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The topic for discussion is "Money vs Greed". Feel free to discuss with other members!

Does money make people greedy?

Are you that type?

Do you know of anyone who has been taken over by greed due to success and money?
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    I don't think that money makes people greedy. Money is like alcohol, it will bring out the truth in a person. If you are kind and generous, you will share more of it when you have more. If you are greedy, you will get even more greedy and try to horde it.

    I am not greedy. I believe that there is enough of everything in this world to go around for everyone.

    I know a few marketers that got very big in this industry (over $300K/yr). It went to their heads. They then hit a dry spell (one guy went dry for 6 months straight) and eventually cleaned up his relationship with money and regained his success. The other guy lost it all including his wife. He took almost a year off. Then cleaned up his act and came back in this industry and is a 7 figure earner.
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      Ii don't think money makes people greedy, they are greedy in their hearts before they have money, The love of money will destroy you. The Lord is first before money or anything in my life and the Lord will protect me from being a greedy person, because everything with the Lord is beautiful. Greed and Jealousy is ugly and don't belong in or around you if you walk in Gods light.


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    Great response!
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  • Greed is with 2 faces. One is Good and one is Evil. sometimes, you need to be greedy to achieve some things in life and that's the dark way and evil. And you know that whenever you're greedy, there will always be a consequence. The Good thing is the consequence. To teach you on how not to be greedy and work hard and be happy on what you have.
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    its atricky one and depends very much on the individual in my opinion. I know someone who is totally driven by personal greed at the expense of all else - he's a miserable, unhappy and un forefilled individual and its such a shame because underneath he's a nice guy. Money is just a route a vehicle though which you can have what you want and offers up choices that without it you dont have. Keep both in perspective and you're fine in my opinion
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    There is a very thin line between money and greed. One should be greedy but up to a certain extent. It's not that greed always invites trouble, but it also compel us to work hard (of course following a right path) to achieve our goal. The only thing which we must keep in our mind is that our greed should not become someone else grief.
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    I'm liking these responses. Very smart. Thank you everyone.
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    I believe for the most part that having more money makes us more of who we already are. Meaning we have greater capacity to be even more kind and generous if we are that way inclined or even more greedy and selfish. How we view money and how we use money is a reflection of who we are.
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    Money is essential and enevitable part of our life. It is like food for real life. without money it would be difficult to live life. However, Greed it something different, it is desire to have more money, more wealth, more and more and still more.- It is like unfulfilled quench of money. Under the Greed. the person is likely to become unsatisfied, all the life, because greed never allow you to be satisfied. At no moment you feel happy, you alway something else, something more, something different, something unique, you just live like a mad man under the influence of greed. It is better to set aside greed in our own personal interest.

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    So a question is brought up in all this fluffy new age thinking; how are we possibly going to change the way of the world where money is the motivation of everything?
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    Yeah I guess it's depending on how you see money.. I think money have somewhat to do with people greed.. it brings power, respect, and etc. I also have seen a few guys in this business who became more greedy and started moving to the "gray" to make more..
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    I think money makes most of people greedy, but I'm not much like that. Not going behind money, just want to live a life without disturbing others.
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    Money is good and it makes one have choices they would otherwise not have, however, it does bring out the true person in you, either the good or bad. You can either control it or let it control you, the later makes you think you are above others and may never go back to your old status, that is when it becomes bad master.

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    Originally Posted by brianboyer View Post

    The topic for discussion is "Money vs Greed". Feel free to discuss with other members!

    Does money make people greedy?

    Are you that type?

    Do you know of anyone who has been taken over by greed due to success and money?

    Sup Brian,

    I'll answer each question you asked below:

    Does money make people greedy?

    Money, itself, is a "neutral" entity. Therefore, by it's definition
    it can NOT make someone CHOOSE excessive greed over hu
    -man conscience.

    In other words, money doesn't care one way or the other HOW
    you use it nor, how it was received.

    The presumed BENEFITS of being greedy is what drives people
    down a destructive path, not only by indirectly harming others,
    but worst...

    harming yourself on a deeper level.

    Greed is not a "bad thing". So, I always stress "excessiveness",
    but who's to judge whats TOO much greed, and what isn't?

    Easy answer. Themselves and, the NEGATIVE impact it has on
    those who are directly affected by YOUR actions.

    The PERFECT example would be the Housing Crises and all the
    bankers, loan officers, and real estate agents who KNOWINGLY
    knew and FELT it was wrong -- but did it because "everyone
    else was doing it".

    Are you that type?

    Here's the rub: You will almost NEVER hear anyone ADMIT to it.

    Even...if they "are".

    And EVERYONE in this forum "IS" - myself included.

    That is why you will NOT get a straight answer from anyone.

    But really, it's nothing to be ashamed of to admit to. Because, if
    you can NOT, then on some level you BELIEVE making money is
    tied to GREEDINESS -- and when most people think of GREED --
    they think of "money"...

    and when they think of "making money", they think of greed...so
    for MOST people greed is a BAD thing -- even if it IS the desire
    that motivates us to want to MAKE money in the first place.


    Wanting to have a better life for yourself is "okay". It's stepping
    on other peoples toes to GET IT that makes it morally wrong...

    and you can WANT for yourself AND do for OTHERS and make a
    LOT of money without the consequences of destroying peoples
    lives -- you can HELP them, and greed can either INSPIRE you to
    figure out ways to SERVE...

    or figure out ways to TAKE.

    That decision is up to each individual who takes on the journey.

    Do you know of anyone who has been taken over by greed due
    to success and money?

    Sure. We all do.
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      Very important topic in an Internet Marketing Forum

      The more you go into the light the more you become aware of the darkness & money is like an amplifying glass in that regard.

      You can be poor and greedy or rich and greedy. Doesn't make a difference. It's the core that makes the difference.

      I remember Frank Kern telling his story on how his life turned out negatively after he had aquired all the physical things he wanted & then felt protective about them. I then saw that I was going into the same direction somehow without even wanting it, it can be very subtle...when you notice: am I striving for that physical, shiny object or am I going because it calls me, because of the joy of it? The difference in the quality of life is vast & it has nothing to do with the amount of money involved. Luckily.

      It is simply about energy. For example: I am a dancer & among others I also dance salsa. Now I can dance with women that are more evolved or less than me & when I don't want to dance with a woman who is less evolved than me would I be considered greedy? (Are you greedy for not hanging out with poor people when you're rich?) Or simply knowing what I want? (hanging out with people that are a vibrational match to what you & they want) It's depending on perspective, isn't it? Because you could have a good time in either case. Of course we all aim towards pleasure and away from pain but who or what really determines what pain & pleasure is?

      It's not really pleasurable to strive for a physical object only to find out that it's empty even though our minds tell us that's what we need (at least my mind).
      It's not really painful to dance with someone who is less evolved because you can show this person some twists & help them on their journey.

      Man, I gotta lot of work to do
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    I am greedy.. I just haven't shown it yet because I'm not rich

    And I know of 1 person who became greedy due to success in internet marketing (used to be a cool guy too)

    And I know of another person who is a successful business owner and he is not greedy AT ALL.. he offered me a couple hundred bucks to help me in this industry (tried to offer more) AND he let my family barrow 10 thousand dollars just recently

    Some people are different
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    I don't agree that a person's level of income makes them greedy. What makes a person greedy (in my mind) is when they selfishly keep everything for themselves. As it's been defined "Greed is a selfish and excessive desire for more of something."

    For instance Scrooge in "A Christmas Carol" was greedy. Because he kept everything for himself, rather than helping out his employee Bob Cratchit (and other people). Of course, he was shown the way and then became wealthy and generous.

    Personally I don't think of myself as a greedy person, and I never will do. (Because I'm not.)
    "Each problem has hidden in it an opportunity so powerful that it literally dwarfs the problem. The greatest success stories were created by people who recognized a problem and turned it into an opportunity."―Joseph Sugarman
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    Originally Posted by Gordon Gekko View Post

    I didn't say that a person's income level makes them greedy. I said that mainstream society would consider a person greedy if they had a high income.
    Hmm. I'm not too sure about that. (I think for many people that could be true.)

    If it wasn't for all these people in “mainstream society” we'd all be lost. No one to deliver our mail. No one to collect our garbage. Etc., etc. See, all of these people play a crucial part in our success.
    "Each problem has hidden in it an opportunity so powerful that it literally dwarfs the problem. The greatest success stories were created by people who recognized a problem and turned it into an opportunity."―Joseph Sugarman
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    I dunno it really does depend on the person. For me, I am not at all a greedy person. I am a very generous giver and give to charities of my choices. But at the same time, I view money as energy, energy which is needed for the hard work you put out. And sure, some people will start off with that mindset and once they end up wealthy it could get to their heads but that is not the case with all. If that happens though, many people who become greedy after becoming wealthy... start giving less, and wanting more and only associate with those who are "friends with benefits". And when that starts happening, it is inevitable that something will go sour such as a testing event to potentially cause you to lose your money OR you end up losing your money, OR if a loved one becomes ill and you need to spend that money to get them the help they need... examples like that are what causes you to have reality thrown into your face, and make you (hopefully) to get your priorities straight. If you learn your lesson then you will realize what greed has done to you. Greed is never pretty.
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    I don't think money can make people greedy, many billionaires around the world that are engage in charities and able to share their blessings to the less.
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    Originally Posted by brianboyer View Post

    The topic for discussion is "Money vs Greed". Feel free to discuss with other members!

    Does money make people greedy?

    Are you that type?

    Do you know of anyone who has been taken over by greed due to success and money?
    I guess, it depends on the person itself. It was just a matter of control.
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    the more you get the more you want
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