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This is something I have done on and off for a number of years.
First get a blank sheet of paper or if you have a journal open to a clean page and at the top write the following

"I am grateful for" then add at least 5 entries try not to duplicate what you wrote on a previous night. You will be amazed at how much better life is look for things to be thankful for.

"Today I am grateful for"
1) Having dinner with my kids
2) Being able to afford to put gas in my truck
3) A good relationship with my ex-wife
4) Spring rains
5) Playing Scrabble with my son

Please add yours to this thread.
To Your Success,
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    • My kids
    • Knowledge
    • Supporting parents
    • Good health
    • A place to live
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    My own car.
    My knowledge & education.
    My parents.
    My good health.
    Play with my pet.
    Maria Jarel
    Brand Partnership Manager| Logoinn.com | The Art for Business
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    - Family
    - Friends
    - Water
    - Food
    - My opportunities
    - My outlook
    - My abilities
    - Integrity

    Just a few of the many things. I'm sure your kids enjoy the time with you as much as you do with them. Great idea for a post. Thanks
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      This is a great thread! A simple exercise like this can make a massive difference to the way we think about our lives, and that in turn can have a massive effect on the way we act.

      It really helps to cut out negativity, and helps to put things in perspective.
      If you're reading this - do it! You will feel the difference immediately.

      Things I am grateful for today -
      1. Getting a mental boost by being reminded of this idea!
      2. Having the health to read it.
      3. Being able to sit in the sun and eat chocolate while I read it.
      4. The smell of an early spring morning today.
      5. The opportunities I have with the rest of the day.
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    You are absolutely on the money with this. I started a gratitude list 22 years ago and still addd to it regularaly. It is in a Word.doc and today is 73 pages long - single spaced, with a new gratitude on each line.

    What we think about expands, so by thinking about that for which you have gratitude, you get more things in your life about which to be grateful. It really works.

    Since you have been keeping your list for some years now, I am sure that is what has happened in your life.

    BTW I am grateful you shared this concept here at the WF. Hey cool! There is something else I can add to my list.

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    "Today I am grateful for"
    1) A home to protect me from the funky Ohio weather
    2) A loving and supportive husband
    3) The health of my family and me
    4) Having enough food to eat
    5) The privilege of another day
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      I am grateful for all my fellow warriors and the great energy you have added to my day.

      To your success,

      Customized Success Coaching
      Don't go it alone, get the results you desire.
      PM me for your free evaluation.

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    Grateful for this though of remaining grateful for everything we receive from any body. Great idea indeed.

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    Very similar to the "3 things that make me smile today" exercise! Keep it up..
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    Today's List of things I'm grateful for:

    Bikram yoga class
    Breakfast with my significant other
    A sunny spring day
    Birds Chirping
    Having my internet connection back

    Customized Success Coaching
    Don't go it alone, get the results you desire.
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