Top 3 Books That Influence Your Thinking and WHY

by TryBPO
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I love opening a book and really falling into it...being engrossed in the content. This can happen with fantasy books, biography's, etc...but that's not really what I'm talking about here.

What books have you read that completely altered the way you think about things? I'm talking about allowing you to see business or even the world through a different lens...something that had a lasting effect on you.

Here are 3 that helped shape my views on business and the world:

The World Is Flat - Thomas Friedman

While I was already involved in outsourcing when I first read this book, it really helped me see into the future of outsourcing and it's new role with the small to medium sized businesses in the US and abroad.

Free: The future of a radical price - Chris Anderson

This book definitely spoke to me. While my age group puts me somewhat between those that expect things for free and those that pay for it, I definitely relate better to the younger generation on this point. With any new idea I come up with, I always put it through the litmus test of "Could I offer this for free?" What would it get me?

The 4-Hour Work Week - Tim Ferriss

Within a year of reading this book, I moved halfway around the world to pursue my business interests in the Philippines. I've since had the luxury to visit multiple countries on my mini-retirements and I'm in the process of designing my life from here on out. I guess it doesn't sound like that much, but it drastically changed my life for the positive...

What books have altered your thinking about the world?
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    Well, interesting and usefull post. Thanks for the info.. by the way, The World is Flat is a great book, i'll strongly recomend you to read this book.
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    Best Regards
    Daniel Curpas
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    Nice Book, It really wonderfull about self improvement.,.
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