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Sal Said something that intrigued me again... havta share...

"Energy Tsunami".... I guess she made that term up.... I swear I have never heard so many MILLION dollar titles come out of one person in one paragraph!


On the thought of "Energy Tsunami's"

I can put this in a sci fi... meta physical perspective for you...

Imagine 10 light beings standing around in a circle all sending light energy to a thing that is in the center, and increasing energy to that thing until it comes to life... or whatever the desired result. Unifying their light energy to send strength to the thing in the center.

Now I want you to picture KIM WINFREY in the center... and realize the truth that those loving light beings are US!!!!

We are sending enrgy and increasing enregy toward the subject. Soon Kim Will stand back in the circle with us as we send energy to something else together.

Now on a deep deep level was it Drawing money that fixed the problem.... initially it was drawing "ENERGY".... creating an energy Tsunami around the thought.

You can say what you want, but on a REAL level, this is whats happening and we are those light beings.

Maybe its just me but I get that.

Kim is a fellow light being. No Im not talking about religion, no I dont believe we are all gonna be raptured by a space ship.lol dont take that wrong.... Light, love, energy...we radiate.... Even if you are highly religious, you can accept that God made us in his image.
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    I hope Kim gets well.

    John, I get it. Thx for sharing with warriors about this, but I think most people only partially get it. In fact, 'metaphysically' speaking, some will never get what you mean, this time around.

    How about just suggest that people send Kim love from the universal source? It is not their personal energy, but their connection to the infinite universal energy. This is what makes them 'Light beings'. Hope this info can help someone.
    It is basically an "energy prayer." I just coined that phrase, Lol.

    Mind-blowing intelligent writing services!


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