You can do this, dont give up!

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you just got to go through the process... Mike Geary almost gave up.... u can go as far as almost, but don't give up!

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    They say it's always dark before the dawn. This video is a great reminder of never giving up!
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    Great Video. Thanks 4 posting it.
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  • Great video from this. Personally I also fear to start and fear for scam around. With obstacles from parents , still going further as I can. Thanks for another video.

    Visit my site at
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    Nice video. I have always stick to the statement:
    "Work can be difficult, but it cannot be impossible". This video has just said these words.
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    totally agree yes great video - just got to stick at it - absolutely nothing is impossible providing you put your mind to it and believe
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    Great video. Thanks for posting. As previously mentioned, I think it's hard for a lot of folks to start for fear of scams. I think building a support network of folks (perhaps other warriors) whom you can really trust can help you find the tools you need to succeed.
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    I think this short video does prove that everyone at some poit think about giving up I have been looking into IM for the last 6 months just picking up on what people are saying and doing. The hardest part for me is actualy making a start at it, I hae bought ebooks and on how to do keyword research but obvisouly people use different techniques to find certain niches that can be confusing for a newbie. I have currently been doing adsense and at first was not making nothing not a penny but now avering around £1.50 a day ( i know not a lot ) but it goes to show that it can be done.

    Thank you again

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    Good sharing .Very useful knowledge ,Thanks for posting
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    Thanks for showing this to us. It just lets you know that everyone goes through the same ups and downs when starting out.
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    it better to try and put your all in it. After all success is in all the failure we go through and still come out fighting.
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    Learning and keeping your head held high is what gets you the furthest. Never stop learning.

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      You know what they say, everyone knows someone that secretly wants them to fail.

      It's odd that family and friends can oftentimes be the source of cynicism, pessimism, oppression, and doubt.

      I know I've certainly had to put up with that from time to time. But all the true warriors rise above their fears and setbacks here at the Warrior Forum.

      You know that negativity just feeds your base instinct to overcome and conquer.

      Prove the naysayers wrong... and emerge victorious
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    I love this video very inspiring, thanks for sharing.
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    We will not surrender!
    Failed will bring you to the right ways
    we were not walk alone
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    Thanks Thanks thanks!!! two thumbs up for this inspiring video!
    Some people are just lucky enough to have stumbled upon this video...especially this thread!
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    What a motivating clip... Just $300 at start convert him to a GIANT!!
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    One thing I've learned about IM and those that have become successful at it, is that everyone seems to have started the same way. Buying tons of money making products, being led down confusing and complicated paths, spending a lot of money on ineffective marketing methods and working seriously long hours.

    However, in spite of it all, the ones that made it kept trying and never gave up.
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      I once read in that the ones that succeed are the ones that are too stubborn to give up. Let's all be stubborn people; let's work our a$$es off and become free!!

      Thanks for sharing this video of Mike Geary... and by the way, not to do any advertising or whatever, but his product is freaken groundbreaking!!
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    The key to every business -offline or online is PERSISTENCE. Never Give Up!
    You Will Get There!
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    Very nice article. Enjoyed reading, also saw alot of my reflection in it!
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    inspirational!!! thanks
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      I loved this vid!

      I've been promoting Mike Geary's "Truth About Abs" product for the past year. It's my bestselling affiliate product in the health and fitness niche. Mike provides over the top value to his affiliates, as far as education and tools. He's doing an AMAZING job.

      LOVE IT!

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