EvO & SvO...it may be interesting

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Well, before starting to write about, i want to tell a little bit about how i got to develop this principle that i like. I'm a student at a business administration, and we like to speak about new ideas that would generate new actions, about having and implementing a vision, something to guide through life.

It was in a wednesday before sleep, and we talk about people, how we could help them, about what efficiency means and what is value, how we can use our value in helping others. Anyway, the discussion was a little bit more long that what i wrote here and finally i've got an ideea, including all those topics mention before.

EvO - efficiency ( doing things effectively ), value ( how we add value to others), and finally we get opportunities. The End.
You probably would say...so what who cares about this principle ?
I think we face many things and in the same opportunities. The question is... How we get opportunities ?

The Answer is: Doing effectively actions, knowing our priorities and finally offering value to people around.
And now finally we get to SelfvalueOptimization-SvO; which consists in:
Self-Development, & Value Optimization- optimizing our values in helping others, finally getting opportunities.

Our dean says: there aren't problems...just opportunities...
Thank you for your time, i hope you enjoyed reading this. Have a nice day.
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