Beggars to Miilionaires

by humili
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I felt so inspired by the book I borrowed today and I decided to post out the key points I learnt to encourage everyone of you!

These are the limiting beliefs that a beggar has before turning into a millionaire!

1) Everything was easier than the old days.

2) I'm too young or old to start a business.

3) I do not have enough capital.

4) I do not have a degree.

5) I am not gifted.

6) I do not have enough enough energy.

7) I can fail.

But the truth is

1) There is a solution to every problem.

2) Learning is living and we cannot not learn.

3) You are in charge of your mind and results.

4) You are more than what you think you are.

5) Choice is better than no choice.

6) If other people can do it, you can do.

7) You already have all the resources to be a millionaire.

To your speedy success,
Adam Khoo's Patterns Of Excellence
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