinforce the initial conceived intent of thought ideas. Really think about this.

    2. Acquiring fortune is pretty much about having something that other people want, and are willing to give up something to have what it is that they want. The road to riches is paved with control of ownership of expressions of commodity items, that are either new, unique, one-of-a kind, or powerful. If you have a situation where you control or own one of these type commodities, you already have un-translated fortune. In translating this, you will have the problem of removing wealth from your social bulls-eye financial target zone. Expect an appearance of factions with the intent of divorcing you from newfound fortunes of value and abundance. Don't get it twisted because this is not necessarily a bad thing to happen. It just depends on who or what the faction is and it's endeavor of intent. Just goes along with the territory. * NOTE: The financial industry demonstrates the Peripherals of the wealth mentality, but more so of just being rich...

    3. Whether you know it or not, people of significant wealth have either been born into it, or, worked smartly to attain it. I didn't say work hard, because in 'actuality', there's no such thing as hard work. There's only smart exertion and or the right timely efforts, towards completing specific goals. The goal could be to attain 'VALUE' streams, wherein an anticipated expectation of result would be the accumulation of a chosen commodity, such as emotional currency, political currency, sexual currency or financial currency; Money.

    If you really wanna make a massive fortune through any means of endeavor, present a created product, or, present a service that helps people. A lot of people. The simpler the better. Think about it. The volume of people that spend a small amount of money for something they want or need, cause individuals who put out what other interested concerns want for purchase, to become rich, and if purchasing continue to happen or happens in a vast amount, they become wealthy. There's more to being successful than just making money. Much more. These understandings are in one of my books.

    So Remember, it's not working hard, it's working smart that leads to 'Wealth Beyond Reality'. No joke; that's part of the title of one of my books, 'PFOSH' - Wealth Beyond Reality.

    Hope this answers some questions.
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    Making the shift from $20K to $2,000,000 is quite a massive leap. That would be increasing your income 100 times! Way too much of a gap for the average person unless they won it.

    Well if you are looking to become a millionaire, you are right. You do have to study them in order to become like them. Most people say they want to be rich but when they think of the rich, they think of something evil or greedy. And that's like rejecting the exact thing that they thought they were asking for in the first place.

    Money is just a symbol for bartering. Most think they want it but deep down reject it. Before money, people just used other things to trade among one another. Long ago it was cows or goats.
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    This is a great info to motivate ourselves, thank you for sharing this. Really nice!
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    Recently saw this in response to how a fellow became a millionaire:

    "Well, I started on the streets, selling magazine subscriptions. Worked long hours enduring all manner of rejection, and bought my first house. Then the financial crash came along and I lost everything.

    Next, I opened an arts and crafts store, which did OK for awhile, then the highway was re-routed and my store failed.

    Then I found the internet. I bought a course online, followed everything it said to do, bought advertising, and three months later, I owed $5,000 more than when I started.

    Not to be dissuaded, I found another promising niche, bought auto-blogging software, and six months later, I was making $50 a month net... I ramped it up, and another three months later, I was up to $100 a month, but not willing to give up.

    Then my wife's father died and left her five million dollars..."

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    Hi Rick... yes, a minority of people do inherit money or win it. But most people who are successful and wealthy got there by earning it.

    A major mental shift that helped me earn more was this: I deserve to earn.

    It may seem arrogant or trivial, depending on your perspective, but most of us have more limiting beliefs than we admit. Previously, I felt huge guilt for all the advantages I've had in life, and felt that I didn't really deserve wealth.

    But realizing that I am providing value and using my income well - it gave me the confidence to persist, try new things, and scale up things that were already succeeding.
    Don't sweat the small stuff :)
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    This is a good information and inspiration. Thank you very much
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    Rick - I laughed out loud at your response!!
    Ash - great post!
    For most of us, starting out with a plan to make a million dollars in a year is way beyond the scope of your vision. Most people cap out on a salary range because it's the most they "believe" they are worth or can make. You have to really believe that you can accomplish X to accomplish it. If you think you can make $50,000 - then you probably can. But if you "dream" about making a million dollars - and don't really "believe" that you can, it won't happen.
    I was listening to an MP3 interview the other day with Vincent James. From the interview, he took a class telling him how to make a million dollars in a year, set a goal and I assume the action plan and almost did it! He fell short 10 or 15 thousand! I think he was like 19 years old. That is amazing. But he believed he could do it. It's a hard thing for most of us to think and plan to make so much in one year.
    So, I think the main key is - you have to really believe it's possible, and it will be.
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      It is called Mastermind Group. Mastermind with Successful people.

      Please do not use affiliate links in signatures

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    Nice! Thank Ash R

    I believe it's possible, and it will be.

    And I focused on building a business, increasing my skills, providing values.

    So everyone with the right attitude, try new things, and scale up things that were already succeeding.

    I believe that anyone can become a millionaire.
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    great thread...
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    Great post. I like your point, indeed if you want to achieve something you have to work for it but it doesn't mean that until to the point that you will lose yourself. The more we know our limits the more we are capable of achieving something. There's no need of having them all if it's beyond your capacity. In business it is very important of have goals and the determination to reach it.
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