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well i am a beginer affiliate, and i tried making a website and i need wordpress, and right now there updating there installer. so i need new ideas to promote affiliate products that cost nothing because i have no money at all $0.01 (mabe). i really need help.
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    Use free methods of promotion such as Article marketing, SEO.

    Then direct this targeted traffic to affiliate blogs. Get money in through selling products as an affiliate.
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  • you can use your social network promotion site to draw attention of people in your affiliate blog. even you can try press release, article submission and backlinking to generate traffic in your affiliate site.

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    If you have more time but no money you can use free methods like article marketing,video marketing, etc
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      Hey justin6532,

      Sorry to hear about your financial woes.

      I know it can be tough trying to launch a business with little to NO funds. You know the saying, "It takes money to make money."

      Well the saying is BULL****. Sorry about the profanity. But we're all adults here. At least I hope we are. The truth is there are lots of ways to make money online.

      Many well-intentioned people will recommend the most obvious and well known options for making money online without having to spend money such as article marketing, blogging, or social media. But even these require some basic skills and knowledge (which I encourage you to build, if you're not yet familiar with how to navigate these waters).

      The truth is, most strategies take a bit of time to learn and implement. Sorry if I don't have the rosie solutions for shotgun profits. But the truth will set you free - if not now, eventually.

      Here are a few recommendations for making some real MOOLAH with real-time demands on your hands (life can sucker punch you sometimes. You just need to punch back!)...

      If you really have only $0.01 (a penny) to your name, then you need INSTANT gratification. May I suggest doing some freelance work on oDesk.

      In case you're not familiar with oDesk, it's a virtual outsourcing site where you can register for FREE and then whore yourself out and offer services for hire (such as article writing or administrative work). Sorry did I say whore yourself out? Oh, I did. Here's why, if you're just getting started on oDesk, it's highly unlikely that you'll be able to charge a premium for your services. In fact you may only be working for peanuts (mmm, I like peanuts - especially Jiffy).

      BUT... You CAN offer your services for more than you currently have in your bank account. And I'm going to assume (I hope without putting my foot in my mouth) that you'll be a little less stressed with a few dollars in your pocket in place of the shiny penny idling there now.

      Just dig around a little on oDesk and you'll see the wide assortment of things you could potentially get paid to do. I'm also going to assume another thing; there MUST be something you're halfway decent at, even if it's Microsoft Office or using some software program that you have installed on your computer.

      And while this may not be marketing your affiliate products, it can at the very least provide you with some stress-relief. In the great words of Jim Rohn, "Make a living full-time while you build your fortune part-time, until you can make a fortune doing what you love full-time." (It goes something like that.)

      Whoahh... I'm not done yet. Okay, so whoring yourself out on oDesk falls outside your reality and it's a big fat "NO WAY JOSE!"

      Then you may want to consider article marketing. This requires some basic writing skills. It's free, so that's a good thing. All you need is a keyboard and some brain power and you can dish out a review or two (or ten) of your affiliate product and submit your articles to different article directories (with links pointing back to your offer).

      In case you're new to article marketing, you may want to check out Bill Platt on the Warrior Forum. Do a search for his name and you'll be able to download a free ebook on article marketing from his sig file.

      Hopefully some of this is helpful. And best of luck to you justin6532!

      If you can't find that ebook, then PM me with your email address, and I'll send you a copy (by the way, I'm NOT an affiliate and I don't make a dime off of sharing this ebook).

      Just want to lend a hand to a fellow Warrior
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    thank you all!
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      Look up Bum Marketing. That's how I got started - and it talks about how to get anything done...for free. I'm no millionaire yet, but I'm making enough money now to buy tools and outsource a bit.

      If you do start making a bit of cash, I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate. I'm still a member. They've got great tools for newbies and explain stuff very simply. It's similar to Warrior Forum in that there's a forum and lots of tools. It's more of guided tutorials, so any newbie can benefit from it. It does cost money though - I think it's 47 bucks a month...maybe not doable if you're on a tight budget, but something to consider in the future.

      These are two tools that I find extremely important to learning how to find products and promote them.
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    Article submission can be a great help, and it can be done for free. There are several article portals present such as EzineArticles, ArticlesBase, Buzzle, etc.
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    Justin .... Dude you are in a tough place.

    My suggestion is go out and do some additional work in the offline world until you get some additional cash saved up. You don't need much to get started. $50 should be plenty to get you going. All you need is a couple of domain names and a hosting account and you could very easily make a few hundred bucks in less then a month.

    As long as you don't waste it all and you reinvest into your business then this will continue to grow and grow.

    The point is you gotta start from somewhere and at least you are taking action.

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    Freelance on the internet. That way you will even get money and learn about a lot of things that you probably never came across.
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    Try manziworkers.com

    Welcome to Manzinetworks.com - Connecting People Globally ...

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    I am a creative portal spewing with grand ideas....unfortunately, time and my current computer skill level limits my exponential growth... momentarily.

    With that being said, join ClickBank...start a few free blogs (wordpress, blogger, squidoo, hubpages...free classified ads, etc...) And basically, find ways to introduce those affiliate offers without trying to sell people on them.

    Instead, think like a consumer...when you hunger for something like a new car...you already have an idea of what you want, thus, in general just deliver the pro's and con's...maybe a review blog, etc...

    There are tons of ways to make money with zero capital online. However, like any business it limits your ability to obtain tools and resources that could translate into less work. (edit: time!) -As they say; "Time is Money" -"Thus....Don't Waste Time!)

    Balance yourself accordingly...don't take your rent money to the casino basically. Read through the forums, make friends with successful people, and especially...figure out what your passion is and what you can bring to the table?

    (Yeah...that last part is a bit tricky, especially if your ideas are greater than your ability...like I tend to find out the hard way...lol)

    Finally, don't quit....be a Warrior and take action. Armour up your mindset, and never let something as superficial as money stop you!

    Note: As Kai Pei mentioned "Whoring Yourself Out" - I consider anyone on a time-clock or hourly restraint as equally challenged. One of my greatest influences in life was having the pleasure of meeting a woman who was the most "down-to-earth" multi-millionaire I ever met, who basically stated; "In the end...we're all prostitutes!"

    Think about it;"How many of us are truly privileged enough to claim true freedom or happiness? - money is just one little piece to that ever-lingering quest!

    Best of Success to You "justin6532
    Atop a tree with Buddha ain't a bad place to take rest!
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    While you still wait for your site to setup properly and start functioning, why don't you try blogs? There are enough out there that are free and can work as a good start up for your affiliate business! Though you need to choose carefully...
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      Start forum commenting with a affiliate signature
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    write a good content in blogger or weebly or webs and post your affiliate links in them relevantly or add the affiliate banners and start making good income online..
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    See, investment is necessary for a good business. Probably freelance, or do something to earn some cash. Then start of properly with your website and concentrate completely on it.
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