Winning Attitudes (Lessons from Johnny Wimbrey ))

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Hey Warriors , I wrote some point down from johnny wimbrey and today i was reviewing it .Thought i share this with you guys . It is a little long but I believe you would find it useful as i did as well

Winnning Attitude

1) Stop doing what you were doing before. If you repeat what you did yesterday, then it is very likely that your tomorrow would be the same as your today. You must do something different to get something different. We all designed to thrill the possibility of increase in our lives .Whether it is in our financial , spiritual , emotional ,relational or physical lives .WE WERE BORN WITH THE ABILITY OR CAPABILITY TO WIN IN EVERY CIRCUMSTANCE. e.g. A child keeps practising how to work .If they fall down , they smile , get up again and go for it .They are not discouraged , they are determined .They don't consider or know that other options even exists . They are focused and are ready for the next attempt . they were sure that walking was an achievable possibility . They are going to walk because daddy is doing .CHILDREN KNOW THEY CAN BE TAUGHT TO DO ANYTHING. Today you can renew that child -like confidence. NEVER LET ANOTHER PERSON TELL YOU WHAT IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU . You are going to learn to think like a winner. You will learn to think and win Big in every situation in your life Today you will learn how to cancel my fears, feed your desire to succeed and learn how to succeed. Not only to think like a winner but to think to win BIG .Fear in most cases is a learned emotion.

2) "But" sentences : Words that create fear and negate the purpose you want .e.g "I want to start a diet but I don't know what to do" ....

When you use the word "but" , it cancels whatever you say before you used the world "but". In the case of the sentence above, you just cancelled starting a diet . Can you see that making a habit of think I- want -to- but -statement does not lead you to winning. It disempowers you .

3) Winner's attitude: There is a saying Winning isn't everything but wanting to win is. .No one wins by chance or luck. Wanting to win is everything. Winners don't win because they want they win because they must win . They win because they got to win . Neely wrote this song called number 1 . IS goes :

"What does it take to be number 1 . 2 is not a winner. 3 is not remember. I am number 1 "

This song teaches everyone about attitude towards winning .He says he does not want to be number 2 because number 2 IS NOT A WINNER. He doesn't want to number 3 because 3 is not remembered. Here is another point to note, He wrote the song way before he became number 1 in the public eye yet he understood the concept and attitude of winner .This is what I mean when I said WINNERS EAT , SLEEP AND BREATHE THE CONCEPT OF VICTORY of BEING NUMBER 1. If you WANT TO BE IN FIRST PLACE , YOU HAVE TO SEE YOUR SELF FIRST BEFORE YOU GET THERE .You must sell yourself on the fact that you are a fact that you are a winner long before you are a winner and that you are number 1 long before it is obvious to others .When Nelly wrote the song "What does it take to be number 1 , long before he was number 1 ".That is exactly the POINT . IT TAKES FAITH. It is fact .You are number 1. You are the first to be convinced and then everybody sees that you are number later. It starts with you first .

In order words , faith is a very important ingredient for you to have before you have the manifestation of a winner .NOW THAT YOU HAVE FAITH THAT YOU ARE NUMBER ONE , YOU AS AN INDIVIDUAL MUST SELL YOURSELF ON THE FACT THAT YOU ARE NUMBER 1 BECAUSE IT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR SOMEONE ELSE TO SEE YOU AS A WINNER UNLESS YOU SEE YOURSELF AS A WINNER FIRST .Another example is this Mohammed Ali was voted by USA today as Athlete of the century .He actually mastered the psychology of winning long before Ali was the greatest fighter in the world .He told the world he was the greatest fighter of all time .Before the world knew who he was . he told the local gyms he was the greatest. Before Ali was confident enough and become outspoken he told himself he was the greatest .Ali convinced himself he was the greatest before he ever convinced anyone else he was the greatest. You need a song about your greatness. This is the most important bit. Not only is it mandatory to remind yourself that you are a winner, it is also important for your opponent to see you feel you and hear you as a winner. HERE IS THE THING WHEN YOU OPPONENT IS ALREADY IMAGINING YOU WINING HALF OF YOUR BATTLE IS ALREADY WON. Your opponent can be anything or anyone who tries to keep you from coming out of the box. No matter what the statistic says you are a winner ! You don't have to experience what the society thinks should experience no matter what statistics they present to you .DON'T LET ANOTHER PERSON EXPERIENCE BECOME YOUR REALITY .you are the only who can determine who and what you would officially become .IF YOU WANT TO BE A WINNER , YOU ARE GOING TO BE A WINNER .IF YOU SEE YOURSELF INSIDE THE BOX , THEY TOLD YOU ABOUT THAT IS WHERE YOU ARE GOING TO BE . Never let anyone create your world for you because they always create it too small .WINNER WINS BECAUSE THEY ARE WILLING TO GO AGAINST THE CROWD AND DO TODAY WHAT OTHER DON'T TO HAVE A TOMMORROW THAT OTHER S WONT .You must win . I AM JUST PROGRAMMED BY GOD TO BE THE HEAD AND NOT THE TAIL , TO BE ABOVE AND NOT BENEATH ANYTHING OR ANYONE .I choose to walk my footstep towards my God giving right .I AM MENTALLY PROGRAMMED TO WIN .i AM A RECORD BREAKER .i AM CONFIDENT AND AM NOT ARROGANT AND I AM CONFIDENT ON THE FACT I WAS BORN TO WIN .Here is the most exciting thing about it , so were you .EVERYONE ONE EXPERIENCE HARD TIMES AND STRUGGLES BUT ALL WINNER HAVE ONE THING IN COMMON AND THAT IS THAT THEY DO NOT LIKE TO LOSE .Society has programmed us to think that if you are having a problem with your marriage, get a divorce .That is the easy way out . Almost all situations has a easy way out BUT THE PRICE FOR THE RACE IS NOT ALWAYS GIVEN TO THE QUICK INSTEAD IT IS GIVEN TO THE PERSON WHO PERSERVES AND FINISHES THE RACE .WINNERS UNDERSTAND THAT THROUGH THE THICK AND THE THIN , WE MUST WIN .FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION FOR WINNERS LADIES AND GENTLE MEN . They say winners never quit but this what I can guarantee you , A quitter would never be a winner .

4) Association : A true winner also understand the importance of surrounding himself or herself with other winners .You know I made a goal in my life to constantly introduce myself to and constantly surround myself with people who are where I want to be .PEOPLE WHO CAN COACH ME .My mentors like LES BROWN ,Your Jerry Clarks ,Your Jim Rohn . These are individual I surround myself around because they are where I want to be . I Believe with all my heart an soul that you cannot follow a parked car .I cannot surround myself with people who are not going anywhere .ALL WINNER UNDERSTAND YOU MUST GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE .You can't learn how to swim in shallow waters .You must be able to get into the deep waters in order to experience bigger and greater things in life .IT IS HARD TO MOVE TO HIGHER IF EVERYONE AROUND YOU IS BENEATH YOU OR THE SAME LEVEL AS YOU ..when I say beneath you I don't mean that people beneath are below you or you are abetter person . We all know we are created equally . What I mean is this :

IF YOU WANT TO BECOME AN EXECUTIVE AT YOUR JOB , THEN YOU NEED TO EXPOSE YOURSELF TO THE MENTALITY OF AN EXCEUTIVE .There are a lot of people who are or have been where you are trying to go .You cannot follow a parked car ladies and gentle men .HANG AROUND WINNERS AND YOU WOULD BECOME A WINNER TOO .
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