I found a "mind movie" on YouTube -- and it's a great idea!

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I was looking for videos on YouTube related to Maxwell Maltz's "Psycho-Cybernetics", when I stumbled upon a "mind movie" made by a young woman to clarify her goals and reinforce a positive attitude in her mind.

The movie made me feel great -- and it didn't even show my goals!

I think it's such a great idea for helping to visualise the future that you desire. What do you think?

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    Oh I like that! Go her!

    Might give that method a whirl myself.

    If you want to see a 'scientific' rationale for how we really do 'create', check out this interview with Gregg Braden. You'll see how we communicate with our DNA via our emotions, and our DNA literally impacts the quantum soup; when we fret and worry our DNA spiral 'contracts' - when we are relaxed and happy it is more 'loose'.

    I reckon that's why we are 'locked' into this physical 'frequency' and it's so hard to get out of it, because our DNA communicators are "compacted" and get stuck here. If we wanted to access higher frequencies more easily, we'd need to keep those strands relaxed. You'll know what I mean when you watch the vids.

    Watch the rest of the clips because you'll see a tumour disappearing from an ultrasound scan in 'real time'. Took about 3 minutes. This must be how instant 'miraculous' healings happen. Discusses all the cutting edge research that's happening at the moment, demonstrating how we really do help create 'reality', and our world really is how it is because of how we all think. Or rather the feelings we are outputting.

    Here's the first 2 parts (there are 7).......

    In all matters of opinion, our adversaries are insane. ~ Oscar Wilde (1854 - 1900)

    Easy Weight Loss
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    Great you tubes. Thanks to John & Phnx
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    Thanks for sharing.. In order to change our lives, our mental programming has to change. This is reflected in the vision boards etc.. (goal-setting method), but this must be followed by strategies to achieve what you've ever wanted or dreamed of. Keep checking whether what you are planning and have been doing will make you achieve what you have set out to have. If not, turn it into a feedback for improvement!

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    It is fantastic. I created my own Mind Movie - see it here:

    That's not the original song I had. Needed to change it due to copyright. I have a special note under the Youtube video itself, about hearing the video's original song. I really love the tool and even created my own page and blog for it here:

    Meditation Mind Movie Blog

    Thea's Mind Movie

    For those of you who appreciate self improvement information and tools...
    I created a Special Self Improvement Lucky Dip just for you.


    P.S. Almost forgot! You can hear Bob Proctor, John Assaraf & Joe Vitale give a lot more about the workings behind vision board and Mind Movies. There are a collection of free video interviews here.

    Best regards, Thea Westra
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    All the videos in this topic are great - Thanks to all of you for sharing!
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    This is a great movie, I needed some thing like this since i have also started affirmations. i would try this approach also.
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    Woww, every one here seems to have a very ideal live.

    Good for you all mates..
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  • Hey Fayz

    Just been to your web site and downloaded your "Persuade" pdf book.

    Some good tips, thanks.

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    Here's another inspiring one...

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    I wish that was my life!!!
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    The subconscious mind needs your love...... give it what it wants
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      Great way to create a "vision board", and it's much easier to carry around with you I know what one of my next projects is gonna be. Thank you for sharing the vids everyone.

      I CHOOSE to re-create MYSELF anew every single moment and experience the GRANDEST VERSION of the GREATEST VISION I have about WHO I AM!
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    This thread is really worth having here for its value to the users of forum. Thanks for sharing so many useful videos.
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    good stuff!
    A clear path and lots of action taking is also one of the real keys to long term success.
    Thanks for sharing.

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    Well, since we're sharing our mind movies, here is mine. But it hasn't anything to do with work - just with finding true love. :-)

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      [QUOTE=Abundance-University;2788849]Well, since we're sharing our mind movies, here is mine. But it hasn't anything to do with work - just with finding true love. :-)

      sorry, took the wrong link!

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        Hi Abundance-University

        Just watched your movie about bringing true love into your life, and i really hope you dont mind me making an observation that could help you enormously....

        Many, not all, of the images you have used, show them being panned OUT instead of panning IN, giving the impression in the mind of what you are actually looking for GOING AWAY, (panning out).

        By changing the images to come towards you (you are welcoming them and drawing them towards you), you will significantly increase the probability of you achieving your desire.

        I have made my own mind movie as well, using the techniques I was taught, and that was one of the most important points given to me when I was poducing my movie...

        Hope you dont mind me mentioning it, and by the way I am single now as well, and also looking for the right person to come along...lol

        It is my sincere desire to help as many people achieve what ever they want to believe that they can achieve. Self Help Man

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    Well all of the video posted are really nice. thanks for sharing.
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    This was so motivating! Thanks for sharing!

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