Tips For Successful Public Speaking

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this was given by my teacher, a very strick Canadian. he teached us many usefull skills. I really appreciate for that. he has gone to his country for many years,I think I will never forget him.

Feeling some nervousness before giving a speech is natural and healty. It shows you care about doing well. But,too much nervousness can be detrimental .Here's how you can control your nervousness and make effective memorable presentation:

Know your material.If you are not familiar with your
material or are uncomfortable with it, your nervousness will incres
Practice your speech and revise it it necessary.

Relax.Ease tension by doing exercise.

Realize that people want you to succeed. Audiences
want you to be interesting,stimulating,informative,and entertaining.
They don't want you to fail.

Don't appologize.If you mention your nervousness or appologize
for any problems you think you have with your speech,you mey be
calling the audience's attention to something they hadn't noticed,
Keep slient.

Turn nervousness into positive energy. Harness your
nervous energy and transform it into vitality and enthusiasm.

Gain experience.Experience builds confidence,which is the key
to effective speaking.

Use eye contact with each member of the audience inturn .

Public speaking Can Be Fun! It's possible for public
speaking to be fun an hugely satisfying. Once you're enjoyed a
presentation, or even pat of it, youself confidence will get a hugy
boost and you'll be off and running.

Your audience is there to hear your message.Relax and deliver that
message, instead of focusing on youself.

Make sure that your speech is right for your audience. What is good
for young people probably won't work for adults or professionals.

Take your time, Don't read your speech word-by word and don't rush
through it. Be conversational, as if you were talking with a group
of friends.

Don't stand up there like a stick,clenching the podium at both side.
Be netural and animated.Use hand gestures,drink water, move around a
little .But don't rock back and forth that conveys nervousness.

Keep it simple student(remember the K.I.S.S. rule). The appropriate
length varies according to the setting, but be aware of your
audience's span. Sometimes "less is more".

Practice your speech ahead of time. Take time to pause in the right
places to make eye contact and catch your breath. You mey want to
mark your speech where you want to pause. Let your commitment show.

Take questions and answers when you're finished.

Don't get into a debate if someone disagrees. Talk with him/her after
your speech.

You only have one enemy.(The audience only knows what you tell them.
They can't see into your brain. your habit of criticizing youself
makes you your main enemy.)

A successful presentation draws on those feelings and projects them to
the audience . Therefore, it's important that you choose a topic you'll
enjoy talking about. Naturally, it should also be something the audience
can find interesting, as well.

Mistakes are all right . Recovering from mistakes makes you appear
more human. Good recovery puts your audience at ease - they
identify with you more.

Tell jokes, if you're good at telling jokes. If you aren't good, best
to leave the jokes behind. There's nothing worse than punch line
that has no punch.Gentle humour is good in place of jokes.
Self-deprecation is good, but try not to lay it on too thick.

Tell stories, stories make you a real person not just a deliverer
of information.
Use personal experiences to bring your material to life. No matter
how dry your material is. You can aways find a way to humanise it.

Use the public speaking environment. Try not to get stuck in one
place.Use all the space that is avaliable to you. Move around.
One way to do this is to leave your nots in one place and move to
another. If your space is confined (say a meeting room or even
presenting at a table) use stronger body language to convey your

If you are using techology,Speaking to your audience not your
slides. Your slides are there to support you not the other way
around. Ideally, slides should be graphics and not words (people
read faster than they hear and will be impatient for you to get to
the next point).
If all the technology on offer fails,it's still you they've come to
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    I think the most important thing to a successful presentation is lots of practice. If you know your material you will be less nervous.
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      Thank you for sharing this =) I just felt as if I was about to give a speech lol...& the nervousness came up a little. I feel it as blocked energy systems (in the stomach) that must find release & only we ourselves can do that successfully & enlighten the audience

      I notice as a dancer that the audience draws energy through me to them so it really is about knowing your value & being confident in it in order for them to have a pleasant experience.
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