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by jmbare
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Hey guys,

I'm not an affiliate of Chris Guntherie nor even one of his friends. I do follow him on twitter and notice one tweet with his video. He give the secret of making money on the internet. In short, he says in order to make money online successfully, you must work hard. That's it, working hard.

I'm 100% behind his statement. What are your thoughts?

Here is a link to the vid:
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    I agree 99%.
    Working hard must be accompanied by focus and purpose. They are many people who put in 12 hours per day but without focus they're just killing time.


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      Ouch, sorry for all of the grammatical errors in my first post, wrote that one in a hurry.

      I'm a firm believer in working hard now to enjoy the benefits later. I knew starting out in IM and SEO was going to be tough, but I accepted the challenge and continue to work hard. Work ethic plays a major part in your success.

      for all things Bare (site is currently under development)

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        It's very true what Chris said,if you don't work you won't see results,same at a job,you don't work your out,your fired.
        Same principle online except that you won't get fired but you also won't get paid.


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    And that's a secret?

    Whether you are a Reader, an Author or a Website Owner, we have something for you!

    Books that Inspire
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  • It's not a secret, but the title is a snazzy way of reminding people of the truth Premiumplr is right though -- hard work without focus is probably going to be misdirected and ineffective -- excepting the intervention of sheer luck.
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      But how about another aspect to this -to seeking to be a success on the internet. Which is- even though you work hard.. ..and have the best focus in the world, IM is a complicated beast, comprised of many parts, each of which are needed, or can be used in someway to implement processes to be used to be successful. When you add to that, that in IM you have the the best marketers in the world, marketing to those hungry for success, who don't understand all these parts, SEO, SEM, Niches, Affiliates, Copy, Traffic, Linkjuice etc, and these top marketers only having to only choose one aspect and convince the hungry that they 'have to have' or 'only need' to buy this info and 'then they will be abe to have ...' (....insert relevant juicy tempting mental image statement here!!) then you have a situation where newbie's and even those who have been researching for months go round and round in confusion chasing ...'the next shiny object'. Leading to many many hours of "hard work" for many many days, turning into months, but no concrete results, ..nor any $$money.

      A lot of people stay quiet about this on hearing of others success ..not wanting to 'out' themselves as having spent months without a result. Then many , who are successful, who only get so, in a vicious circle of 'being successful on the internet' by selling info to those wanting to 'be successful on the internet'. Which in my mind is not really success of note. Its faintly intellectually or industry cannibalistic actually, if you know what I mean :-) I actually like hearing about and learning from people who get successful selling product outside of the IM selling to IM newbie's cycle. They to me are the true "successes on the internet" however you face another problem, in that as soon as they tell their story/method, especially in a forum like WF, then it is pounced on by thousands hungry and eager to replicate, and so dilute it online. Like hungry piranhas in a pond, any little bit of 'true' meat is quickly swarmed on. Thus the 'success on the internet' using that particular method or market, from a rarity of value, becomes a commodity of small value. Sorry for the rant. It's a culmination of thing's that I have been seeing, that I feel it's better to state out aloud (relatively :-) speaking, and thus get included in a discussion or thread that leads to those things being taken into account in heading for a solution.

      Basically, it may seem I'm off topic target here, but I'm not ...basically, I am saying that it's... more than hard work needed. And even more than hard work ...and focus needed. You have the worlds best marketers plying their trade, right to the point of split testing Post and Offer headers for % point increases of attention. All this to get your attention while you are trying to learn the process/'secret of success' on the internet. In addition then, to hard work and focus you need a guide to lead you through this morass and jungle of offers and show you a way. But then each guide just leads you to the point of accepting $7 and $37 just for the bit they focus on. So you don't know who the guide is that will show you the full path to 'success on the internet' So whilst I agree in principle that hard work will lead to success on the internet, and have no problem with doing that hard work, I am stating that the reality for many of us out here, is that it is far more complicated than that. And it requires far more than just hard work and focus. Far more. <sorry if this seems rant like - just stating things I have been observing over time here>
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    I agree that working hard is desirable, but it doesn't hurt to be in the right place at the right time. I love reading success stories, and it's unbelievable how opportunity often falls into someone's lap.

    What they do with that opportunity is what leads to their success.

    Working hard certainly plays a part in that, but it isn't the only factor, IMO.
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    Hard work is a must in everything we do. There is no such thing as earning thousands without any effort at all.

    Only a lot of hard work doing the wrong things is a total waste of time and energy.

    As someone told me, concentrate on one thing and learn all that goes with it, that way results start appearing.
    I never think of the future, it comes soon enough.
    (Albert Einstein)
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    I think you really need waste your time, if you really want to increase your earn from online business..
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    No need to know how to get secret to succes, just follow that you know what is the best things that you do.
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