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while the title may not sound like it, I think that what cesar millan, the dog walker, has suggested to get into a 'calm assertive' state of mind goes to the heart of confidence, power and self improvement.

His theory is that to attain a state where dogs will respect you in the home on a walk etc, it is important to find a way of getting into a calm assertive state of mind when in the dogs presence. Some of the methods he suggests are meditation, visualization, yoga and yes, method acting. The concept is that if you can call on an old memory when you were in a powerful state, then you may be able to project that for real, when you want to command people (and dogs) around you.

I was just wondering how many of you successful business people use these techniques, in particular visualization and meditation, and if anyone has tried actor training as a method of self improvement and improving your personal power/ influence? I think they are great ideas, but I struggle with finding time and committing to the processes, regularly. What works for this group of internet marketing savvy people and how easy is it to do?
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    I also personally find that yoga, visualisation and acting techniques are a bit like attending the gym for me- I always have the best intentions but seldom get that far.

    I do however make time to convince myself that I am calm or in control of a situation by reciting statements to myself to that effect. Some find it useful to stand infront of a mirror and vocalise but I can just say things such as: 'I am ready for this challenge', 'I am strong enough to get this done', 'I will not be stressed about XYZ because I know that I will be successful'.

    I usually find that this either calms me down or boosts my confidence depending on what is necessary.

    I however have to admit that since the beginning of this year I have made my bible study the first and most important part of my day. Since I have done that I have had to make use of the above technique far less as I find it more beneficial and relaxing to recite a verse from the bible instead. Saying a quick prayer also ensures my peace of mind when I most need it.

    I however believe that it is important for every individual to find techniques which work for them personally and easily fit into their lifestyle.
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    dog whisperer, but yeah attitude is everything
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    That's a very interesting thing to know. I do know that animals can feel your thoughts. So, this can be possible that you can control them by controlling yourself.
    Infact this works for humans too
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