Learn To Exercise Patience In Your Endeavours.

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An African proverb from Nigeria says, "Ti Oju Ba Ni Suru, A Ri Imu", meaning, "If Your Eyes Learns To Exercise Patience, It Will Get To See Your Nose", the import of this tells us that no matter how tasking an objective might be, if you learn to be patient to learn and put into practice all there is to learn, you will end up achieving your desired objective(s), for it is not easy for your eyes to look and see your nose properly, but when your eyes learns to exercise patience, your eyes will begin to see your nose properly.

Many of us tend to be in a hurry nowadays, we buy an e-book or information marketing software by 4:00PM on Monday and expect thousands of dollars to be in our PayPal account by 3:00PM on Tuesday the next day, when that does not happen, we give up, buy another e-book or software and repeat the same cyclical process.

Learn from a unique specie of the Chinese Bamboo tree, the first four years of its life, it does not grow taller than half a foot, despite the fact that you keep watering it, for the first four years this bamboo tree spends quality time deepening its roots to drill deep below into the surrounding soil, in the fifth year, within the first three months, the bamboo tree achieves a phenomenal growth, reaching as high as twenty (20) feet. Thus spend time to learn all you need to learn about any endeavour you find worthwhile to do, then your success, though might take time, but will be very beautiful for all to see.

Keep Striving, Keep Believing In Yourself, Winners Never Quit And Quitters Never Win.
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    There is one thing I believe in very strongly. The day you can control your anger in desperate times, from that day onwards, you have the ability to control anything.
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    Like they say, it's not a race, instead it's a marathon. We can also take this cue from the real estate investment world. It's for the long term, not short term gains.

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    "The world would be a better place if everyone showed as much patience as they do when they are waiting for the fish to bite." – Unknown
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    very nice quote and very wise word...!!
    be patience to learn and to achieve your big dream...
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    Maitaining an unruffled temper and even disposition gives you an advantage over any situation you find yourself up against. Indeed, the advantage is so great that this is an area that you should devote a lot of attention to.
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    Thank you for offering this article.l admit l am not patient person and l must give it practice.
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    Patience is a great input. However sometimes is becomes so hard to wait for a long time when there is no sign of getting near to the goal. It is very difficult to bear with such kind of situation. May god bless us with more patience and see the things happening as desired.

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    Great article and inspiring. Clearly in the world IM if one does not have any patience then suceess will be far featched.

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