What's Your Favorite Rags To Riches Story?

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What's your favorite or most inspiring rags to riches story. These stories always grab people's attention. Hearing them forces people to stop making excuses.

The one's that always get my attention are the ones that involve
1. Determination!
2. Believing despite what the circumstances tell you!
3. Persistence in the face of failures!

And when the person finally achieves their goals they reach down and pull up throngs of people with them.

To me the two people that quickly comes to mind is Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry.

Of course most of us know Oprah's story coming from grinding poverty, abandoned by her mother,raised by a single father.

Sexually abused on a regular basis by a perverted uncle and date-raped on several occasions. But through it all managed to be the first African American Woman Billionaire in history.

The the army of people she's ushered to success and fame reads like a who's who of today's talk show stars. And of course everyone knows about the "Oprah Affect", especially if you're a writer or book publisher.

Tyler Perry also came from grinding poverty, physically beat up daily by a neurotic Father (if you could call him that) and constantly abused sexually by older relatives. Homeless and Living in his car for a year until he got his first break, writing a play.

Now he's one of the hottest Writer, Producer, Directors in Hollywood, although his Motion Picture studio is in Atlanta. Hollywood tried to ignore him, but they couldn't ignore the money his best selling movies rake in.
Now some of Hollywoods top actors patiently stand in line to appear in his movies.

What's your favorite rags to riches story or person?
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