Aim For The Stars, If You Fail, You'll Land On The Moon.

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One of my favourite quotes that keeps me pushing myself beyond my capabilities and limits to achieve positive greatness to the Glory of God and benefit of mankind is "Aim For The Stars, If You Fail, You'll Land On The Moon." Some people say "Don't Think Big, Think Small, For Small Things Are Much Easier To Accomplish", to an extent, there's truth in this statement, but only the part that says ".....For Small Things are Much Easier To Accomplish". I do not subscribe to thinking small, it limits the human mind and stiffles a man's total ability to achieve whatever he can truly dream or think about.

When you think big, you're exercising your brain-power to its full potential to come up with solutions, even when you fail, you've succeeded in knowing one way not to go about it and most importantly, you're building your boldness, for at times it is not that you are bereft of ideas or beautiful thought processes, the problem with some people (if not most people) is that they lack the boldness and confidence to take the bull by the horn and achieve the greatness they so desire. Despite all the opportunities that have come acrossed some folks ways, they'll still prefer to stick to the comfort and security of their day jobs.

Thus, in my own opinion (which kind of works for me-99.9%), I always dream and aim very high, even when everything around me tells me it is impossible, for we all know, we all have only one life to live and chances are that we might not have another opportunity to take up those wonderful chances we kept on dismissing from our mind for fear of failure.

So, we can all aim for the stars, if we fail, we'll land on the moon, if we fail to land on the moon, we'll land on Mount Everest, if we fail to land on Mount Everest, we'll land on a Skyscaper and if we miss the Skyscraper, we'll end up landing on the Roof-top of our House. Then, we'll get down and start all over again until we land on the stars.

Keep Striving, Keep Believing, Never Give-Up. Winners Don't Quit and Quitters Don't Win.
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    When we look into nature, we're astounded by the recurring theme of abundance that meets our gaze. Our body itself is a powerful testimony to fact that we're not designed for small things.

    I agree with you: When we think big. Our minds and the universe starts throwing up ideas about how we can achieve our dreams. I guess some are being consumed by fears. I think big too...and then break down the dream into more ''realistic'' chunks :-)
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    Humanity has been living under crappy belief systems and that's why not everyone wants to reach for the stars or even thinks they can...the funny thing is that the energy, ideas, cooperative components, etc. are there to bring us to the next galaxy! This energy is there whether we use it or not...but when we use it and let it flow through our experience we have this sense of empowerment that cannot be replaced by mediocre safe thinking.

    I'm totally in for big dreams and having the chance to land flat on your face x)
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    Personally, I've found that when you think really big, really grand, there's less competition.
    I once approached the White House with a proposal (and ended up getting invited there) and along the way I asked if they got lots of people making similar requests. "No." they said.

    With some corporations I've approached, I've found the same thing. The higher you go, the less competition you have. Maybe it's because so few people think they'd have a shot at getting an audience. Maybe everyone assumes everyone else is sending in their own proposals and so, consequently, no one sends one in for fear of letting lost in the crowd.

    Yes, think big. Go for the stars. And even if you don't land on the moon (and sometimes you'll just land in the ocean or maybe the bottom of a volcano), the joy and thrill of the ride is worth it.
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    That's a very famous but yet very discouraging quote. It never takes you high. You should always work hard, and hope to get the best rewards
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    Positive side : Aim for stars
    Negative side: If you fail,
    Neutral side: You'll land on the moon.

    the important point here is aiming for stars and trying to get there and if failure occurs at least you'll land on the moon.

    I think, you should aim for stars continuously until the last breath with proper efforts to get there without thinking about the failure.

    It's not you to label yourself as a failed person but it's the other people.

    I see in some cases people got success after they died - their posthumous work understood later such as Galileo and other great authors/scientists discoveries.

    The point is you'll never know 'when' this may happen. you can be a billionaire in terms of money or in terms of fame and honor.
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    Very inspiring, the stars have to be our ultimate goal!
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    that's a good quote i think, but it's not motivating everyone to dream big or achieve somenthing more then can have...
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