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Before starting, i would recommend you this Time Management-Richard Walsh-you can download from my blog, in signature) its very interesting, written by Richard Walsh. Some main topics, that this book is about:

- setting your priorities ( not your all activities are priorities )
- schedule for maximum productivity
- avoid time-wasters

Time management... how to be effiecient, how to do things as well with as little effort. Probably you would say that is impossible, weird, annoying, you can say whatever you want; but my answer is YES, you can Do it. I'll explain in a few words how you can accomplish your things.

Many of us we hear, we met people that are always in a hurry, they aren't so shure where they go and why they go. By acting in this way, they believe that they accomplish as much in a short time.
Well my opinion, as i said, concept that how to realize as much with as little effort, careful, not as little time because we have enough time. In music domain, the artists use this concept to be as much relaxed when they play in front of people. The hardest goal in this situation, is to be chill when lot of people listen and watch at you.

You may ask yourself: What's the link between being relaxed and ideea that accomplish as much with as little time. Ideea is to not accomplish as much in a short time. In his book, Richard Walsh, describe about the meaning of setting your priorities, which means in creating a well-defined plan.
If your goal in a day, is to do 10 activities; don't do 20, and then say to yourself that you are efficient...no way. We are not created to be a machine, we are humans, and we need to rest our bodies and minds.

Don't venture yourself into as many activities... spent some time, meditate about your next day goals, writing them in to your agenda before sleep. Following this, you will became a more efficient person for you and for others.
Thank you for reading this. Have a nice day and don't forget this:

Time is life; therefore, waste your time and waste of your life, or master your time and master your life by Alan Lakein...
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    - setting your priorities ( not your all activities are priorities )
    - schedule for maximum productivity
    - avoid time-wasters

    i agree with the point, you need to do that point, so you can maintain your success,,
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    These are great points because being an internet marketer, you do need to plan your time each day and know exactly what you goals for that day are.

    Don't waste your time on things that will not move you forward.
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    So true!! Seems like we need to work more on ourselves in order to make our efforts significant.

    This is my website, I think you'll like it!


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    I strongly agree with those 3 points
    It'll definitely help you maximize your time.
    Anything that would use up your time without any benefit would be a waste
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    Thanks for sharing these interesting things. Really worth remembering and practicing in daily life. thanks again.

    Useful,informative articles on health,diet,exercise,home remedies,beauty,stress management, depression,happiness,fitness and much more -

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      Thanks for reading, and i hope you get something. Im glad to help. Have a nice day.
      Interested in self development, how to optimize your values?...We can help you...

      Best Regards
      Daniel Curpas
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    Thanks for this I'm really pump right now =)
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    Thanks for the tips Daniel! We can't get back the time that had passed. As what has been said that time waits for no man. It is not necessary that you plan every minute of every day of your life, but you should also be mindful that you are playing with the most precious of all accommodations you've got. Make it count!
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    Thanks for that helpful tip Daniel. That is a very interesting point, Time is life, therefore, if you waste time, you waste your life, you master time, you master your life. I couldn't agree with you on this more. People should not waste their time since time is constantly on the go and is constantly moving, every second of our life also is moving, so we might as well think of something that is more productive than our usual everyday activities.
    And also, we must set ourselves of what should be our priorities so we could allocate time and effort to which goal should come first. And reality would say that setting priorities is one of the most challenging part of preparing the mind to work.
    Again, thanks for the tip Daniel.
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    In order for you to manage your time effectively, you have to consider everyt area in your life and examine exactly where your time and effort is spent. Be sure to make every minute of your life productive.
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