Have you ever coached yourself from the future?

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Hello everybody,

there are so many quality posts that I want to continue to add value to this great community.

During my coaching practice I often experience marketeers finding themselves in situations where the most appropriate advice to remove a stuck state or solve an urgent problem seems to hide somewhere out of reach.

To be able to ignite a productive creative process at free will definitely would be a nice option.

I recently worked with a CEO who felt exactly like this. Maybe the following ideas are also of any use for you.

Tom was looking for a solution to boost his sales, to motivate himself and of course to avaoid procrastination.

"You know David, sometimes I feel just overwhelmed by my to do list and these days without significant progress just seem to exhaust me." I read so many books and tried so many things but none seem to work long term. I´d love to quit to depend on others advice so much. Any idea?"

"I intensely agree with you Tom, internal state management and the ability to find effective solutions when needed are some vital key factors to success.
As your fear of failure experiences the fate of an ice cube in the sun listen and incorporate the following.

Situations where you lack of proper solutions in your present - well why not going into the future in your mind precisely to a time and place where the best solutions are already waiting for you to collect them?

Enter a state of relaxation and let your unconscious assisting you carry you to a time and place where you always will find amazing solutions for any problem."

"Sounds great David, I am in the year 2791 now at a place called "creativity academy". These guys have a special keyboard for me where I can push buttons and after three deep breaths I can see several great solutions bubbling up on a screen. I have an imagined notebook with me and I know I will remember these solutions.

The great feeling of self-confidence shows me that I am ready to return to my present, my here and now.

I then open my eyes with a smile and immediately begin to implement the found solutions into my plans!"

A few days later I git a call from Tom telling me that not only the ice cube melted smoothly but also the problems vanished as they had been replaced by new success.

This is only a glimpse - be invited to send me a pm in case of any questions.

Have fun and to your success,

David John
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