Internet Marketer's Success Diet

by donhx
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1/2 grapefruit
1 piece whole-wheat toast
8 ounces, skim milk

4 ounces, lean breast of chicken
1 cup steamed zucchini
1 Oreo cookie
1 cup herb tea

Mid-afternoon snack:
Rest of package of Oreo cookies
1 quart Rocky Road ice cream
3 Snicker bars

1 large pepperoni pizza
1 large pitcher of beer
1 bag of potato chips
6 Twinkies
1 entire frozen cheesecake eaten directly from the package
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  • Profile picture of the author Dan Bainbridge
    Hmm.... starts out ok.... goes a bit down-hill during the second half of the day though... does this really guarantee success?

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    • Profile picture of the author donhx
      Originally Posted by submp3s View Post

      Hmm.... starts out ok.... goes a bit down-hill during the second half of the day though... does this really guarantee success?
      I thought many people would identify with this and smile. We all start the day with such good intentions!
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  • Profile picture of the author Michael Ten
    lololol. Funny stuff.... you had good intentions it appears, at least!
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    Hahaha I started off thinking that this was a decent diet... Then I seen the first Oreo cookie and was like "Well, I guess having one in moderation is ok" and then we move into the mid afternoon and its a train wreck. This was a good mood lifter, thanks!
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  • Profile picture of the author Kukelka
    than I join warrior forum I eat about one time per day, as there are no time to eat, just read read and one more time read..So the best diet program is just join warrior forum ))
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    Haha! Funny stuff....
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    That looks like my diet for sure. First thing I do every morning when I wake up is drink a quart of filtered alkaline water. After that I drink the juice from: half a head of cabbage, three handfuls of parsley, 4 carrots, 1 lemon and a beet. For lunch I usually have a high protein and low carb meal.

    Sound good so far?

    I usually end up skipping dinner from the energy I gain from the start of my day. But later in the day I pig out on just about any crap that I can fit into my mouth.

    I figured that if I would start going to bed at 7 pm I would have the healthiest diet on the planet.

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    Sadly most breakfasts don't start that healthy lately.
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    how you call it diet with such large amount of food in dinner lol
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  • Haha ~ by then , you can create this diet food plan to all internet marketer which is proven to work. Well, I guess I don't think that dinner time in need of fast food , not good for health yo ~! haha ~ Better have some plain water and some hot dog bread LOL.

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  • Profile picture of the author Debra Barrow
    I start out okay, but the technical issues slow me down.
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  • Profile picture of the author slowdriver
    Lol this is funny, sounds alot like how i used to diet.
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    Well made, I love it...
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      I try for

      1 bowl oats with scoop of peanut butter

      Mid morning snack
      Handful off almonds
      1 banana

      Rice, vegetables and chicken

      Mid afternoon
      Tuna wrap
      Handful of almonds

      Much the same as lunch - Thai or Chinese food

      Cheese and some green tea

      Pretty bland! Weekends I will eat junk and drink beer but weekdays I try to stick to above, mostly due to a high level of exercise (3 x muay Thai sessions and 3 days running 5k +).

      I would love to eat pizza every day!!!

      Don't look to MAKE money - look to HELP people and you will make all the money you can ever want.

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  • Profile picture of the author WakondaMarketing
    Thanks. Stuffs like these make me hungry. And I think I need to prepare myself a hearty meal.
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