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The situation is this, I've had the IM itch for about three years now yet haven't done anything until recently and I want out of my current work. I work with developmentaly disabled students in a school district. It's an ok job but I've been in the field for ten years and I want out. Recently I've begun to make real moves for becoming an offline marketer for my local small businesses, setting up a website, writing a sales letter and tracking down all the forms and contracts needed. It's not a lot but more than I've accomplished in the last 3yrs combined. Today one of my contacts in the school district office said she could put me on a list to save my job from the upcoming budget cuts or she could keep me off the list and I risk being laid off. If I get laid off I'll still get paid through the summer because I alocated money off my checks to do so and I could also collect unemployment and bring home the same amount I make now. This would effectively double my income and fund my business in it's infancy. I'm confused as to wether I should get laid off and chase my dream or stay with secure but low income with great health benefits. I've been watching this forum (MindWarriors) for several years and respect the care, thought and planning that I see represented in the threads and posts here. So if anyone has some thoughts I could use some wisdom to chew on while I make this decision. Thank You.
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    I think you need to start right now gaining security in life. I think it is pathetic what is happening to the teachers, especially after nobama made such a big deal during the State of Union address saying we need more teachers and that if we want to contribute to our country we should become teachers.

    He was only partially right - we all need to teach what we know, but it's risky doing so in a school setting. Public education is government ran and sadly our government is unstable.

    But, I do believe that teaching others from the heart is what counts, and I know a thing or two about internet marketing. It's a profession that can take off as fast as you want, assuming you actually plug in and do the dirty work. Of course you can always invest money, but the true payout comes from the special touch you can give through your personality and genuine care for people.

    A blog is something you need. Not just any blog, but one that you can be passionate about. A blog that can become an extension of yourself and an icon for what your internet business should stand for. That's part of niche research, which is a completely different subject, but as far as my initial recommendation I suggest you consider blogging. From there you can branch into any form of business model online relatively easy.
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    keep your regular job until you can make a full time income online in your spare time over several months, even a year. This will help you decide if doing it is as much fun as reading about other people doing it and won't leave you broke if it doesn't work out after a couple months.
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    If you think you are, then you are.

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    I appreciate everyone's input, still grinding it over in my mind. I definitely am going to throw myself into this for the summer either way.

    Aspiring Marketer.

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    The safer route is to do what OzMan suggests, or you can devote your time and energy on IM. I would think the more effort you put into something, the more you'll receive. The great thing about forums like these is you don't necessarily have to go through the same problems that others starting in IM go through. There are valuable resources here at Warrior with meaningful advice that will expedite the transition. (Fingers crossed). One thing to keep in mind is working smarter is better than working harder.
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    It's always necessary to take risks. No risks no gain. You should bring in a change and try something on your own.
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